Digital 8: The Best Digital Tools For Democratic Campaigns

If you have ever ran a political campaign, and chances are you realize that you must have all political tools at your disposal. This would include such things as digital tools. What do you think of when you ponder the idea of digital tools? When you have an effective Democratic political campaign, it will begin and end with effective marketing strategies. This is why you need to give Digital 8 some serious consideration.


Why Digital 8? Well, simply put, they have the best political strategies for your campaign. From the moment you sign up with them, you will have a team of experts that will be dedicated to selling your image in the best light possible. Consider the following advantages when going with Digital 8:


You will be able to raise more money and drum up more action for your candidate.


Digital 8 Believes in progressive causes and they have a dedicated framework to promote your candidate and your cause. They will do this through email, newsletters, and the right timing with social media promotion as well.


Digital 8 and NGP Van also offer an extensive targeted email campaign.


With NGP Van and Digital 8, You will be able to deliver targeted email to all of your subscribers. You will be able to build on your following for your candidate because these emails offer the ability to join the newsletter with just one click. Subscribers can donate with a click-of-a button as well.


With NGP Van, you can work SMARTER, not HARDER.


Digital 8 also has a platform that is tailored to every supporter giving history. the computer simulations can be modeled based on how the supporter has given in the past, saving volunteers time and energy that they can devote to promoting the candidate and making better use of their time. All things being equal, there’s simply no digital tool out there that is better for Progressive and Democratic candidates than NGP Van and Digital 8.


We’ll see you at your candidate’s victory speech!

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