Growing Longer Hair And How WEN By Chaz Makes A Difference.

Hair is a big deal to all of us, especially women. Our image, our sensuality and more, seem to be wrapped up in our tresses.

Sometimes, we go short and then regret cutting our hair. We can’t wait for it to grow back longer and healthier, but frequently our powerful styling tools get in the way.

The experts would agree that most damage to our locks comes from overdoing the blowdrying, straightening iron and/or curling wand, to name a few. This super hot heat is burning our strands and at times, causing breakage or limp locks.

A healthy trim will always be welcome for the general health and beauty of our hair, but in the growing out stages, the right products matter. Superb hair care lines like WEN by Chaz use a gorgeous blend of natural botanicals and extracts. These no lather shampoo formulas are certainly unique in ingredients and method, but best of all, these cleansing conditioners bathe every strand from root to end. The results mean super shine, manageability and healthy, fuller tresses.

WEN by Chaz comes in a variety of rich, hydrating cleansing conditioners like Cucumber Aloe, Fig, Pomegranate, Sweet Mint and others. Your hair and scalp get ultra clean without the harsh stuff found in store bought shampoos and conditioners. WEN by Chaz does not have sodium lauryl sulfate present in any of their formulas, and thank goodness for that. That’s a chemical that has no business being in your hair, because it’s so darn damaging.

If you desire longer, healthier hair, then simplify your routine and use hair care lines that remove the detergents from the mix. Remember to get a 1/4 inch trim every six to eight weeks from your stylist. Plus, refrain from the constant use of heavy, hot styling tools. To learn more, visit the WEN Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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