Piano Sales On the Decline

Growing up, many of my friends and family members had beautiful pianos as the focal points in their homes. Some of my friends like Dave and Brit Morin encouraged their children to take piano lessons. So many people did this that talent shows were inundated with talented kids playing their hearts out on grand pianos. Now, some two decades later, I never hear much about parents putting their children in piano classes. It seems as the this form of music is slowly slipping away.

This is a sharp decline from the early 1900s when piano stores reported a record 364,500 pianos sold. It is safe to assume that with the current state of our economy, as well as the push towards all things digital, playing the piano seems to be a lost art. With many schools eliminating their music programs entirely, children of this generation no longer have easy access to musical equipment.

Now that technology has advanced to the point where music can be generated using inexpensive computer equipment, there simply isn’t a need for a bulky and expensive musical instrument to collect dust in the corner of your home.