Boris Ivanov Explains Why Africa is Good for Business

As an entrepreneur looking to do business around the world, Africa is likely the least of your priorities. The Russian entrepreneur and the Founder and Managing Director of the minerals and gas exploration company, GPB Global Resources B.V., Boris Ivanov, pointed out that you couldn’t be more misguided. From his experience doing business in the continent for more than 20 years, Africa provides great opportunities for success that could hardly be found anywhere else. It’s thanks to this realization that Russian entrepreneurs and professionals have been flocking the continent.

Experiencing Africa Beyond The Headlines

Western media primarily covers African news when the lack of transparency, wars, and humanitarian crisis are involved. This leaves a lot of good things about the continent out of the limelight. Sadly, it’s from this negative coverage that most western entrepreneurs make their decisions not to pursue Africa as a business opportunity. Boris Ivanov pointed out that the two decades that he has spent doing business on the continent, it has been nothing but exciting.

To begin with, the continent is rich in unexplored natural resources. Despite the challenges that come with mineral exploration, the governments in the continent have been very supportive of his efforts. Boris Ivanov mentioned that in his time in the continent, he had conducted exploration expeditions in Burundi, Mozambique, Congo, Niger, Ethiopia, Chad, Mali, and Angola and the governments have been very supportive. Even when he did not find any minerals in the first attempt, he has never been stopped from conducting further exploration.

Improving the Lives of Local Communities

This GPB Global Resources Founder and Managing Director went on to mention that for him, doing business in Africa has been a very fulfilling experience. Besides making attractive profits, he has also been able to improve the lives of local communities by providing employment opportunities.

He has also been able to experience different cultures and ways of life across the continent, which is very exciting. Boris Ivanov said that the Africa that exists now is one that is focused on development and prosperity. As an entrepreneur, there are very few other places that could match up to the opportunities in the continent.

GPB Global Resources Uses Oil in New Methods

All across the history of human culture, there are certain innovations that forever changed the course of the planet. This includes the discovery of farming practices and the creation of hunting gear. However, there is one resource that jumped the human race up several centuries in technology innovation. It was the discovery and application of oil. This resource ushered in a era of human industrialization that reshaped national economics and gave raise to the present super powers. There is a recent online article that expands on modern applications of oil and the business model of GPB Global Resources.

Before looking at the modern appeal of oil, an individual just needs to see how oil has already affected the world. North America, Europe, and Asia are full of countries that have each industrialized to a new set of standards. While at the same time, Africa has increasingly fallen behind the curb. GPB Global Resources introduces the proper resources into these countries so they can begin standing on their own two feet. It begins by knowing the right people in the right places. Africa is not like other parts of the world. The countries have weak standing and the and is often divided up among local ethic group. GPB Global Resources has to consider each of these groups when trying to obtain the land.

There are several proven examples of the positive economic impact of oil. This allows GPB Global Resources to have a lot of leverage in the negotiation process. Once the land is acquired and the deal finalized, the company can move to the most important phase. This is the extraction and selling of the resource. Developing regions need the money to attract foreign business, but they also need to heavily into the home land. Oil is a finite resource and a country must become sustainable in the long term.

GPB Global Resources has a critical role to play in the modern era. They reorganized the company in 2011 in anticipation of the very economic trends that have played out. Oil will forever be a key economic component of sustainability.

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After 25 years of service, as a Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officer, James Reese retired as a Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Army. He was part of the renowned “Delta Force.” James Reese was a decorated combat leader and widely known as one of the more elite special operators in the modern military. Two qualities that Reese believes has made him such an effective leader is being a great listener first, and knowing when to take charge as opposed to when to be a loyal follower.James Reese now runs a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business called TigerSwan.

Image result for james reese tigerswanReese came up with the concept of TigerSwan during his last stint in Iraq. TigerSwan is a private security company based in North Carolina. They are adept to handle the security of corporate assets, vacationing families, and high-profile public individuals to name a few. Lieutenant James Reese thoroughly understands how difficult it can be for disabled veterans to get acclimated to civilian life again and that was the driving force behind TigerSwan; to give these veterans purposeful work.

