Lime Crime Keeps On Growing

The Creative Edge


In the 2000s, there were tons of companies that fought for the title of being the most successful online cosmetic business. Most did not succeed in reaching a large audience and faded out of existence. However, Lime Crime, the brainchild of Doe Deere, has emerged as a market winner and reached heights previously unseen. Now, her brand offers everything from lipstick to mascara to Millennial women across the world. Her most recent addition to her line up, Scandal, is stirring up new headlines.

Breaking The Status Quo

What makes this such a special deal is that the brand is clearly expanding into territory it has never seen before. The traditional aesthetic of Lime Crime reflects the childhood ambitions of Doe Deere. She has always wanted to make bright and colorful art which is exactly what her lipsticks have been. In this new addition, she’s looking for a much darker aesthetic to serve as a contrast to what she’s familiar with. If successful, she hopes Scandal will set a pathway into the future for the brand and give customers something they have never seen before in their makeup.

No Bottom Of The Well

There doesn’t appear to be any end in sight for the creative play of Lime Crime. Doe Deere understood what she was doing and she has decided to do just about everything she can to make sure her legacy is continued for time immemorial. People want what Deere gives them and they’re going to love Scandal. It represents a turn of events for the brand and an obvious attempt to give the newest generation of young women, Gen Z, something to consider for themselves. The times are changing, but this brand will always remain on top of the heap.


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