Successful Businessman and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier, a New Jersey native, started programming computers in the fourth grade. In 1984, while still in high school, he started his own database company. This naturally brilliant young man went to Harvard and become the editor of the Harvard Crimson. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles to start his own company.XPrize is one of his start ups that consists of competitions that have people who push themselves to their fullest potential. Pulier wanted to help people achieve their dreams and success. He is an active businessman and philanthropist with multiple start ups and other business ventures. Akana is another accomplishment for Pulier. This software company has acquired others under the brand. They sold out to Rogue Wave in 2006.

He is an active philanthropist. He has started the Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronic illness. He has donated his time and his money to ensure children with special needs have a great summer experience. Starbright World is another organization that helps children with chronic illness through a social network to help them connect with each other.

Pulier has helped bring these children closer together.Eric Pulier works with special needs children to help them through their tough situations. Also, he is an active businessman, funding companies and creating start ups. He has worked with government organizations to try to find solutions to help with education and health issues through the use of technology. Pulier has worked to improve the lives of others through his businesses and charitable works.

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Eric Lefkofsky: The Business Of DNA

The three famous letters DNA are an abbreviation for Deoxyribonucleic acid. Everything that a person physically is can be traced back to the genetic coding of their DNA. It’s truly amazing that something we will never see with the naked eye is directly responsible for our entire physical being. With the changing of our genetic structure over thousands of years, humanity has changed mostly for the better. Unfortunately, there are still ailments that exist in the blueprint of the human genome. Geneticists toil endless hours to understand and correct these ailments. It’s difficult work and organizations like Tempus require the greatest of minds to achieve this goal.


Tempus is a company at the forefront of incredible genomic technology. Tempus is currently developing an operating system that will acquire, file and accurately access genomic data. By having massive amount of genomic data filed away, physicians will be able to more accurately treat their patients by having an understanding of their illness at a genetic level. This understanding comes from a blend of both molecular and clinical data to better personalize patient treatments.  Check on


Tempus was co-founded by entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, who is also known as the CEO of MediaOcean, an e-commerce marketplace. As the co-founder and CEO of Tempus,  Eric Lefkofsky guides the vision of the company while providing the proper choices to keep the company financially afloat. As a founder and CEO of multiple companies such as the supply chain management company Echo Global Logistics, marketing company Inner Workings, advertising and software company Mediaocean, the data analytics company Uptake, and a venture capital firm Lightbank, Lefkofsky is more than qualified at the helm of Tempus.


Revolutionary work is being done at Tempus to provide doctors with a better means to serve their patients. With each day humanity’s genetic future looks even brighter.

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