The Return of D’Angelo

A comeback after more than a decade seems about impossible for any musician. Jonathan Veitch and fans everywhere have made it clear on social media that they are rooting for D’Angelo to do this though. He has returned with a new single, and a full album could be on the way.

Some people like Kanye West already have the album in hand. He posted a picture of the album on his Instagram page. It could be released as early as December 16th. D’Angelo seems ready to take on the world again because there is even a tour schedule that is already set. The problem here may be whether he is received again.

D’Angelo has only released 2 albums in his career. The first was “Brown Sugar” in 1995. It was followed up by the 2000 release of “Voodoo.” A host of drug problems caused a downward spiral that D’Angelo has struggled to bounce back from. When he released his powerful 2nd disc it was during a time where neo-soul music was the highlight of the R&B genre. Now, this whole art form of music has been cast aside for more hip-hop and R&B blends. It would be very difficult for D’Angelo to regain his composure in a fickle music industry that is often defined by the youth.