The Chevy event was held at a tactical training facility in North Carolina called The Range Complex. James Reese welcomed Chevy staff members to experience a simulated hostage rescue mission firsthand. They were also able to test their accuracy shooting a practice target about 800 meters away with a long-range rifle. The overall focus of the event was to highlight how the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban are often the most trusted vehicles for some of the U.S.’s most elite special forces units. These particular SUVs have been compared to tanks that are easier and quicker to maneuver. Chevy issued a statement to TigerSwan about how difficult just the simulations of missions and target practices were and can’t imagine the amount of skill and laser focus it takes to operate in live action where operatives may have to lay still in a blazing desert for hours, to only have one shot to hit a moving target that could be a mile away.

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Marc Beer Impact in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Marc Beer has positively impacted the pharmaceutical industry for the past 25 years. His attitude towards solving problems facing those who are underprivileged is what makes him stand out. Various factors have contributed towards the success of his careers, such as his education and unique flair. Marc kicked off his career at Genzyme (NASDAQ: GENZ) where he served in the sales and marketing division and worked his way up to the Vice President position of Global Marketing.


During his time at Genzyme, he promoted the sale of products that would assist roughly 350 million persons who were suffering from rare conditions. Being at the helm of administration in the firm allowed him to promote the product line to those in need of it. Working at this firm motivated him to put in extra effort towards helping the disadvantaged. He wanted to bring hope to those battling with various medical conditions.


Given his work history in the industry, Marc was determined to establish his enterprise. He went on to found ViaCell, a biotech firm in 2000 which was aimed at helping the underprivileged. The company had over 300 employees and was set to go public with an Initial Public Offer (IPO) on NASDAQ as VIAC. It was centered on finding a cure for several diseases by protecting the blood stem cells of the umbilical cord.


Later in 2007, Marc Beer decided to put up the company for sale and was purchased by PerkinElmer at $300 million. At this time, both his personal and professional life seemed to flourish. However, it was then that everything started to crumble. After Marc sold ViaCell, his wife passed away at 42 years after suffering from a pulmonary embolism.


All Marc wanted to do after the demise of his wife was to dedicate all his time to bring up his three children. It was his 14-year old daughter who encouraged him to proceed with his entrepreneur venture. Thanks to her candid advice, her father began another successful enterprise, Renovia. The company originated as an idea from Dr. Ray Iglesias, who shared it with Marc. Learn more:


Dr. Ray Iglesias had spent his years as a gynecologist performing surgeries for women who suffered from pelvic floor conditions. He had dedicated close to ten years of his career looking for alternative solutions for his patients. When he gave a call to Marc, it was the sort of push he needed to make a change in his career. Under an alliance, with the help of Marc, Dr. Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorié, Renovia was founded.


A Brief History


At some point, Marc Beer served in the pharmaceutical sector as a marketer at Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT). In 1987, he acquired an undergraduate degree in Business from Miami University. He has been a member of the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Emerging Companies Section Governing Board. Marc Beer has also been the chair for different corporations such as Good Start Genetics, Inc. and Minerva Neurosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: NERV).

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The skills of Marc Beer

Marc Beer works at Renovia. It is a health company that deals with innovative operations to improve health. From the scientists, he has worked with and the many successful projects he has handled, Marc believes that the perceptions of people towards success are what define their destination. When one has a wrong perception about their abilities, they might keep putting themselves down, and this may render them unable to do what they have the potential of doing. A negative perception also causes downfalls throughout the tenure of a company’s operation. It makes executives consider them to be low and n worthy to administer the rest. It is good to have a good ego about oneself. Believing in oneself brings more determination to spearhead operations in all sectors fearlessly.

