Music Chairs for Singers

Sometimes a song is written for someone, but it gets sung by someone else. It might remind someone of a game of music chairs. Many artists may walk around the song and have it passed around, but only one artist or group will get the chance to sing it. MTV has compiled a list of songs that have been big hits, but the songs were meant for other people.

The Kelly Clarkson hit “Since you Been Gone,” for example, was not written for Kelly. It was written for Pink. It was Clarkson, however, that took control of the song and made it a super hit after Pink passed on it. Hillary Duff also had access to it, but Amen noted she passed on it.

“Umbrella” became the groundbreaking hit that would take Rihanna from R&B to the pop world. She would be launched to a whole new world with this song, but it was originally written for Britney Spears. Few people could imagine Spears singing the song. For Britney it was supposed to be on the 2007 album called “Blackout,” Spears already had enough songs for the album. It was a shame that she passed on it because the “Blackout” album would go on to flop.