Alex Pall is All for Chainsmokers

Collaboration was a huge part of Chainsmokers to actually be the Chainsmokers. Pall says that he knew what he and his partner was going to bring to the table and brought that. He knew that when the pair talked, their tastes were very similar when it came to musically and what it was like growing up. Then, they talked about what they were driven by and what ambitions they have and want to accomplish. They both knew that they wanted something really bad; it was mostly about what they liked musically and what they were into growing up. They both talked about how driven and ambitious they were and how badly they really wanted to create something different. The two were very observant to what was wanted by their community; they both knew what was popular or what worked and what didn’t work. The pair wanted to make a name or identity around what they believe is popular and that is what they did. Drew was a great producer and Pall had his DJ thing going on so promoting themselves was a lot easier to do. Their partnership grew until it was an everyday get together between them to get an image. Alex and his partner did not treat this like a job because it was more than that, but it was a lot of hard work. Having the same core values made them able to push each other to reach their dreams. People relate to the Chainsmokers music on a deeper level because Alex and his partner put their heart and soul into their pieces. The music industry for them is a way to push each other to the very limit of their ability, so it fits the band’s sound, image and where they want to go musically. The two discuss how they feel and put that into their songs and that kind of compassion allowed them to have great success. Alex and his partner continue to want to keep things interesting with their music and try new things always. Their goal is stay current and true to themselves always and so far they have accomplished this goal.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey’s Longevity

Recently, the famous song “Closer,” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey, has been certified diamond in the United States, meaning that at least ten million units were purchased. The song is one of the best-selling pop songs in recent history, but neither The Chainsmokers nor Halsey expected such a strong success. The achievement of becoming diamond-certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has long been a high-standing, coveted achievement.

Both musicians revealed their successes upon their Instagram pages, uploading pictures of the plaques as concrete proof of their accomplishment. The RIAA have yet to update their website with respect to the status of Halsey’s and The Chainsmoker’s achievement, but this is bound to happen soon, especially due to the two artists’ having posted evidence on social media.

No one had expected the massive success this song would soon be greeted with upon its release. Perhaps even more surprising to music listeners was just how long “Closer” would stick around in the world of popular culture and music. In nearly no time at all, the country became ablaze with endearment towards this simple, yet relatable song, and this appreciation would continue for years to come.

Aside from being beloved by everyday listeners, the song was extremely appreciated by music-centric organizations across America, having been given a Grammy nomination and a broad list of awards. Although The Chainsmokers and Halsey did not end up winning the Grammy, some of the awards “Closer” has won include the Billboard Music Award for Top Collaboration, the iHeartRadio Music Award for Dance Song of the Year, and the Myx Music Award for Favorite International Video.

Even if the success of “Closer” has started to dwindle, this is to be expected with all forms of music the public latches onto. We become invested in a piece of music, and then the music becomes tired. However, the amount of time “Closer” remained successful and popular is what makes it as enormous of an accomplishment as it remains today.

Alex Pall: How to Become a Successful Musician

The Chainsmokers is a phenomenal group who managed to create a dozen songs that would make it to the top billboard list. The group is composed of Alex Pall, who hails from New York, and Drew Taggart, who came from Maine. The two young men share the same passion for music, and it became easy for them to get along. The Chainsmokers are also uploading their music videos simultaneously on their YouTube channel whenever they release a new single. In just a matter of hours, their YouTube videos would record millions of views, thanks to their dedicated fans around the world who are supporting them 24/7.

Before they experienced fame and fortune, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart lived simple lives. Drew Taggart is a local musician from Maine, and he went to New York City after meeting his future manager who was on a trip and spotted him performing. Alex Pall, on the other hand, was art gallery personnel in New York City. It was his day job, and when the night time comes, he fully transforms into a DJ who performs across the city. Alex Pall had fallen in love with creating music ever since he was a child, and he enjoys sharing his craft with other people. Every night, he earns a lot of money just for performing his jam. It came a time when the money that he is earning from being a DJ eclipsed what he was earning on his day job, so to harness his talent, he decided to quit working at the art gallery and focused on being a DJ.

Alex Pall met his future manager while he was performing at a club. The managed loved his music and asked him to join the group that he is trying to create. The group, which will be called The Chainsmokers, was created in 2012, with Alex Pall and Drew Taggart as the major acts who would be composing and performing their songs. They offer a unique beat to their listeners, which gave them the fame that they deserve, but with the addition of “Sick Boy” to their album, the group admitted that they are trying to experiment on other music genres.

The Chainsmokers: Diving Into The Dark

For two straight years, The Chainsmokers have turnt up the radio with hit songs. They popped on the scene in 2015 with “Roses,” and things took off from there continuing for months at a time. Who are they? Alex Pall and Drew Taggart produce memorable tracks and have had a duet with Coldplay, “Just Like This.” As they remained commanding the music tracks they immediately became an instant hit with music lovers.

