End Citizens United Case Against Rick Scott

End Citizens United, political action committee filed a case complaining to Federal Election commission. The complaint was about Rick Scott for his illegal use of super PAC when campaigning for his Senate seat. The PAC had already said that the candidate who was performing the action should have the federal limitations which will be placed directly contributing to campaigns of the candidate. Rick Scott had already raised $178 million which was to be used in his campaign coffers.

According to super PAC one can raise as much money as possible and also spend the money but the money should not be working directly with the campaign process. The organization End Citizen United had to accuse Scott because he violated the anti-coordination law that was with New Republican PAC. Scott was the group’s chairman earlier before he came to announce that he wanted to run for Senate seat. PAC group pledged to give him some help so that he could be elected to the United States Senate.

Adam Bozzi who is the End Citizens United Communication Director said that what Rick Scott was interested in was politics than what he was as the law. All Rick wanted was to be able to bypass the election law by putting money into Super PAC which was supposedly meant for the president. Adam said that Super PAC existed so that it could help Rick sidestep the finance laws that are required during the campaign where he could be able to pay the campaign laws but evade the disclosed laws.

The campaign team of Scott made a denial of what End Citizens United was accusing him of and he produced documents which supported that charge showing that Rick Scott was in recent months still working for PAC. Even in super PAC website, Scott was still listed there as the chairman of the organization.

End Citizens United was frustrated after the 2010 supreme court ruling decision regarding them. PAC came in 2015 so that it could encourage the campaign finance reform. The mission of PAC was to get a heavy amount of money which was from the political system after it supports candidates that will agree with their agenda and also the ballot measures which will be addressed in particular topic. Their work is to work with the candidate so that they can overturn citizens united in a way that the donations will no longer be unlimited or undisclosed. The headquarter of End Citizen in Washington, D.C

End Citizens United Has Become A Voice Of The People

Every fight for freedom and equality is characterized by various barriers especially from those who are exploiting others. In 2010, the case presented to the Supreme Court involving Citizens United and Federal Election Commission has led to commotion and opposition all over American especially in the political system. One of those organizations that are reacting and opposing to the ruling is the PAC End Citizens United. Over the history, there have been various cases that were seen as controversial at the beginning but after sometime they led to the current operation in the political culture of American.

Citizens United has been in the political arena for years and has great effects to the rolling of things in America. However, the effects may come to an end especially after various organizations have come up to counter the ruling. One of the major movements that have been on the forefront of combating the Citizens United ruling is the End Citizens United which was founded in 2015 by March.

The case in the court sprout from the year 2008 case, when Citizens United attempted to air a film that was attacking the Democratic presidential candidate. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) however found that the film was a campaign ad which never revealed who was financing it as required to the federal law. This led to Citizens United suing the FEC to stop them from asking them for the movie’s financiers. However, the case turned against Citizens United.

The ruling was only upheld for 2 years until Obama’s regime when the ruling was overturned because of the First Amendment law in the United States Constitution. Of course this was a breach of the constitution rights. This would clearly increase such campaign ads for donors will not be revealed.

This ruling gave a higher advantage to Republican Party which has many of the richest and economic elites. Various organizations and political activists have been on the forefront to overturn Citizens United decisions. Others have called for a constitutional amendment because of the misinterpretation of First Amendment by the Supreme Court. Organizations like ACLU, Center for Political Accountability, Sunlight Foundation, and End Citizens United among others.

The PAC End Citizens United has its headquarters at Washington DC and their aim is to simply end the ruling of Citizens United. They raise funds from grassroots which they use to support reformists who will take the positions of the incumbent leaders. It aims to raise $35 million for the next cycle of 2018 elections. The organization is led by Tiffany Muller as the president and Matt Burgess as the vice.

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