Barbara Stokes

When Barbara Stokes began her interest in stem related fields she then decided to achieve her undergraduate degree over in Mercer University. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

She obtained her undergraduate degree back in 2000. While Barbara Stokes was beginning her journey towards choice of career she studied Biomedical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Technical Communication, Physics and several other subjects she came to understand while she studied at Mercer University.


Her hard work and pure determination to gain the skills needed to get to where she is today has helped her become the owner of Green Structured Homes over in Alabama area. Prior to working for Green Structured Homes Barbara Stokes had worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing. Her jobs there entailed in securing government contracts and the knowledge she had gained here was able to be used towards Green Structured Homes. Back in 2017 due to Barbara Stokes hard work and leadership skills, this company was able to win a $28.5 million dollar FEMA contract. Read more at Business Insider.