Jason Hope Sees The Future In Health

Jason Hope is a big fan of helping technology get developed that will change the health care world. He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Arizona that invests in companies that he sees being able to disrupt the industry for the better.

After he earned an Arizona State University and Finance degree, he decided that it was clear that he needed to get into some aspect of business. He was inspired by the mobile communication technology as he realized early on that it would bring a lot of change to the world. There were a lot of potential benefits for the technology and it was already reaching a good amount of people.

Mobile technology may not be a brand new concept, but Jason Hope doesn’t believe that its full potential has been reached yet. He became a seller of premium service for text messages and this is where his career in the world of tech truly got started. It is also one of the things that made it possible for him to pursue his passions of being a futurist and advancing medical research.

There are a lot of tech companies in the portfolio of Jason Hope and they have allowed him to make an impressive amount of money while still being able to pursue the philanthropy that he is so passionate about. Some of the diverse investments in his tech portfolio include digital media solutions, information systems, interactive software, and marketing services. The tech entrepreneur tries to keep an open mind and always look towards the future to determine what direction technology will take.

While he may have become profitable rather early on because of good business decision making, he still wishes that he would have had a little more faith in himself. Every entrepreneur will experience at least some doubt in their abilities and decisions, but Jason Hope knows that is just how the business goes. New ideas will raise some concerns and questions that will need to be addressed. While you may make some mistakes in life, it’s important to consider how you handle failure. It’s okay to fail as long as you try to handle the challenges and move on.

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Josh Verne’s Recipe for a Prosperous Life and Business

Josh Vern in an interview on becoming a better person in life and business, shared about his experiences and what has always worked for him over the years. Josh noted that while it’s good to take bits of advice, it’s risky to take it from a single source and it’s equally risky not to take any at all. His advice is to listen to several people, analyze what works for you, and merge it with your vision to create a workable plan. He further advised individuals in business to involve their employees, make them a part of the solution, and create strategies that will ensure both the business and team member will benefits.

Josh also noted that he doesn’t believe in giving up on an idea, but by personally involving himself with the activities and understanding the concept, he can identify what is not working on time and come up with a different method to make it work. He recommends aspiring entrepreneurs to identify their passion, ask questions to understand concepts, know what risks they can undertake, remain modest and grounded, possess a positive attitude, and create no room for failure.


About Josh Verne.

Josh Verne is a Philadelphia-based businessman and an internet enthusiast. He boasts over 20 years’ experience in leadership and ability to grow startups. His career started at Home Line Furniture where he worked as president between 1995 and 2011. He then acquired work pays.Me, a company that encourages financial growth by allowing individuals to access easy-to-pay purchases. In 2015, Josh founded his current business FlockU, a site built by students that enable them view and exchange ideas.