Desiree is the Success Behind Tidal

Those who love music must have heard about Tidal, a music streaming company that is now doing well. There are many competing companies regarding music streaming, and that is why you have to provide quality services if you are to stand out from the crowd. Tidal had previously lagged behind compared to the competitor companies, but it is now picking up after Jay-Z came with strategies to elevate the company. Many may wonder what Jay-Z has done to push the company to great heights. Jay-Z is a rapper who has been working in the music industry for over twenty years, and that is why he knows what it takes to take a music company to the right direction.  Check this out!


Hiring Desire


According to, he bought the company with the aim of achieving a lot of success in the music streaming business. However, at some point, things seemed to work the wrong way. It came a time when top leaders started defecting from the leadership, and this gave Jay-Z a hard time during to figure the way forward. Jay-Z is not someone who can give up quickly since he believes in achieving everything that comes to his mind. He figured out and came up with the best move that left people startled. He decided to appoint Desiree to lead the team, and it worked. Remember that he has worked with Desiree and her husband for many years and he knows that the lady is capable of doing wonders.


Desiree is all Tidal needs


Desiree is all that Tidal needs to come to the top. It is because Desiree is someone who is experienced in both business and leadership. The lady has helped many musicians who have thrived in their business. Beyonce and Rihanna are some of the musicians who should thank the hard work of Desiree because of how she has helped them. She has also collaborated with Jay-Z helping him to accomplish and land million dollar deals. Jay-Z made the right decision to appoint someone who is talented and good in business to run Tidal, and as things are happening, Desiree is going Tidal achieve great success.


Desiree Perez and the Success of Tidal

Tidal has undergone several advancements as a music streaming company. The company has also released album exclusives recorded by prominent artists such as Kanye West, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. Tidal’s dominance in the music streaming business can be attributed to its top-notch executives. Desiree Perez is one of the officials who recently joined the company’s leadership team. She is renowned as a close business partner of Jay Z for the last twenty years. Perez was also instrumental in managing SC Enterprises. Under her leadership, SC Enterprises expanded its services from local to international clients. Her husband, Juan Perez, is an executive at Roc Nation Sports, a brand owned and co-founded by Jay Z.  Source:



Desiree Perez has been praised for her fierce negotiating skills. Music bloggers have compared her to Cookie of Fox’s Empire TV Series. Perez is focused on exercising her executive skills for productivity purposes. She was instrumental in the implementation of Beyoncé’s Formation tour. She also negotiated with Samsung to sign Rihanna. Perez also belongs to the Hova Circle that comprises of Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim, TyTy Smith, and Jay Brown. The Hova Circle controls the publishing, management, and label operations of Roc Nation. The circle is also the brains behind Tidal’s dominance in the music streaming. Perez, Brown, Smith, Pilgrim, and Fleischman act as Tidal’s strategic planning think tanks. They usually evaluate new service and music releases to ensure that they suit modern music demands.

Read more here. has been targeting young music consumers thanks to Perez and other members of the Hova Circle. Perez once noted that young music consumers have a significant impact on albums and single sales. She also added that the streaming marketplace is competitive because of the technological innovations being developed these days. Besides adding Desiree Perez as an executive, Tidal also released Tidal Discovery as a playlist for new releases. The streaming company also released Tidal Rising for emerging artists and Tidal X for exclusive live performances. Jay Z channeled the expertise of professionals such as Perez in strengthening relationships with the company’s artists. His unique taste in music and vision has also been instrumental in the growth of Tidal.

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