What Men Put On Their Feet Matters

It is a well known fact in the fashion world that women are particularly fond of italian shoes, but men need to be paying more attention to what is trending in shoes and their own feet too. There have been studies done on what men put on their feet, particularly one study done by Allen Edmonds. The study was conducted on 1000 women and men, and the results were astonishing. As it turns out, women judge men by what they put on their feet twice as much as men judge women. Also, well over half of the women polled judge a man’s over all sense of fashion based on the shoes he wears. The other results of the survey were even more shocking. About 36% of women say that a man’s shoes determine his financial position, 54% believe shoes reflect attention to detail and 52% will judge a man’s personality based on the shoes that he wears.

Women are clearly judging men based on what they wear on their feet, and they are judging based on what is trending in men’s shoes. There are some things a man can do to make a better impression though. It is recommended that men keep their toes covered. A lot of men take great care of their feet and even get pedicures, but a man’s toes aren’t considered the most attractive part of the body so keep them covered with fashionable loafers, sneakers or boat shoes. Just make sure that the sandals are left up except for around the house.

Women seem to be very fond of suede desert boots, and they have been for a few years now. Prince Harry is the man who seemed to kick off the fashion trend. Suede desert boots are much nicer than trainers, but they are also a little less formal so they can be a good friend in a man’s shoe closet. Still, whatever kind of belt you’re wearing, especially if it is showing, needs to have a matching color set of shoes to go with it. If there is a black leather belt, then make sure there are black leather shoes to go with it, and a preferred combo for women is the camel belt and camel shoe combo.. This may be an older rule, but it has stood the test of time despite the rules of fashion constantly changing.

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