Donata Meirelles Adores the New Collection of Salvatore Ferragamo

Donata Meirelles was able to select only the best of the best in the Salvatore Ferragamo store in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The British Vogue style director was able to carefully point out the wisest and desirable items in the newest and latest collection of the luxurious Italian brand in Brazil. Visiting the Ferragamo store made her realize how much she wants to purchase all items of Ferragamo. She was amazed by how the new collection was made and how each and every piece was designed perfectly. The latest episode of Vogue’s Quero Já program, it can be seen how the Vogue Brazil style director happily visited the Ferragamo store in Sao Paolo. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at

Ferragamo has been producing exclusive products for movie stars and celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. The brand Salvatore Ferragamo has been creating exquisite products for decades and is well-known for producing footwear, clothing, leather goods, silk products, perfume, eyewear, watches, and accessories both for men and women. It was founded for more than eighty years ago in Florence, Italy and is now known for its designer shoes. All of their products are made from Italy and each item has a unique and exclusive design. The craftsmanship, style, and over the quality of the brand is what people like Donata Meirelles appreciate the most.

According to the company, the success of the brand was based on Ferragamo’s extensive expertise and his good judgment and sense for selecting materials along with his understanding of clothes and the body and his admiration for the legs and the feet. The brand continuously produces products that are high-quality and created from excellent materials because of its sophisticated standards. They continue to sustain the legacy of Salvatore Ferragamo.

The company was able to be in partnership with Aquazzura for their summer collection and Donata was able to select the items that will be on sale. The video uploaded in British Vogue was directed and produced by Camila Guerreiro and her team and is also coordinated by Alline Cury.

In addition to this, Donata Meirelles was also able to visit the newest Jardins store at Bela Cintra Street in Sao Paolo. Reinaldo Lourenço went to Sweden just to create his winter collection last 2017, and his references were based on how people in Sweden dressed up in street style during the cold season. The new collection of the brand launched as well as its newly renovated shop.

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Max Salk Discussion

Max Salk is an analyst on investments in New York. He has a degree in finance and minor in history from the University of Illinois. Max has worked with Morningstar company in Chicago and later moved to PPM America where he worked for three years in the investment sector as an analyst. In 2015, he joined Blackstone Group in New York.

Max said that he had interests in landscape photography and he always made sure that he brought his digital camera with him in every time he traveled. This was during his semester time at the university. He liked to travel to many different places where he took many photographs. But he enjoyed taking pictures of open and dramatic landscapes. This finally made him have huge and wide portfolio which made him to begin a committed photography website.

He said that his day starts by looking at his emails when he wakes up in the morning but his time was limited to read emails and when he gets to the office he directly starts working on what he is supposed to do. When he requires directing his concentration on a matter he usually puts on headphones and listens to music. He also attempts getting up occasionally over the day to take a walk and stretch his legs which assists him to become more productive.

Max said that for him to achieve success he remains diligent and pragmatic in his strategy on things. He has also been able to control his priorities, spend more time on the correct issues and to enhance his work products.He further said that the world has many opportunities and that the journey to prosperity is not one. He also added that young people should look for the things they love to do and work towards achieving it passionately. And at the moments things fail, they should try something else.

Max said that he finds himself old fashioned on technology issues because he does not like to buy new devices and when he does he makes sure that the device will help him improve his success line and also help him in finding solutions to issues.

He further said that he prepares full details of everything that he has to make a presentation and that his strategy on being diligent and reliable by paying keen concentration on things and going on further step in his work products always sees him succeeding.

Nitin Khanna Discusses Strategy, Goals And Business Success

The entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor, Nitin Khanna has had a lot of success in his career. This success has largely been contributed to by his excellent business skills combined with a wealth of experience. Today Nitin Khanna is Chief Executive Officer of the tech and entrepreneur focused mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, Merger Tech. Recently, this Merger Tech CEO was invited for an interview by In this interview, this entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor discussed strategy, goals and business success. He focused on these subjects to help entrepreneurs and business leaders who were looking for useful tips to propel them towards success.

Putting up strategies and goals to achieve business success

Nitin Khanna pointed out during this interview that strategies and goals go hand in hand to help an entrepreneur or a business leader reach their success. He mentioned that it was important for an entrepreneur or business leader to set up both short-term and long-term goals. According to Nitin Khanna, short-term goals should lead to the achieving of the long-term goals and therefore success.

