Kendrick Lamar Releases New Video for “Alright”

There was a time when people would release an album, and it would fail to be recognized for lots of singles. Since people are downloading albums on the web the single did not seem as important for rappers. Kendrick Lamar, however, sees the game a bit differently. Instead of holding back, he is putting videos out for a plethora of songs. The “Alright” single now has a video to go along with this song.

Lamar has 2 videos out and a 3rd video on the way reports Brian Torchin in this article.  The “Alright” video was created as a black and white video. There are obscure scenes, but these are eye-catching all the same. There is a scene where officers are carrying a car as Kendrick sits inside and raps. There are also some scenes where other people with Kendrick are looking into the camera and spitting. It is the hardcore imagery and the honest raps of Lamar that reign through and make this a video that is worthy of viewing.

What Lamar has carved is an album that is getting more clarity through videos. The previous album was not at the same degree of mainstream content, and there were fewer videos.