Colbeck Capital Management Providing Solutions For Corporate Entities

Colbeck Capital Management is a financial firm that assist business owners and entrepreneurs in getting the financing that they need to grow their business. If the business owner or entrepreneur does not meet conventional financing requirements this is when it Colbeck Capital Management steps in to provide flexible solutions to get business owner or entrepreneur the funding that they needed. Colbeck Capital Management investment focus is in the areas of event-driven investments, distressed-debt, value-based investments, and strategic lending. Colbeck Capital Management was founded back in 2009. The goal of Colbeck Capital Management is to target undercapitalized niche markets and provide them with the funding that they need to grow or maintain their business. The company also believes in partnering with the companies or entrepreneurs instead of just buying them out.

When Colbeck Capital Management provides funding to the business owner or entrepreneur it is structured to each an individual entrepreneur or business. Colbeck Capital Management makes it possible for the business owner or entrepreneur to withstand very difficult financial situations that would have otherwise made them go out of business. Colbeck Capital Management currently has a very strong management team of about 15 individuals. Jason Colodne is one of the co-founders and is a managing partner in the company. Jason Colodne main responsibilities is to manage investment execution and this includes documentation, portfolio management, and diligence. Before Jason Colodne co founded his own firm Colbeck Capital Management he had a very impressive work history. He was the president of a company called Patriarch Partners and the focus of this firm was helping getting distress companies back on the right track. He also was the Head of the Strategic Finance Division for Morgan Stanley. Jason Colodne was hired specifically to develop a strategic lending sector for the company. Jason Colodne has vast experience when it comes to the area of strategic lending.

Jason Beckman is the second co-founder of Colbeck Capital Management. He is also the senior investing partner and oversees the company’s relationships with co-investors. Jason Beckman himself also has a very impressive work history. His work history combined with his partners aligns perfectly with the focus of the company and business agenda that has been set for Colbeck Capital Management. Jason Beckman held a position with Deutsche Bank and he was the senior vice president of the Distress Debt Group Department. Jason Beckman also was the head of Distressed Product Sourcing for Goldman Sachs. This position also put him in a leadership and supervisory role because he was in charge of a team of 10. Jason Beckman also founded a business while he was in college and it was called was an online education resource center for students around the United States. Jason Beckman does most of his philanthropic work by helping animals and supporting young artists. Colbeck Capital Management has achieved the success that it has today because it has two expert and experienced leaders driving the company for success. This is a great example of where good expereinced leadership can take a company.

GreenSky ’s Vigilance in the Adoption of the Technology

GreenSky  has brought about disruption in the financial market due to the adoption of technological advancements over the past decade since it was established. The company came into existence in 206 after David Zalik thought that the finance and credit sector of the economy had been conducting its operations so manually and traditionally that the clients of the industry ended up suffering in several ways. One of the challenges that they faced was lengthy processes, especially during the loan application process. This process often took the creditors more than a week to process loans for the customers, which was quite frustrating because, in some instances, the customers needed the funding for emergency projects.

Zalik, with the help of the newly established organization, GreenSky , decided that he would form a team of young finance and technology enthusiasts. These young professionals were responsible for spearheading technological innovations in the company so that it could provide more enhanced services to its customers. One technology by which the team started introducing was that of online banking. The customers of the organization would never walk again to the banking premises to deposit their money or transfer cash to other parties. The online banking platform ensured that the customers could make all their relevant transactions without moving an inch.

Recently, GreenSky  yet unleashed a new technology that is facilitating the application of loans for the credit customers using their smartphones anywhere they are. This has brought about a lot of excitement to the credit customers because they feel relieved of the burden that they earlier had of moving to the creditors’ premises looking for application forms. This was very detrimental at sometimes because they could be forced to make long queues waiting to be served, especially when the customers were in plenty.

With the help of the mobile application introduced by GreenSky , the customers can now meet all the application requirements in the comfort of their restrooms at home. All that is necessary is some internet access and a smartphone. After the application, the details are then transferred to GreenSky ‘s personnel, who in turn performs due diligence on the application forms and later disburse the funds within 48 hours.

Ted Bauman Talks about the Top Ways People can Secure Their Assets

We often keep our liquid assets at home thinking that they are not safe in the bank. We also keep cash and other valuables in our cabinets or our wardrobe. There is always a greater chance of burglary and your assets being destroyed in case of any disaster. For those who have collectibles, gems, precious metals or even cash at home, it is essential for them to know how to keep them safe. Ted Bauman who is an editor with the Banyan Hill Publishing writes articles for the publishing on topics that will benefit the people from the ground up. He offers some excellent tips for people to secure their liquid assets so that they do not lose them.


Ted Bauman believes it is a great idea to invest in the highly customized safe box for the home. One should pick a safe box that can be mounted to the ground or any wardrobe so that they cannot be stolen easily. Also, they should be waterproof as well as fireproof so that its content is not destroyed if something happens. If one is not comfortable with a safe box in the house, it is also possible to hire a safe deposit box in the bank. They will be locked away in a secured place, but one can use them when they like. Another option is to hire a safe deposit box at any of the foreign banks. Other option that people have is to hire a vault that is not under any financial institution. One needs to ensure that they do proper research to know which option is best for them.

Ted Bauman is one of those experts in the financial industry that are working towards the benefit of the common people. Even though he was born in Washington D.C., he went to live in South Africa from where he graduated from the famous University of Cape Town with a degree in History and Economics. He enjoys writing articles for the publishing company because he wants to make a difference in the lives of the people. Ted Bauman picks topics that affect the common people and something that his readers want to learn about. Read more about Ted on Bloomberg.

Discover Why Investing In Freedom Checks Is Never Waste Of Resources

Many people have come across Freedom Checks and the next thing they do is scratch their heads trying to wonder what they could be. Some have even been surprised to hear that they are investments. Everyone is happy whenever they get an investment opportunity they can afford and with good returns. According to Matt Badiali, Freedom Checks are not like the Medicare or Social Security that some people know about. He insists that these Freedom Checks are even better by far if people only got the right information about them. In fact, he says they are about 4 times larger than the Social Security payments that most people receive. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Although these Freedom Checks have been allowed to operate tax-free, they are two conditions they have to meet. One of the conditions is that 90 percent of their revenue is expected to come from transportation, storage, and production of gas and oil. The checks should also pay the shareholders some percentage. However, the profit the Freedom Checks retain after these deductions are still huge. According to Matt, Congress enacted these Freedom Checks in 1987 and the company is legitimate. More than 568 countries issue these Freedom Checks since they have met all the requirements stipulated in Statute 26-F.

Matt came up with the idea of the Freedom Checks when he was working for various financial institutions. He has served as a financial expert for quite some time now and he has become more experienced on finance matters. Some financial projects have seen him go in different countries across the globe. He is a renowned expert investor in the oil and gas mining industries. He has been CEO of various companies that mine gas and oil and this has exposed him to great trends, discoveries and technologies. So when he is saying that Freedom Checks are the best for people to invest in today, he actually knows what he means. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

One sure thing about Freedom Checks is that they are an investment. This does away with any thought that would show these checks as a scam. You need to realize that even the investment newsletters consider Freedom Checks as an investment opportunity for those who want to grow their finances. Matt is remembered to have bought Kaminak Gold Corp’s stock in 2008 when the stock market crash became severe. Although some people didn’t think he had done the right thing, he just kept confidence in his entrepreneurial skills and he later became successful in the stock market.