Without a good strategy in place, it will be pretty hard for an entrepreneur or business leader to achieve their goals or find success. Nitin Khanna mentioned that from his experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, a good strategy for success involves maximizing your productivity. This means that being able to do more within a given time. Nitin Khanna went ahead to state that the two strategies that he had put in place to achieve his goals by increasing his productivity were good time management and excellent prioritization of tasks.

About Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is an Indian-born American businessman and the Founder and CEO of Merger Tech. Throughout his career, this businessman has had an exemplary track record. Before Merger Tech, Nitin Khanna’s company was Saber software. He founded this software company in 1999 alongside his brother whom at the time had just moved to the United States. Nitin Khanna is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Purdue. He started his current company, Merger Tech in 2009 after selling his first company, Saber software.

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Focus On Business And Business Objectives By Working With Luke Lazurus

Recently, Melbourne started seeing better days. It’s all due to the hard work that Luke Lazarus has put in. Lazurus worked to bring the best clarity to the surface while working as a startup consultant. In particular, Luke Lazarus is proud to be a graduate of the MBA program from Melbourne Business School. Lazarus credits all of his efforts to be able to stay on track with his business objectives. Because of his strength in business, Luke Lazarus has challenged broader perspectives. Luke handles all his business techniques by focusing on the following plans:



  • writing business plans


  • creating business and investor presentations


  • market research and insightful plans


  • operational plans


  • operational improvements




Through all of Luke’s efforts, he maintains a great business connection with the board of executives that he works with. Typically, Luke Lazarus begins his day by reflecting on his schedule and his accomplishments. To keep up with the success of his business, Lazarus multi-tasks throughout the day. Sometimes, he uses technology to keep up with his personal and business notes. The business owner knows that great stories are always surrounding him through his own personal reviews.


In detail, Luke Lazarus will write new chapters in his life without any delays. Fortunately, Lazarus can sit back and watch his clients take on new and innovative ideas because of his influence on them. Luke believes that all of his unique challenges bring about confidence in the highest capacity. It is completely about how productive Luke can stay while balancing his career and home life.


Luke has contributed to clients through his inspirational words and professional formats. Lazarus has been capable of sustaining his networks and sense of purpose. The way Luke Lazarus goes about his presentations shows that he has the best organizational skills. Luke loves to collaborate with his colleagues as well as listen to their suggestions. Lazurus plans to continue to impress his clients and customers through his own evaluations. By starting the meetings with reviewing notes, every colleague that is participating in Luke’s business ventures will gain the chance to express themselves.


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Article Title: The Work and Career of Zeco Auriemo

Article Text:

Zeco Auriemo is a professional who has been working in the Brazilian market for many years. He is the chairman and CEO of the Brazilian real estate company known as JHSF. His company has grown tremendously over the years and has helped to develop a wide range of shopping malls, outlets and retail centers all throughout Brazil. In fact, JHSF is one of the largest real estate holding companies in the country with more than six million meters of real estate projects all over.

Zeco Auriemo has worked with the company since 1993 and has grown the projects to what you see today. Because of the fact that Zeco Auriemo has years worth of experience behind him as well as a rich history of education within the real estate market, it is no wonder that he has been an incredibly asset to the company. He is continually looking for bigger and better projects to work with concerning JHSF and is constantly striving to grow in a direction that is going to help people rather than hinder them within the country. He is experienced in both real estate and business, allowing him to become one of the leading chief executive officers in Brazil.

Zeco Auriemo is married to a business professional and they have two children together. When Zeco Auriemo isn’t working, he loves traveling and spending time with his family. His work within the company is continually growing and allowing JHSF to become a leader in the industry. The work that the company has done for the many different real estate businesses in Brazil has allowed more people to find convenience in a way that benefits them. Zeco Auriemo is constantly looking for ways to improve his business and get ideas for upcoming projects that will help him to grow.

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Bhanu Choudhrie’s Interest In Entering The Middle East Market

Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian billionaire businessman who is based in the UK. He is the current director of C&C Alpha Group which is a holding company for private investors. Founded in 2002, the company looks after investors who have been in the venture capital business for over three decades. The firm offers consulting services to these investors. He comes from one of the richest families in India who have an estimated net worth of two billion dollars.