 People who like to be leaders should never have the trait of forwardness. With cowardice as a leader, the team following may also gain a lot of fear to face whatever is to come. Besides, cowards usually fall or traps that can never make them get to any place that they dream of in life. It may make their competitors learn their weaknesses quickly and overtake their companies. Coward leaders always bring downfalls to a venture. Brave people like Marc Beer have always stood firm to anything that they want to accomplish. Even when the intensity of the challenges they are t face too high, he is always sure that he will find a way to cope with it. For instance, in his medical testing procedures with scientists, Marc has never felt the need to find an outside party to help him endure any pain that he may experience in case his experiments fail. He places everything in his hands and that of the scientific experts knowing that he can deal with every outcome he might end up facing. He believes that this is the reason that he has acquired a lot of breakthroughs in the manufacture of medicines. 

Marc Beer also dislikes working with people who have subjective thoughts about everything. There is always a good aspect that may come out of everything, whether it is good or not. Even when he is not sure of the transparent properties of his methodologies, he goes on to try and test them know what he needs to change or add in the latter for greater results. Learn more:

Marc Beer insists that even at times when people set goals to guide people on what they want to achieve, they must not put a lot of attention to them. Everyone should place their attention on the progress of a venture rather than the objectives set. If the progress in the business is bad or low, it is possible that the company will not achieve any meaningful goal that it sets. Besides, most objectives are usually achieved and going well if the progress of the company is going on as expected. When people note problems in their ventures, they should try to find out their causes. If the management is the problem, then the entire committee should be abolished and another one set.

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Seymour Segnit

Seymour Segnit’s Creative Approach to Customer Problems

There are several fundamental tenets common to businesses. Finding an audience, the 80-20 rule, providing value are among these. It’s this last one, however, that Seymour Segnit, CEO and founder of MAGFAST, came to understand as highly relevant while working at a photo lab.

Although Segnit had already studied engineering at Oxford University and worked at the ad agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather, he learned that these pursuits didn’t match his direction in life.

Seymour Segnit took on work running ski hills and resorts as a way of regrouping and redirecting. While there, he helped the on-site photo lab create large prints for skiers to take home with them. Photographers would shoot photos during the day and skiers would come down and choose among the negatives and have them enlarged.

However, since photo development required a lot of film handling at the time, scratches in the negatives would sometimes show up in the prints. Most photo labs might simply write it off as an unavoidable mishap, especially because of the $50 cost per print, due to the photographers’ time spent sitting in the snow. Go To This Page for additional information.

But since paper costs were much lower, the photo lab offered two prints for the price of one. This mattered to the skiing customers. It meant the photo lab hadn’t simply dismissed the problem as due-process and handed the prints over. Most customers were impressed with the offer and agreed to buy the prints.

This level of attention to problem-solving stuck with Seymour Segnit as he continued in other ventures over the next 30 years. Seymour Segnit engaged in several occupations, including radio broadcast work at Capital FM, corporate communications and promotions work for Virgin Atlantic’s new London to Johannesburg flights and involvement in Silicon Valley, where he co-founded a $25 million startup. Throughout this time, Seymour Segnit never lost the chance to bring his tenet of over-and-above customer service to whatever he did.

The same is true for his 2017 launch of the MAGFAST wireless charging system, which took the concept of Qi wireless technology further by providing a unifying magnetic assembly system for a variety of purpose-dedicated chargers. View Related Info Here.

Internet marketing and technology are ubiquitous business topics these days, but Seymour Segnit already learned the importance of applying creative customer solutions well beforehand.


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Jimmy John Liautaud Is An Amazing Sandwich Mogul

Sandwiches are beloved all over the world. A good sandwich really hits the spot. It’s convenient, portable and full of flavor. Someone who understands exactly what goes into making a sandwich is Jimmy John Liautaud.

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He started with a single shop more than three decades ago. In the intervening years, he’s learned that it is possible to please the American public and make a fortune at the same time. As one of the most successful sandwich entrepreneurs ever, he still remains devoted to the art of making them.

He’s still deeply involved in creation of sandwiches that delight his customers. He sold a large part of his empire to an Atlanta based capital equity firm. Yet he still keeps a close eye on the products served in his line of chain restaurants.

