Jason Hope Talks About How To Make IoT Devices More Secure

Tech blogs and financial websites like Forbes have been talking a lot about various cryptocurrency terms recently. This includes bitcoin, blockchain, etherium, crypto, and more. A lot of this is because the overall market of cryptocurrencies could exceed $100 billion according to some people in the industry.

Not everyone believes in cryptocurrencies by a long shot, though. For example, Jamie Dimon, the chief executive officer of JP Morgan Chase & Co, has said that cryptocurrencies are one of the most foolish things around. Their value isn’t actually backed by anything at all. He expects the whole industry to eventually blow up as people get wise enough to realize they don’t actually exist. He has gone so far as to state he’ll fire anyone trading digital currencies.

The Internet of Things is another new tech that tech blogs are buzzing about. However, there are also misgivings about this technology as well. Jason Hope a tech entrepreneur based in Arizona, has said that he sees IoT devices as transforming society but does admit there are legitimate concerns about their use, particularly their security. He says these issues need to be resolved for this type of technology to really take off with consumers and businesses.

Hackers are attracted to attacking IoT devices just like they are computer networks and individual computers. So far the security of most IoT devices is not nearly high enough, Jason Hope says. He says the smaller devices, in particular, don’t have enough computing strength to stave off hackers. He says everyone needs to begin using much more complex passwords to better secure these devices and he has also called on manufacturers to set higher standards when it comes to security. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward.

Because everything that happens with a cryptocurrency is stored in a publicly accessible ledger it could be, at least in theory, thinks that cryptocurrencies are virtually hack-proof. Jason Hope and others have had the idea that blockchain could also help to secure Internet of Things devices. He has said that it provides assurance that the data is legitimate whenever a transmission of information is deployed.

Due to all the money involved in cryptocurrency and IoT a lot of experts think these two types of technology will inevitably band together. The internet wasn’t created for many of the ways it is being used today, Jason Hope has said, and perhaps these new technologies will solve all of the security issues that have arisen because of that fact.

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The Successful Business Pursuit of Robert Deignan

ATS Digital Services is a digital company that focuses on helping and supporting consumers in different parts of the globe with their technological issues. The idea of this company was created by Robert Deignan, its chief executive officer and co-founder whose goal is to assist customers that need assistance in tackling technological concerns remotely. The company’s services vary from general troubleshooting to handling connectivity issues, to name a few.

Robert Deignan was born in Florida. On a football scholarship, he joined Purdue University. He completed his studies at the University with a degree in Organizational Leadership. After a few years, Robert ventured into entrepreneurship by co-founding Fanlink Inc. However, he did not abandon his love for sports as he currently participates in offshore fishing competitions. He resides in Miami with his wife and son.

At an interview with IdeaMensch, Mr. Deignan states that the idea of ATS Digital Services was derived from the previous company that he and his business partners used to work for. While they worked at the Anti-Malware Software Company, they began experiencing technical issues as their software would not get installed on the machines of the users. They decided to put up a phone contact on their download page to enable users to communicate to them as this would help in the identification of the problem. After interacting with a number of people who had tried to download their product, they realized that Malware products were blocking the installation of their Anti-Malware Product.

Robert Deignan and his partners came up with a solution which was to have an in-house technical support agent remotely connected to the machine of the user to eliminate the Malware responsible for blocking the installation of the Anti-Malware software. This strategy was a success, and customers regained their trust in the company. They also began charging a fee for the remote services they offered. This is because this method was very effective for the removal of Malware, thus keeping the customer’s machine running efficiently. Robert Deignan and his partners saw a great business opportunity in utilizing remote connection technologies to assist customers in fixing their machines. Therefore, after leaving the Anti-Malware Software Company, they joined and created the ATS Digital Services.


Four Fast Tips To Enhance Daily Effectiveness

Most people have felt the stress of there seemingly not being enough hours in the day to complete all projects that need finishing. It is at this time that one is likely to wish that there was some magical formula to bring a successful end to this list of tasks.

While not magic or immediate, the following four tips will have once stressed individuals running through there to-do list in short fashion.

Write It Down

GTD Method creator David Allen taught us many years ago that writing a list of tasks down is significantly more effective than attempting to remember them.

The reason is a condition known as the Zeigernik effect.

This is when remembered tasks that remain incomplete stay circulating in the mind and draw attention away from the task at hand while also adding to unhealthy stress levels.

A Single Location

Many people track tasks that need to be completed in a variety of places. Post-its, email, written notes, etc. have all been used. This is a recipe for disaster. Listing all tasks to be completed on a single tool that remains in the same location will go along way at preventing tasks from going unnoticed and lowering anxiety levels.


To be sure, the only certain thing in life is uncertainty and often times this concept plays out on a daily basis.

A great defense against unforeseen circumstances is to assign a priority level to each task that awaits. This will allow time to be spent on urgent or more important topics and when the unexpected happenings of life spring up mid-day, the most important work will often time be finished.

Bite-Sized Chunks

Most to-do lists seem like they will never end and can be real morale breakers when pondered upon all at once. Break each task up into a series of smaller, more manageable mini-tasks.

This allows for constant momentum building as each small task checked off is another victory and keeps away feelings of being overwhelmed.


A to-do list should not be merely observed as a list of unwanted chores. It is actually the daily blueprint to guide the efficiency of a personal operations center.

Sentient AI – E-commerce Recommendation Engine

When a client walks into a store, he/she will seek the help of the salespeople to receive directions for the items they require. The touch of personal recommendations goes a long way in maximizing on impromptu customer purchases. Online markets utilize the same concept through an e-commerce recommendation engine.

What is an E-commerce recommendation engine?

This is a smart combination of algorithms and machine learning to identify relevant product and recommend them to clients faster. Sentient Aware is an Al-powered e-commerce recommendation engine that is built to create a personalized recommendation system through recognizing a customer’s tastes and preferences.

Intelligent recommendations are better than traditional recommendations because they boost conversation rates, optimize your site, secure sales, promote your inventory and draw in loyal customers. When used correctly, an e-commerce recommendation engine is a key to drawing in more customers online.

How will Sentient Aware work for you?

Like most recommendation engines, Sentient aware customizes each of the recommendations on the home pages, category pages, and product collections. The items that appear as recommendations are related to the products searched.

For example, Amazon features ‘Customers Who Bought This Also Bought’, or ‘Frequently Bought Together’ on each of their pages to lure in customers. The key is to appeal to the client by reminding them of items they may have forgotten.

Majority of the engines rely on previously purchased items and previously viewed items. In addition to this, Sentient Aware also relies on in-the-moment recommendations by artificial intelligence to find relevant items that are appealing to the customer. Additionally, Sentient Aware also generates recommendations based on a customer’s visual preferences.

Why are e-commerce recommendations crucial?

Speed and ease are crucial to every modern day customer. With plenty of sites to choose from, a customer will grow impatient if your site does not provide what he/she is looking for. A personalized experience means that the shopper does not have to spend a lot of time looking for a specific item.

The use of an e-commerce recommendation engine will help you secure a sale and maximize the traffic to your site. Happy customers will improve your offline marketing by recommending your site.

Through the use of a recommendation engine, you can focus on your profits rather than your conversation rate. If a customer sees more of your inventory and purchases more of your item, they are of more value than clients that only visit the site and do not make purchases. This is better described as the increase in the customer’s basket size.



An efficient e-commerce recommendation engine will help you secure sales, generate customer loyalty, boost your conversation rate and increase a customer’s basket size. Sentient Aware is an e-commerce recommendation engine that is tailor-made to suit all of your business needs. Choose Sentient Aware today for an improved online business.