Securus Technologies Inc- Unbeatable Lead Generation and Innovators in Facilities Communication

Securus Technologies is one company that using its resources to come up with the latest and high-tech criminal and civil justice technology solutions. The solutions, devices, products and services mandate is to offer monitoring, correction, investigation and public safety. We boast of serving correction facilities and inmates in the United States of America and the surrounding countries including Canada and District of Columbia.


According to Richard A. Smith, the company believes in coming up with new services and products on a weekly basis according to the evolving of technology and clients needs. Our happy clients who have used our technology to solve crimes say that they feel safe and secure operating the Securus technology solutions.


According to a jail officer in one of the correction facilities, the current development and assessments of emerging capabilities to handle the investigation and improve the security posture of the jail has made it easy to intertwine with their aggressive investigation mindset to curb crimes inside the prisons. Additionally using secures reporting data has made it easy for various agencies to use different proactive measures to deter any incidences of crimes including contraband products in their facilities. Other happy clients stated that the Securus technologies investigating tools had enabled the facility to conduct and catch inmates who harass others or are a security threat to the community.


Securus Technologies Inc started in 1986, and over the years it has maintained its 30 years experience servicing various corrections industries. In 48 states it has offered serves to approximately 1.2 million convicts. The company boasts of having in sourced consumer call centers that provide different technical supports 24/7, and they have more than 1,300 associates making the company a tremendous player in the industry. Securus Technology inch is Sarbanes-Oxley and SAS 70 compliant with more than 140 patents making it the leading innovator in revolutionary and superior technology.


Securus video visitation – a whole lot more than just Skype

Since Securus began to implement its video visitation technology over a decade ago, there have been a few misconceptions about the nature of its design. These misconceptions have been held by inmates but they have also seeped their way into the minds of prisoner’s rights groups and other assorted watchdogs. One of the main misconceptions is that Securus is providing nothing more than a knockoff version of Skype. Therefore, the calls should be free for inmates or so cheap that anyone can spend unlimited time on the system.


The problems with these lines of reasoning are too numerous to completely expose. But the first issue can be immediately addressed. Far from a Skype imitation, Securus video visitation is a full-featured, secure communications platform that relies of technology developed for use in war zones. This is an incredibly capable technology that allows prisons to operate in a safer, more efficient way than ever before.



Stopping criminal activity at the source


One of the largest problems U.S. prisons face is the threat of ongoing organized crime within their walls. Almost all major prisons in the U.S. are infested with gangs. Many of these gangs are extremely powerful and are not limited to intramural activity. Some of them, such as the Mexican Mafia and Black Guerilla Family, direct extensive criminal networks on the outside. These groups pose a serious threat not just to the facilities themselves, but to society as a whole.


Securus offers products such as real-time, automated monitoring that allow any unauthorized party to be identified within milliseconds on any of its phone systems. Officers are then prompted and can listen-in to the call. Securus also has the capability to listen for key words. This can aid in active investigations as well as preventing new crimes from taking place.

Securus Technologies Moving Forward With Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies is one of the leading American prison technologies companies out there. I have been following them on PR Newswire. I know that they were very active in increasing security and have developed things, like a big data and algorithm system that can help the inmate security officers ensure that inmates were not using communication services to say or plan something incriminating.
But Securus Technologies is also one of the only companies that has been attempting to expand and improve the communication platform available to inmates and their families. I have seen them grow from regular phone calls to embracing some of the new technologies available to us today. This includes video visitation, which is going to revolutionize the way that inmates stay connected to their families. The reason that Securus has been active in this front is they believe that inmates rehabilitate better when they feel connected to those that they love.

What Securus also understands is that many families have a lot to do. Most of them do not have the time to make that big drive to visit their loved ones. Some families cannot even afford too many visits, which makes it easier for inmates to feel despair and loneliness. This is something that Securus wanted to help stop, and they have taken a large leap forward by introducing video calling services as an app. Yes, the app is available to both iPhone users as well as android users. The app can be downloaded to any smart device such as a smartphone, tablet, or may be even a video console. The technology is very simple and payment can be done over the internet, too.


One of the best things about this announcement according to Crunchbase experts is that the payment is going to be relatively low when compared to other communication choices. Another great thing is that it allows the inmate and their loved ones to talk from anywhere. The family member does not have to leave his or her home to visit the inmate. Of course, this technology is just in addition to some of the other things offered by Securus. This includes emails and voice mails that can be heard afterwards. Emails can include videos of a loved one or an inmate as well. It is clear to see that communication between inmates and loved ones is improving, and we can all thank Securus Technologies; they are improving technology.

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