How Bernardo Chua Built An International Supplements Firm

Bernardo Chua is a Filipino-Canadian businessman who founded Organo Gold. His company produces supplements that contain Ganoderma Lucidum, a Chinese herb that he learned all about in his youth. His company sells teas, coffees, nutritional shakes, and other products through independent contractors in several countries.

He was born and raised in the Philippines, the youngest of 15 siblings. After earning an undergraduate degree at the University of Santo Tomas, he joined the company that his family owned. Before long he wanted to venture out and find his own path in life so he took a job as the manager of a small travel agency. See more of Bernardo Chua on Slideshare.

He grew this travel agency into one that sent Filipinos on vacation throughout Southeast Asia. The Filipino supplements industry became interested in Bernardo Chua because of how successful he was as a manager and because of the knowledge he had about traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Gano Excel hired him to build their business which provided Ganoderma Lucidum-infused beverages.

Through hard work, he grew Gano Excel’s market share and introduced its products across Asia. When this company decided to introduce its products in North America, he was tapped to lead this effort. Since the Philippines had political unrest at the time, he was happy to move to Canada along with his family.

About five years after moving to Canada he launched Organo Gold. His company is now one of the leaders in both the supplements and direct selling industries. When he started his company in Vancouver, BC, it was just him and three employees.

His company now has thousands of employees and independent contractors in over 35 nations and brings in millions a year. He is continuously expanding what his company offers such as recently introducing a grapeseed oil supplement which is rich with Procyandidolic Oligomer, a powerful antioxidant. Learn More:

Bernardo Chua Creates Selling Opportunity Around Chinese Herbs

Bernardo Chua, president and CEO of nutrition company Organo Gold, has created one of the most lucrative opportunities for those interested in starting their own multi-level marketing small business. The company distributes a full line of products based on the powerful and ancient ganoderma genus of mushrooms. Learn more about more Bernardo Chua:

Ganoderma has over 400 identified bioactive ingredients and is currently being studied in nations across the globe as a potential source of future drugs. However its use in Chinese medicine is practically as old as recorded history itself.

Making money through promoting health

Many of Organo Gold’s distributors are making far more than they could with other multi-level marketing programs like Amway. And Organo Gold has many impressive incentives which it bestows on its top performers.

Top distributors are taken on junkets across the globe, from such exotic places as Shanghai to Disney World. But free airfare, five-star hotels and all-expenses-paid vacations are just a small part of the real incentive to market these life-changing products.

The real satisfaction comes from knowing that, through the distribution of Organo Gold’s salutary products, that its distributors are helping to bring health to people’s lives.

The many considerable benefits of ganoderma have been known to the Chinese for centuries. But it has only been a recent development that its beneficial effects have become widely appreciated by those in the West.

Today, Western researchers have begun paying attention to the more than 400 bioactive ingredients contained within this magic mushroom.

The natural healing agent is being investigated for its possible eventual use in cures for ailments including liver disease, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, hypoglycemia, hypercholesterolemia and even as a new class of antibiotics.

Bernardo Chua was a genius in seeing the incredible and wide ranging healthy effects of this miraculous mushroom.

According to The Street, long before the prying eyes of Western drug companies had laid their avaricious gaze on this treasure of Eastern folk medicine, Bernardo Chua was there, bringing its potent healing effects to people across the globe.

There is no better way to spend one’s time than in helping others to live healthy, prosperous lives. That Organo Gold makes its distributors rich in the process is just another perk.