Christiana Bevin: An Experienced Project Manager with Diverse, Valuable Skills

Australian Christanna Bevin is an experienced project management specialist. She has worked in the utility and resource sectors and has impressed all with whom she has worked with her capacity building, change management and process improvement skills. A graduate of the Australian Institute of Business, Bevin has a master’s degree in business administration. Flexible, energetic and results oriented, she also has vast knowledge and highly developed skills in project control, contract management, construction, mining, power generation, engineering, procurement, project planning and cost control.

Part of the reason for Bevin’s success is her outstanding oral and written communications skills and her ability to develop great relationships with her staff, stakeholders, upper management and subcontractors. She is also well-respected for her amazing work ethic and problem solving skills. Bevin is also known for her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure her clients goals are met and exceeded. She is passionate about her work and is committed to attaining all of her corporate and personal objectives. That has led to her success in a wide variety of positions and fields.

Bevin has worked on a number of high profile projects for major companies. Currently a project specialist for Consulting Services, she has also worked with Phu Bia Mining, Universal Energy Services, Oakajee Port and Rail, Chelopech Mining EAD, Parsons Brinckerhoff, UGL Limited and Stork in her almost 15 year career. Her positions have included site administrator, project controls, project services manager and contracts administrator. She has been tasked with handling procedures and processes for workplace health and safety, subcontractor and operational coordination and interface,estimate analysis, project review and many others.

Bevin’s work has been exceptional no matter the projects she has been tasked with overseeing. Her handling of gap analysis, forensic claim review, mentoring, training and capacity development as well as critical path analysis have been exemplary. She has also proven to be great when it comes to developing project controls systems, recruitment, testing and development of staff, procurement, logistic, contract administration and providing support for management and executives. Many people consider her the ideal hire for positions requiring multi-tasking.