His father is well known for arms dealing and donating to Liberal Democrats political party in the UK. Bhanu assists in giving a strategy to do business at C&C Alpha Group to increase its assets and profits. The investment firm focuses on major sectors such as healthcare, real estate, agriculture, aviation, and hospitality. Choudhrie says he looks up to Waren Buffet who is over 80 years and still goes to work every day and making crucial decisions in businesses. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on Twitter.

The C&C Alpha Group has interests in the United Arab Emirates for more than ten years. Bhanu Choudhrie says that UAE is a growing transport economy since it contributes approximately 15% of its annual GDP. The company has an aviation academy that trains pilots who work with the Arabian airlines to improve its performance. He serves as a board member in Atlantic Coast Bank and Citizens Bank.

The school has grown at a high rate because of this and is currently training more than 600 pilots in Sharjah and the Philippines. Bhanu Choudhrie aims at pushing women to do piloting since there are only a few women pilots in the globe. Bhanu feels that there is a market of hotels, especially in Saudi Arabia. Shanti Hospitality Group under C&C Alpha Group is cautious in investing here regardless of having more than 20 hotels around the world.

Bhanu Choudhrie likes to concentrate on the market that he understands the most. This is because of the unpredictability of the marketing trend in the world. He works with an effective management team who evaluate the opportunities in the market and go for the best one. The opportunities are more on the outside but the finances the investors have are limited. He advises the young investors to analyze the market before venturing into it.

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A Biography of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is a computer scientist from France and also a founder of blockchain technologies. He was born in France but at the age of 14, Belamant and his family migrated to South Africa and was therefore forced to learn English as a language other than French. He joined the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to study engineering but switched to computer science with applied mathematics in his second year. He later transferred while in his third year, to the University of South Africa, to study information systems and later went on to become the founder of numerous cryptocurrencies. Visit


Belamant entered the workforce at the age of 22 and started his career journey at Matrix, a civil engineering company. He developed his first cryptosystems while working in IBM computers and cyber computers, an application that analyzes the water levels of dams to help predict as well as prevent future occurrences of drought. Belamant’s notable methods with computers did lead to advancements in digital mapping as well as statistical methods. He also created graphic interfaces to improve analysis of road network.

Serge Belamant later joined SASWITCH and became the leader of the IT division. He invented an ATM switch for banks running on hardware that was fault-tolerant and parallel processing systems. He also developed a Point-of-Sales system running on a X.25 network of interconnected workstations. In 1989, Belamant left SASWITCH.

Serge Belamant then founded Net1 Technologies upon his first achievements, the Funds Transfer System. With his company, he created a visa’s security feature against fraud and misuse of credit as well as verification of personal identification numbers.

Belamant later created Zilch Technology Limited in 2018 at London which focuses on his inventions. Serge Belamant is currently very active in the company where he invents more and more blockchain technology to promote crypto currency.


Belamant was named the analyst of the year 1980 as well as 1982. He is taken to be among the founders of blockchain technology with a well-known reputation in the world of Information and Technology. He was also a member to the RSA Computer Society. Read more on


Get Beautiful Cosmetic Shades By Doe Deere

Are you into intricate makeup colors? Have you decided to leave the dull neutral colors behind? The trendy Lime Crime brand was founded by female entrepreneurial success, Doe Deere. She decided it was high time to take a chance with the base formula known as matte. The ingredients have turned out to be a success, and they’re being used in other competitor brands. More importantly, Deere creates colors that will leave you purely unapologetic. You can accent your best features with amazing shades like their popular Apricot Nude summer collection. Her distinctive packaging is a brand that millions of users trust.

As an adamant animal lover, Doe Deere also created a blend that will always be vegan. She continues to understand the importance of protecting animals from harm. Her cosmetics will never be tested on animals. In fact, a portion of the LC cosmetics proceeds goes to the local DTLA Feline Association that she created to rescue stray cats. She focuses on rehousing, socializing, and feeding thousands of stray cats. She also focuses on a vegan formula that’s easy on the skin and the environment. Deere is happy to say; she has created hypoallergenic products that are safe for all skin types.

Her passion for colors has allowed her to sell millions of products as an exclusive brand. She understood the importance of putting in hard work and dedication when it comes to her brand. She was able to capture the attention of the Tenegram equity group for her independent cosmetics sells. They have acquired the popular cosmetic brand, but says; their products will continue to sell under their traditional moniker. Plus, she understood the importance of expanding her brand to an overseas network before the Tenegram transition. Today, you can but products from the Lime Crime international e-commerce market.