Their normal electronically driven songs have now taken on a darker side and gaining followers. Their single “Sick Boy,” launched a list of supporters and is moving strong.

The dynamic team is setting their sights high and doing what feels best to them. Giving an exclusive interview before a concert, Taggart says its been awhile since their new song. It took about nine months. They strive to stay in the moment and keep their songs current. He adds that the duo has matured over a course of time and is ready to dive into some new territory. The goal in their music he says is to stay in touch with society, keep up with what is going on and affecting people.

Taggart explains the creation of “Sick Boy” was a bit difficult at first. They wanted to stay true to themselves and didn’t want to be what people were writing about them, especially when people can write about them and get it wrong. Alex chimes in to state that the duo has standards. He says the fans have really embraced “Sick Boy” and they are gearing up to give them more in the albums to come.

However along the way, they don’t want to lose themselves of who they are and create music thats not real. Alex says they’ve accept the challenges they face because they strive for perfection in their shows and in their music. It can sometimes give them anxiety but its worth it in the end. Taggart elaborates that they push one another to keep the pace and avoid laziness. They want people to hear what’s in their heads and enjoy the music. On their Grammy nomination, the duo says they are humbled greatly and are very proud to make music that people can relate to.

Work is Only One Part of Jon Urbana’s Personality

Jon Urbana is best known as a lacrosse player and coach amongst members of the U.S. based lacrosse community. In recent years, the former Villanova lacrosse standout has been looking to give something back to the community by running his own annual lacrosse camps that are increasing in popularity each and every year. The Next Level Lacrosse camps are concerned with creating excellent lacrosse players, and also concerned with making each and every player a better citizen than for their college years and beyond.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Business plays an important role in the life of Jon Urbana, but his life is filled with many different areas of interests that are as varied as the personality of Urbana himself. One area of Jon Urbana’s life that has been making headlines is his high profile aviation career, which has seen him reach the highest echelons of the industry. The Federal Aviation Authority has been keeping records on the best pilots in the world for a number of years and keeps them on the Airmen Certification Database. Jon Urbana was added to the database recently and joined many of the best respected pilots in the world on the list.

There are many options available for a man with the skills of Jon Urbana to extend his interests and activities outside of his business career. One of these activities is the musical career that he has been carving out for himself in many different areas of music. Known as a talented guitarist for a number of years, Jon Urbana has now sought out new ways of extending his interest in music with a popular electronic music career.

The arts are becoming an even more important part of the life of Jon Urbana as time passes by, which has also seen his interest in photography grow to an even higher level. The blogs and social media accounts of Urbana are filled with his photography that takes in aspects of nature and food photography that includes his many influences from the world of fashion photography.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana


The Closest Resemblance Of Michael Jackson

There are many people trying to imitate MJ, but none of them has come as close to him like Sergio Cortes. Born and raised in Barcelona Sergio Cores is a striking reflection of MJ. This is characterized by not only his modes of dressing or dancing moves but also the physical manners and appearances that are so similar to Michael’s.
Sergio began imitating MJ ever since he was a very small boy. At the start, he did not want to imitate Michael. He just loved the way he moved while dancing and because he was his icon, he started copying the moves. He nevertheless looked so alike to MJ that crowds began drawing closer to him wherever he visited.
Sergio Cortes, the celebrity we know of currently, was born or came about when a local reporter uploaded into the internet some of his pictures and images. Cortes’s recordings became embraced almost immediately, and he started getting many requests by showbiz managers to perform Michael Jackson’s old songs in shows.
It was not until Sergio was a teenage boy that most people started showing up to look at him sing and dance just like Michael, that he became conscious that he had a future in the show business. As he continued getting older, he taught himself how to make similar vocal notes just like Michael and refined his dancing styles to suit Michael’s too. Undeniably, Michael made a big mark a top-notch entertainer with the moonwalk dancing style topping the list of unique signature moves that characterized MJ all over the globe.
The natural capability for Sergio to perform like MJ separated him from the other impersonators of the world. Currently at the age of 44, Sergio possesses dance moves, vocal sounds and striking looks just like Michael Jackson’s that it is weird.
There are numerous videos by Sergio online that display his unsurpassed skills in taking off MJ’s singing his well-known songs and dancing moves. When he combines these with the special effects, music, and costumes, he just brings the renowned king of pop to life and performing on stage. The performances are much loved and almost always leave fanatics mesmerized.
Cortes presently resides and performs at Brazil and is well known and celebrated very much over there. Most of his fans are very proud of him and love his performances making him a celebrity not only in Brazil but also in South America.

Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Is The Best Ever

It seems impossible that one man born in Gary, Indiana, and another born in Barcelona, Spain that are not related to each other could look like identical twins. But that is what happened with Michael Jackson and Sergio Cortes. Their hair, facial features, and body type look exactly alike. When as a child growing up in Barcelona Cortes began to mimic Michael’s dance moves and mannerisms perfectly, people were astonished. By the time Cortes was a teen he was drawing large crowds and media attention. Once videos of him dressed and dancing like Michael Jackson hit the internet, Cortes became a worldwide sensation.

Sergio Cortes takes all the media attention and adoring crowds in stride. He is simply doing what he has loved to do his entire life; dance like Michael Jackson. When he began practicing Michael’s moves as a child it was just for fun and to entertain his family and friends. When he was asked to perform on live shows and television in Barcelona, Cortes was flattered, but he never thought anything would come of it. He was just enjoying himself. But gradually the size of the crowds following him began to increase and agents began knocking on his door offering opportunities for him to perform internationally. Sergio Cortes had become an entertainer himself.

While the screaming crowds, sold out shows, and television appearances have been nice, Cortes’ biggest thrill came when he was hired by Michael Jackson himself. When Cortes moved to Brazil he became one of the most popular entertainers in South America. He was mobbed everywhere he went. Just about every show he did was sold out. People began scheduling their South American vacations to coincide with his shows. He recently embarked on a European tour with live music and back-up singers and dancers that started in Italy and will make stops all over the continent.

People that see Cortes perform saw it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between him and Michael because he looks, moves, and sounds so much like the king of pop. They’re amazed two people can look and act so much alike. Many are thankful to get the opportunity to see him perform Michael Jackson’s classic hits. They say the way he moves the crowd is like being in the presence of the king of pop himself. That’s why they say Sergio Cortes is the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator.

More Blurred Lines For Robin Thicke

The Hit Song Has Created more Controversy

Believe it or not, Robin Thicke is still getting media attention for his 2013 hit, “Blurred Lines”. But this time, it’s not because it’s constantly being played on the radios, but instead for infringing on copyrights stated The song that is well known for it’s collaborators, Robin Thicke and Pharrell has copied Marvin Gaye’s 1977 hit, “Got To Give It Up”. Thicke’s lawyer is saying that he’s going to be working every post-trial remedy to make sure that the verdict does not stand”. Pharrell testified in court that he did not directly copy Gaye, but tried to mimick the feel that the era gave to its musicians. “I must’ve been channeling,” Pharrell said while under oath, “that feeling, that late 70’s feeling. Sometimes when you look back on your past work, you see echoes of people. But that doesn’t mean that’s what you were doing.”It’s reported that the pair owe $7.4 million to the Gaye family, though Howard E. King told Fox Business News that he will be appealing that decision. “We owe it to songwriters around the world to make sure that this verdict does not stand”.


Taylor Swift’s New Style Music Video

Taylor Swift’s New Style Music Video — Who’s It For?

Taylor Swift is the queen of pop, that goes without say.

Her dedicated fan base, who calls themselves “Swifties”, is always the first to crack the code. They will go through her album and decode the riddles in her lyric books, which always equal out to certain short sayings for each of her songs and try to decipher which one of her ex beaus the song could possibly be about.

But over the weekend, Taylor released the music video for her new single, “Style“, off her latest album 1989.

The most common answer if you ask one of her Swifties is that the song is most definitely about the only and only Harry Styles, from One Direction. Fans like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG know that the two dated briefly in the winter a few years back, which of course only began to circulate only more rumors for the both of them.

But besides who the song is about, people are even speculating that the video goes with the wrong one! Apparently the scenes that were shot for the video could also fit the “Wildest Dreams” or “Clean” track, both of which were also released on her 1989 CD.

Mariah Carey to do residency in Las Vegas, celebrates with free tickets for fans

Mega-star Mariah Carey was on The Ellen Show on Thursday morning, where she announced she will be doing something completely new this year. A musical residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Daruis Fisher, a Mariah Carey fan, looks forward to attending, as evident on his Vine account.  A residency that will see Mariah regularly performing live at the iconic venue, and singing some of the number one songs she has never performed live before.

Carey told Ellen Degeneres she is incredibly excited about the residency, and really hopes fans will enjoy it.

To celebrate her Caesars Palace residency, Mariah also went to Las Vegas, dressed as a chamber maid, and surprised several fans who were being interviewed about Mariah Carey being the artist they wanted to see perform live in Las Vegas the most.

The singer sneaked into their hotel room dressed as a chamber maid, shouted “Housekeeping”, and then waited for the fans’ reactions. Needless to say, they were all beyond shocked but ecstatic to finally meet her. Free tickets to her upcoming show seemed to make them even happier.

Mariah Carey, of course, is not the only popular singer to have a residency in Vegas. Others have included Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Cher, Carlos Santana, Shania Twain and Guns N’ Roses.

In fact, a residency in Las Vegas seems now to be the icing on the cake for many of today’s top stars.