The Test Kitchen

It is with this in mind that he spends part of his time each week in Jimmy John’s test kitchen. The test kitchen is a very special place for Liautaud. It keeps him connected to his roots. He is the final person who gets a say in the product presented to clients. It is his palate and his understanding of exactly what goes into making a sandwich that takes center stage in the test kitchen.

He knows what his customers are looking for when they want a sandwich at one of the more than two thousand locations. Every Wednesday he can be found examining a series of sandwiches that might be on offer for clients. He personally decides if something’s going to work or it needs to be revised.

The Start of a Dream

Like so many who achieve so much, his own transition to the world of making sandwiches began with a simple idea. He knew that he could make a better sandwich. It was his father who gave him that impetus.

The twenty-five thousand dollars in capital he gave his son helped him realize his dreams of starting a business of his own. His mom was an immigrant from Lithuania. His dad tried many professions before finding one that worked for him. Liautaud took his advice and began to see where he could fit in and create a product that would appeal to a great many people of different backgrounds.

Taking Off

There were several different ideas that occurred to him when considering what kind of venture to start. He thought about starting a hot dog stand. However, the items required to present the product to the public were out of his budget.

It was then that he settled on the idea of a sandwich shop. Sandwiches are easy to make and appeal to a wide audience. He realized he could make them easily and sell them to students. His first shop opened up in Illinois in 1983.

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At the time, he was nineteen year old. Yet it was the start of years of success. Since that time, he’s seen his dreams come true and find a place to serve the awaiting public.

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Niranjan Shah: Construction and Engineering Firm Owner and a Major Financial Supporter of the Democratic Party

Niranjan Shah is a businessman based in Chicago, Illinois. He established the Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974, and currently serving as its chief executive officer. He has a background in construction and engineering, and he uses his knowledge and experiences to improve the engineering profession. The company has been working with hundreds of partners, and they managed to gain a high satisfaction rating from their previous clients because of how they are putting importance on the durability of the project that they are working in. More than 250 professionals who are currently employed at Globetrotters Engineering Corporation are experiencing competitive leadership under Niranjan Shah.

In the past, his company was approached by the United States government to work on several projects. These projects – a six-lane extension of the I-355 South in Chicago and a new international terminal for the O’Hare International Airport, among others – were given a mark of importance and urgency. In the end, Niranjan Shah was able to finish these projects before they meet the deadline. Through the years, the focus of his company shifted from one idea to the other. Aside from the engineering and construction services, Niranjan Shah is also investing in many companies. He is proud to say that his business is one of those that opened during the height of racial segregation in the United States, but he was able to cope with the changes in authority and strategized on how he can stay on top.

Niranjan Shah is also known as one of the top donors of the Democratic Party. He would always show up in a political party organized by the Democrats, and he will donate insanely huge amounts of money to continue his support to his favorite political party. Because of his close ties with the members of the Decmoratic Party, Niranjan Shah and his wife has been invite a lot of times inside the White House. They are happy knowing that their contribution to the political party is being highlighted by the Democrats, and he stated that he will continue donating money to the party that would most likely provide his needs and will rule the nation better.

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Isabel Dos Santos Remarkable Work Uplifting African Lives

Isabel Dos Santos is an outstanding entrepreneur who hails from Angola in Africa. She is ranked as one of the most prosperous women globally. Her role as the chairwoman at Unitel that is a telecommunication company, stands out. Statistics indicate that she is the most affluent woman in the whole of Africa.

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Precisamos de abrir o espaço ao diálogo entre os países africanos e o resto do mundo. África é uma rede de diferentes países e culturas com um potencial enorme para se desenvolver. Para isso, precisamos de entrar na nova era da economia mundial, do digital e da tecnologia, onde o empreendedorismo tem um ecossistema real para crescer e dar lugar ao ciclo de investimentos, empregos, criação de valor. Desenvolvimento: essa é a palavra de ordem para o nosso continente e é isso que fazemos aqui hoje no Russia-Africa Summit, em Sochi, Rússia. Juntamo-nos pelo desenvolvimento de África ✌🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Africa #Angola #economia #investimento #RussiaAfricaSummit #desenvolvimento We need to make room for dialogue between African countries and the rest of the world. Africa is a network of different countries and cultures with enormous potential to develop itself. To do this, we need to enter the new era of the world economy, the digital and technological era. We need a real ecosystem for entrepreneurship to grow and to open the way for a cycle of investments, jobs, value creation. Development: This is the watchword for our continent and that is what we are doing here today at the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi, Russia. We’re together for the development of Africa ✌🏾