Lime Crime is a completely waterproof line of eye-shadow and lipstick products. You will find amazing hues that aren’t available with many other big names. The super-foil formula has been a success in combination with her colors. Girls and guys can appreciate the uniqueness of the Lime Crime brand created by Doe Deere.

Dick Devos: A Philanthropist

There are many people who see the DeVos family name and wonder how did they become so powerful. For the most part, the company Amway has helped build the DeVos Family Foundation into what it is today. The foundation’s board includes Dick and Betsy DeVos, who run the charity as well as many other businesses in Michigan. The DeVos family has been accredited with helping West Michigan businesses and education systems since the 1980s. However, it has been in the last two decades that the city has finally begun to grow, becoming a metropolis in its own right.


Many accredit DeVos with the growth of Grand Rapids. He was just coming off a period at Amway as the Vice President of Global Sales in the 1980s when he wanted to do something for his hometown. He wanted to make sure that his hometown would grow rapidly and become a place of industry. Already, there were complaints in downtown of what was happening in Detroit. Businesses were abandoning the major centers of commerce.


DeVos saw many plans floated on how to revamp the city. Most often they included arenas and sports centers that weren’t near the center of downtown. DeVos didn’t want to encourage that. He had seen what had happened in Detroit with the Pontiac Silverdome. He knew that if you built areas away from business centers, it wouldn’t lead to more growth. Instead, he partnered up with multiple business leaders to encourage new growth in downtown by building performance halls and convention centers.


There was even a new arena called the Andel Arena. These areas would build up the city immensely, but that wasn’t all that DeVos had in mind. He turned to the city’s airport for the last major change, and it would prove to be the most important of all. In fact, DeVos is credited with putting the airport on the map, and it’s also one of the reasons that he now works with the FAA.


In the 1990s, the airport hadn’t done very well. With poor ticket sales and few destinations, it was difficult to book flights out of Grand Rapids. However, DeVos made one phone call to the CEO of AirTran Airways in the early 2000s. He convinced the CEO to open up new terminals and started working with other CEOs to encourage new flights. This instantly picked up ticket sales for the airport, resulting in a $45 million funded remodel that would bring new technology and a business center to the old airport.


It’s these kinds of ideas that the FAA has been looking for, and it’s why DeVos sits on their Management Advisory Council. This is a civilian board made up of transportation authorities and airline executives. However, DeVos is the only one not directly related to the aviation industry through any other way than his work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. As he was able to get so much funding for the airport upgrades, he now provides council to the FAA on upcoming budgets for their makeovers. It was recently announced that the GSO Tower would be receiving a $40 million makeover in 2019.


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Guilherme Paulus successful career

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He began his career as an intern at IBM, but he is now considered to be among the most influential businessman in Brazil and chairs the board of CVC Brasil and GJP hotels and resorts. CVC Brasil is a tour company in Brazil while GJP hotels and resorts is a group of over twenty hotels and resorts which are operating in different locations of Brazil.

Upon interviewing IdeaMensch Guilherme Paulus said he got the idea of his company from Carlos Vicente. He met Carlos on a boat trip where Carlos stated his interests in establishing a tourist agency. Since at that time Guilherme Paulus was young and had no funds they made an agreement that Carlos would provide investment while Paulus did the groundwork. Find out more about Paulus at

During this period he worked at Casa Faro, and he had to quit to focus his efforts on his new entrepreneurial venture. His entrepreneur instincts were first noticed when he decided their first location since he chose a place which was next to a movie theater. He and Carlos were partners for four years before they split. Guilherme Paulus stated that the business has been growing exponentially after the split.

Guilherme schedule for the day to day activities begin with ensuring he is feeling optimistic and thankful for his achievements. This helps him be curious about what is to follow next. He also added that he writes a weekly schedule which helps him stay organized, empowered and productive throughout the week. According to him, faith is what helps him bring his ideas into reality.

He states that the very first move into something is significant since it will enable one to determine whether something is good or not. Guilherme advise other entrepreneurs that to be successful one must love what they are doing. He urges them to put in the time and necessary efforts in their projects. Guilherme Paulus also insisted that it is essential for entrepreneurs to have good customer relations for the growth of their businesses

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