Useful Tips from Nitin Khanna’s Business Journey

Nitin Khanna is a prosperous businessman and administrator. Over the years, he built his company, Mergertech, from the knowledge he acquired since childhood. He started the company in 2009 with his brother’s help, currently serving as the CEO. Mergertech specializes in creating partnerships between technology firms, helping them acquire new clients, and set strategic expansion goals.

Nitin Khanna is an Engineering graduate from Purdue University, where he obtained both his undergraduate and master’s degree. After his studies, he got employed by International Paper. Oracle then hired him as a technology expert in 1994. He later served in Saber Corporation from 1998 to 2008 as a director. Formerly he managed Portland Company and Cura Cannabis just before resigning to grow his venture in the industry. Nitin invested early in legal cannabis, leading to the rise of Cura cannabis in 2015. It is currently one of the biggest oil suppliers around the globe.

During his service period at Saber Corporation, the company expanded substantially. It was the most preferred software supplier in the region, with over 1500 members of staff making over US$300 million annually. The government contracted its solutions as its largest software supplier. Electronic Data Systems later bought Saber in 2008. His expertise is a desire for technology organizations aiming at expansion.

Nitin Khana originates from India. He was born in a military family in 1971. His family operated a couple of businesses that sharpened his entrepreneurial skills. He worked at a cement and motorcycle factory before moving to the United States for further studies. While young, he encouraged himself to be patient, hardworking, and focused.

Nitin Khanna believes that for an investor to create a legacy, he must be a risk-taker. Idea generation and nurturing to maturity is essential for any entrepreneur who wants a sustainable organization. He advises investors to understand themselves, their capabilities and limitations, and work with quality personnel to ensure the maximization of company revenue. He insists on prior planning to increase productivity. Managers ought to mentor their employees to equip them with the right skills. Being passionate is necessary for carving out one’s niche aggressively and pursuing the course persistently to greater heights.

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Working with Ricardo Tosto

With the massive growth in Brazil, many people have legal issues that they need to settle. Working with a prominent lawyer is one of the best financial investments that anyone can make. Some people wrongly assume that all legal work is expensive. Although most legal issues cost money to settle, working with a quality lawyer can save a person money.Ricardo Tosto is an excellent choice for anyone who needs legal assistance in Brazil. Throughout his career, he has helped numerous people reach their goals. He has a passion for helping people in various areas. Anyone who needs legal assistance should consider working with his team.


One of the reasons that Ricardo Tosto is so successful is that he offers multiple legal services through his team. He wants to make a positive impact on his local community by providing services at an affordable price. With all of the changes taking place in the economy, more people than ever need legal assistance.One of his most common services is small business advice. As a small business owner, Ricardo Tosto can offer a rare perspective to new business owners. There are various regulations that business owners must comply with. Ricardo Tosto and his team can help business owners make sure they are prepared for all of the challenges that may come their way.

Future Goals

Ricardo Tosto has a ton of goals for the future. Most people are excited about the growth of his legal firm. He wants to continue increasing sales and profits in the coming years. He also wants to expand his website to offer more legal advice online.

Ian King’s Astonishing Achievements

Ian King is a successful entrepreneur who has been investing for the last 20 years. Ian is internationally known for his invaluable investments insights. So far, King has attained enormous success and a great reputation for his contributions to investments. Ian founded Intellicoins Company to serve investors who want to experience tremendous growth and earn huge profits. At his company, King focuses on advising investors on the best strategies to follow when investing in Cryptocurrency.

Ian King is an alumnus of Lafayette College where studied psychology. Before founding Intellicoins Company, King had served at Peahi Capital for a decade. Upon completion of his studies, Ian King joined a company known as Salomon Brothers where he worked as a desk clerk. After King left Salomon Brothers, he was lucky enough to get a job at Citigroup. Follow Ian King on

Ian King’s passion has also lied on the crypto asset market. Since King has a lot of experience and has gained extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency, he is one of the investment authors at Investopedia. Apart from sharing his knowledge through Investopedia, King came up with a fantastic program to help investor learn about crypto assets such as bitcoin and monero among others.

While King was an employee in major companies such as Peahi Capital, he discovered that he played a significant role in the success of entrepreneurs and companies. Ian King was excited to be a major source of influence to people and firm making millions of dollar at minimal risks. While still helping other investors, Ian felt the urge to start his own company so as to maximize his potential and explore new things. Visit to know more about Ian King.

Within a short time, King was inspired enough to quit employment to pursue his business goals. Ian says that he wanted a break from helping other people become richer so that he could focus on growing his business and earnings. King wanted to be among the wealthiest people in the world, so he took the risk.

Ian focused on venture investing because he had gathered a lot of knowledge in the field. While still carrying out venture investing, Ian learned about cryptocurrency and what they could earn in future. Some of King’s invaluable lessons in cryptocurrencies were how to invest and trade at minimal risks. It is worth noting that Mr. Ian started to contribute to Banyan Hill publishing as an individual with extensive knowledge of crypto assets. Ian Joined Banyan as a way to serve more clients by giving them advice about cryptocurrency investment options.