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Additionally, she is the 8th richest person in Africa with a net worth of $2.1 billion. The eminent businesswoman studied electrical engineering at King’s College, London. She plays a pivotal role in making lives better for several people in her country.

For starters, Isabel Dos Santos co-founded Unitel that created over 50,000 job opportunities. In addition to that, the company has connected Angola to other countries worldwide. Citizens are now able to communicate with other people located in different corners of the earth. Isabel funds other areas of infrastructural development, as well. They include banks, TV stations, farms, shops, roads, and electrical networks.

Moreover, she contributed to finances that set up the first convenient stores and supermarkets. Her notable work continues to the most important group that is women. She utterly anchors their projects so that they can support their families.

Isabel Dos Santos acquired the best education and believes that it is vital for everyone. For this reason, she helps the girl child to access quality education. Her efforts are seen in the engineering scholarships that she sponsors. She focuses on female candidates since they are future mothers who will nurture others. Another vital category is the youth who are facing unemployment. Isabel Dos Santos prioritizes by supporting youth programs that equip them with skills. This way, they can be trusted leaders of tomorrow who are self-reliable.

Partnership and networking are the key values of business success. Isabel Dos Santos works with other people to improve Angola. For instance, she is working with Brazil to ensure that the fiber-optic cables are installed. It will consequently lead to an upsurge in education and commerce as well. She uses technology as a means to upgrade her country to become well known. AfricaCom will be a venue that she can talk about topics like Blockchain, data, and cloud computing.

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Smita Shah Solves with Spaan Tech.

Dorky is how Smita Shah self-describes. As a kid in elementary school, she covert algebraic word problems into equations. Instead of track relays, she’d run what she called “math relays” during her years in college. It’s this type of mind that has led to her being a CEO at age 35. As CEO of Spaan Tech, she builds roads, bridges, and technology to integrate them both. Solving math problems has always been a passion for Shah. 

As an engineer licensed in several states, Smita was educated at Northwestern, Oxford, and received a master’s degree from MIT. Founding Spaan Tech in 1998 after graduating, Smita grew her business into one of the nation’s best. She has been award by INC. magazine, The Small Business Commerce Association of Chicago, and the American Council of Engineering Companies. Crain’s Chicago Business named her 19th most connected person in Chicago, as well. Ronald Reagan, William Rehnquist, Rosa Parks, and Frank Sinatra, and Smitha Shah were all awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations. Almost unbelievably, Shah was appointed by the Illinois Democratic Party as the youngest delegate at the Democratic national convention in 1996 A very successful and greatly awarded person is Smita Shah. 

She also spends her time serving on various boards around Chicago. Of note is her membership on the board of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation and the Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Learn more:

Most of her career achievements have been with the city of Chicago. Smita Shah helped with the solution to upgrade Chicago’s public-school system’s electrical system and designed traffic signals for the Illinois State Highway Authority. In a decade she has grown her business to over $10 million in revenue and 50 employees. 

In April of 2018, she appeared as a guest on the Steve Cochran Show. The opening topic Cochran was about Shah being an example for women who wish to be in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. The discussion showcased Smita as an example of what women can do, and more should get involved. They spoke of her naivety when she first started her company, and how she wouldn’t be that way after her years of experience. Shah gave advice to young women and stressed the importance of women studying STEM. Shah feels that women need mentorship and guidance to succeed.

Smita Shah represents the America Dream. She shows that with hard work, anyone can, and will, become successful. Her awards and distinctions, her business, her revenue show that hard work and being dorky, literally, pay off.

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