Privinvest Establishing Itself as the Premier Shipbuilding Group

Privinvest is a shipbuilding group which specializes in building high-end and technologically oriented ships. This company builds different types of ships including commercial vessels, naval vessels and mega yachts. The company was started more than two decades ago by two brothers who are Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa. Since it was started, the company has been able to successfully deliver more than 2000 vessels to different navies around the world. It prides itself as a company that works with more than forty navies from different parts of the world. It also works with private clients especially the ones looking for superyachts.

Privinvest has its headquarters in the Middle East. But it also has modern facilities in France, the United Kingdom, Mediterranean and Germany. Each of its facility is tasked with the duty of dealing with specific aspects of the shipbuilding process. This group has employed more than 2500 thousand people in all its facilities. To work with this company, you have to be highly skilled because the shipbuilding process does not have room for mistakes. There are experts in different fields who complement each other to achieve the goals of this group.

One of the primary aspects that have significantly contributed to the success of this group is the incorporation of modern technology in designing the different vessels. The company has invested heavily in making sure that all its products meet the technological needs of the current world. There is also the incorporation of modern naval architecture and ship designs. The importance of this is to give the company the ability to produce well-designed vessels which are more powerful and with enhanced speed. This further gives the group the ability to design vessels for special purposes such as the ones that can go very deep into the water and the ones used by militaries for defense purposes.

Besides building world-class ships, Privinvest is also investing in Marine Renewable Energies (MRE). This includes investing in startups that specialize in tidal and river turbines for green energy. The importance of this is to ensure that the group plays a role in environmental conservation. This further ensures that the vessels made by the group do not harm the environment. Going by the hard work and commitment of this company, it is only expected that it shall grow bigger in the future.