How Fabletics Sizes Up Against the Competition

Shoppers that like to try on their clothes before they make it to the counter will be impressed with the new Fabletics stores that are opening up. This is something that people are excited about because it gives them access to a strong athleisure competitor. Lounge wear that you can work out in has become quite impressive. This is a sure sign of the growth of the brand. It shows that there is a lot of love for the gym gear that is even getting endorsements from the celebrities that are working out.

Fabletics had become the brand to beat when it comes to athletic gear. Kate has mentioned the active wear and the swimsuits that are available. She has been able to vocalize the benefits of buying the brand because she helped design it. She also wears this clothing so she is highly aware of the comfort of the brand.

In Marie Claire there is a lot of talk about how this brand has become one of the more affordable brands on the market today. It has become a solid contender in the workout clothing industry because these clothes are linked to affordability. Hudson has stated that athleisure could become high fashion, but it would cost too much. Right now there are quite a few people that are comfortable with the level of affordablity that is available with the clothes that are made by Fabletics right now. Full ainterview at

This brand that Fabletics evolved into in one that is bound to catch the attention of a multitude of people because it offers both comfort and affordability. These clothes are also sexy, but the garments are also considered sturdy. That is rare because the clothing industry is filled with workout gear that is focused on high performance. Kate Hudson has been the one that has added a high level of femininity to workout gear without losing the high performance element.

Fabletics has been able to build a strong presence in the industry because the brand has surfaced during a time where the nation is faced with obesity. Women are looking for workout clothing, and they have become acquainted with the variety that Fabletics offers. The yoga pants are diverse. The active wear is stylish. Women like the fact that they can run errands and workout in the same clothing. The fact that people can workout without a lot of extra baggage makes the Fabletics clothing quite appealing.

The clothing industry is changing in a lot of ways, and Fabletics is one of the pioneers for the athleisure clothing. Billions of dollars will be spent on this type of clothing, and Fabletics is going to get a significant portion of this consumer money.

The Hooded Sweatshirt is Everything You Want

For years, you have been cultivating the perfect “model off duty” look. You want to mix high and low pieces to appear casual, yet impeccably groomed. The newest addition to your laid-back wardrobe is something you might already have a few of: the hooded sweatshirt.

From Selena Gomez to Hailey Baldwin, all fashion’s “It” Girls are wearing versions of this comfy-cool staple. What’s the appeal of a basic hooded sweatshirt? First of all, this piece is available at every price point. You can find a decently made one at everywhere from Topshop to Rag and Bone. Celebrities on have even been spending seven bills on this one from French designer Vetements – but that’s not necessary to achieve the cool factor.

Moreover, you can pair a hooded sweatshirt with almost anything to customize your look and suit your personal style on Kendall Jenner styled hers with a jean jacket and leather skinnies, while Karlie Kloss paired hers with the whitest white sneakers and an army green jacket.

Not quite sure of your personal style? Take the quiz at JustFab. You simply answer the questions and click on the pieces you naturally gravitate towards. Then JustFab, the mail-order fashion subscription service will send pieces (shoes, jewelry, denim, handbags – whatever!) just right for you. That way, you will know exactly how to style your hooded sweatshirt, or other favorite piece, to reflect your personal style.

Finally, in JustFab the appeal of the hooded sweatshirt is the obvious: it is like the clothing version of comfort food! This piece is cute but not revealing (so you don’t feel obligated to self-tan). It’s warm enough to wear walking the streets of New York and comfortable enough to wear on an airplane. Best of all, you look effortlessly chic and authentically you. Let’s hope this look is here for the long-term.

How Image Recognition Software Will Change Our Lives

We live in a time when cars drive themselves. We carry around tiny computers that can record videos, play movies, and access the internet. It really is starting to feel like we live in a science fiction world.

The next step in the avalanche of new technology is the process of image recognition. Image recognition allows you to take a picture of something or someone and then learn everything there is to know about the subject.

Image recognition is mainly being applied to online shopping. Instead of going to and browsing hundreds of different shoes and boots, now you can go to the site and build a boot of your own imagining through the swiping of similar base images and quickly come upon the boot of your imagination made real. This process has been tested on and has been a complete success.

With image recognition, you could take a picture of a handbag someone has across the street that you like. Then you can use image recognition software to find that bag online to buy one for yourself.

One of the more creepy applications of the software would be to take a picture of someone and then use that image to search for them on the internet. You could potentially find their facebook, twitter account, pinterest page and even any online mugshots. You could know a lot about a person that you passed by on a street without ever talking to them or anyone they know.

There was one site called that tried to utilize the technology years ago, but it was not a success. Now a new process has been developed that makes image recognition more accurate. It is called deep learning, and it gives a computer the ability to intuitively understand what the user actually wants and tailor the image results to meet their desire.

One of the companies at the forefront of developing this technology is Slyce. Slyce has created a universal scanner which allow a user to scan not only images, but barcodes, coupons or QR codes and instantly get information on that item, place or person.

With the universal scanner, a user can search products off an image, add items to a wish-list, and redeem coupons right there in the device. Slyce is based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and works with a host of Fortune 1000 companies.

Slyce Showcased Innovative New Products

Earlier this month Yahoo! Finance reported that Slyce was set to release a slew of new visual search products at Slyce provides visual search technology to retailers to help improve their customer experience. The technology allows users to take a picture of an item and then search for it through the retailer’s inventory online. It then allows an instant purchase which can help drive up sales as the customer can purchase the item as soon as they find it. The new products being released hope to drive up this engagement even further.

The first product being demonstrated is Slyce’s Universal Scanner. This technology negates the need for an actual picture of the product, instead customers can simply scan a QR code, bar code, or even a coupon to search for what they want.

Another interesting addition is Snap-to-Coupon. This technology serves to benefit both the retailer and the consumer by making coupons easier to use. Customers can now store coupons for retailers on their phone and then receive notifications when they are close to a store or if their coupon is close to its expiration date.

The company will also begin providing Slyce Insights its customers. This invaluable data tool makes use of Big Data to help retailers see how customers are engaging with their brand. By making use of this information the retailers can optimize the shopping experience a customer will have.

Finally, currently in beta testing is the company’s innovative out-of-stock mitigation tool. This tool seeks to solve a relatively common problem retailers face online. When a customer is searching for an item and finds it to be out-of-stock it is very easy for them to just move on to another site to purchase a similar item. However, now with this new tool Slyce will immediately provide close alternatives to what the customer is looking for based on an attribute matching system. This helps to keep customers on the site and explore new products.