Useful Tips from Nitin Khanna’s Business Journey

Nitin Khanna is a prosperous businessman and administrator. Over the years, he built his company, Mergertech, from the knowledge he acquired since childhood. He started the company in 2009 with his brother’s help, currently serving as the CEO. Mergertech specializes in creating partnerships between technology firms, helping them acquire new clients, and set strategic expansion goals.

Nitin Khanna is an Engineering graduate from Purdue University, where he obtained both his undergraduate and master’s degree. After his studies, he got employed by International Paper. Oracle then hired him as a technology expert in 1994. He later served in Saber Corporation from 1998 to 2008 as a director. Formerly he managed Portland Company and Cura Cannabis just before resigning to grow his venture in the industry. Nitin invested early in legal cannabis, leading to the rise of Cura cannabis in 2015. It is currently one of the biggest oil suppliers around the globe.

During his service period at Saber Corporation, the company expanded substantially. It was the most preferred software supplier in the region, with over 1500 members of staff making over US$300 million annually. The government contracted its solutions as its largest software supplier. Electronic Data Systems later bought Saber in 2008. His expertise is a desire for technology organizations aiming at expansion.

Nitin Khana originates from India. He was born in a military family in 1971. His family operated a couple of businesses that sharpened his entrepreneurial skills. He worked at a cement and motorcycle factory before moving to the United States for further studies. While young, he encouraged himself to be patient, hardworking, and focused.

Nitin Khanna believes that for an investor to create a legacy, he must be a risk-taker. Idea generation and nurturing to maturity is essential for any entrepreneur who wants a sustainable organization. He advises investors to understand themselves, their capabilities and limitations, and work with quality personnel to ensure the maximization of company revenue. He insists on prior planning to increase productivity. Managers ought to mentor their employees to equip them with the right skills. Being passionate is necessary for carving out one’s niche aggressively and pursuing the course persistently to greater heights.

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Highland Capital Management Will Continue On With Success

Mark Okada has announced his retirement. He founded Highland Capital Management in 1993, along with James Dondero. Although retiring, Mark Okada will continue in an advisory role until the end of 2019. James Dondero will oversee all the management of Highland Capital Management and will also take on the co-chief investment officer jobs that were previously Mark Okada’s responsibility.

He will be aided in this job responsibility by Joe Sowin. In preparation for his retirement, Mark Okada has been transferring over some of his duties over the past several years. He wanted to prepare for a smooth transition of duties and responsibilities when he retires. James Dondero credits Mark Okada with placing the firm in the position that will aid in future growth. Get Additional Information Here.

Highland Capital Management operates as an alternative investment firm that is involved with multi-billion-dollars on a global level. The firm started in the leveraged loan market twenty-five years ago. They have expanded their growth into other asset management approaches.

Nowadays, Highland Capital works with investors throughout the world. They provide diverse services geared towards retail and institutional investors. Their investment services also include real estate, both public and private equities, structured credit, as well as high-yield credit. They provide specialized teams to work on the needs of their clients.

Apart from providing management services for customers investments, Highland Capital Management also contributes to the community around them and also around the world. They are committed to providing both volunteerism as well as capital to those causes that they feel will have an important impact to others both locally and far away. They have contributed $40 million to those types of causes around the world. See This Page to learn more.

In April 2004, Highland entered the mutual fund space with its acquisition of Columbia Management Advisors’ bank loan mutual fund business. The company acquired NexBank in 2004. In April 2005, Highland acquired ING Capital Management. The acquisition marked Highland’s first move into Europe.

Highland Capital Management operates in many places besides the United States. Apart from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, it also has offices in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janiero, Singapore and Seoul.


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