The tree of a lifetime can have many branches. They may grow and prosper because of their environment, or simply because, within the trunk is a seed, waiting for its time to sprout. The genetics hardly matters. Brian Bonar started his life’s tree at an early age and was fascinated with the world of economics and investment. The environment was fertile as the economic climate in this country sought new and creative businesses.

The seeds of interest were many as Bonar experienced success and recognition with his ventures and leadership. He formed companies that provided valuable services to new businesses. He helped a business get employers and make them happy with what the business offered them. He still does this through his company, Trucept Inc.

Recently, however, there is a new branch. It comes from the same need. It’s the need to create something new and to make it a financial success. And why not? Tools of finance are the tools that Brian Bonar knows well how to use. The seed sprouting is a gourmet French restaurant on a large lot in the valley of north San Diego County, in a town called Escondido. Brian Bonar loves French food and was able to find a ready-made staff from a favorite eating place that was revamping. Bellamy’s Restaurant has become a new branch on the tree of investments for Brian Bonar.

While he has always been actively involved as mentor and adviser to his company’s clients, perhaps his love of French food supplied added motivation in this venture. According to all reviews, the food at Bellamy’s is some of the very best of the valley. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

He has given his French chef, Patrick Ponsary, the freedom to plan for the future with a dream of his own restaurant on a large plot of land nearby. The land is owned by Bonar, and it is not difficult to envision the master’s financial hand moving with the master chef’s. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Meanwhile, Bellamy’s is moving forward by recognizing that fine food comes in all cultures. The menu, the décor, and the excellent quality of both are sweeping the headlines of fine dining in the area. “Grand Cuisine at Bellamy’s” shouts the San Diego magazine. “Bellamy’s is some of the best food in San Diego Valley, served by a top-notch staff.” (

To become an expert in business financial planning and to develop skills of leadership with companies such as Trucept, Inc., where he is now CEO, is a great accomplishment. Bonar’s doctorate and his awards as Man of the Year, have qualified him as one of the best in the area. To be confident and adventurous with a new branch on his financial tree, is to be commended. His success must reflect enjoyment of his work, but that should not be difficult with French cuisine..