Niranjan Shah: Construction and Engineering Firm Owner and a Major Financial Supporter of the Democratic Party

Niranjan Shah is a businessman based in Chicago, Illinois. He established the Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974, and currently serving as its chief executive officer. He has a background in construction and engineering, and he uses his knowledge and experiences to improve the engineering profession. The company has been working with hundreds of partners, and they managed to gain a high satisfaction rating from their previous clients because of how they are putting importance on the durability of the project that they are working in. More than 250 professionals who are currently employed at Globetrotters Engineering Corporation are experiencing competitive leadership under Niranjan Shah.

In the past, his company was approached by the United States government to work on several projects. These projects – a six-lane extension of the I-355 South in Chicago and a new international terminal for the O’Hare International Airport, among others – were given a mark of importance and urgency. In the end, Niranjan Shah was able to finish these projects before they meet the deadline. Through the years, the focus of his company shifted from one idea to the other. Aside from the engineering and construction services, Niranjan Shah is also investing in many companies. He is proud to say that his business is one of those that opened during the height of racial segregation in the United States, but he was able to cope with the changes in authority and strategized on how he can stay on top.

Niranjan Shah is also known as one of the top donors of the Democratic Party. He would always show up in a political party organized by the Democrats, and he will donate insanely huge amounts of money to continue his support to his favorite political party. Because of his close ties with the members of the Decmoratic Party, Niranjan Shah and his wife has been invite a lot of times inside the White House. They are happy knowing that their contribution to the political party is being highlighted by the Democrats, and he stated that he will continue donating money to the party that would most likely provide his needs and will rule the nation better.

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DeVos finds own path to contribute to downtown, aiport and education

Billionaire Dick DeVos doesn’t live in anyone shadow. The heir to his father Richard DeVos’ company Amway, the younger DeVos did start down the path to become the company’s chief operating officer.


Then, his destiny took him down a different path that involved building construction, airplanes, charter schools and Washington, D.C.


It was 1991 when DeVos heard about a plan in Grand Rapids to build a convention center and sports facility outside of Grand Rapids. The plan to put the buildings north of the city bothered the businessman. He had seen this done before and the results weren’t good for downtown Detroit.


He began a coalition of other prominent business people. They formed the group Grand Action to take the city council in a new direction that would bring more people downtown. The result was a number of buildings, including a convention center, an area, a performance hall, a city market and a medical school being constructed downtown.


DeVos was tasked to rescue the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. It needed more flights and more people. His mission was to lure Southwest Airlines. DeVos was rejected by Southwest, so he called the head of Air Tran.


Air Trans added more flights to the airport. DeVos had a chance to circle around again when Southwest bought Air Tran. While Southwest officials wanted to reduce the number of flights to Grand Rapids, DeVos sold them on adding more direct flights to places like St. Louis and Orlando.


An avid pilot, DeVos and wife, Betsy, who happens to be the U.S. Secretary of Education, founded a charter school serving students of western Michigan. The non-profit school, West Michigan Aviation, is public because it is free to students. Costs are paid for by the state, just like other public schools, and the DeVos’ donated more than $7 million to the school through 2014.


The school grew from 80 students to serving more than 600. Public buses bring them in from seven counties and the school has its own building at the airport now.


DeVos was one of seven appointed last year to the Federal Aviation Administration Management Advisory Council. The advisory council informs FAA’s senior management on issues like long-range planning, regulations, policy, spending and long-range planning.


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Betsy Devos is a Surprising Political Powerhouse

Many people don’t know who Betsy DeVos is, but she is slowly making a name for herself in the world of politics.


DeVos has always been interested in education and has dedicated herself to the idea of freeing education so that parents have choices beyond public school. She has been a strong voice, advocating for private schools, and it does make sense because DeVos was brought up in an affluent lifestyle.


Betsy’s fight for this kind of education started in her home state of Michigan, where she was able to help pass a number of changes that have derailed a lot of money away from public schools and into the hands of private or charter schools.


These schools want to get money from the government but don’t want the government to be involved in their practices.


Still, Betsy believes this is the best course of action, even though it seems many students in Michigan are suffering because the public schools near them are no longer open. Advocates for school choice like DeVos believe this is just a little turmoil that occurs after change, but things should take a turn for the better in time.


Betsy believes that funneling money away from public schools is going to help give public schools an incentive to improve. There is no doubt that some public schools can use some improvement, so this argument could have some validity. Still, it is clear that making it hard for students in certain areas to have access to education is not the right path.


Betsy DeVos is now the Secretary of Education for the United States. Many consider this a strange decision since she doesn’t seem to have the best interest at heart regarding public education. President Trump does not seem to make decisions that many would understand.


When she first stormed into the spotlight, Betsy was able to disarm people because she seemed meek, personable, friendly, and considerate. This demeanor has made it easy for people to underestimate her, which is something those who have worked with her would warn against. Many of those who have worked with her say that she is relentless and does not take opposition well.


This is a woman with incredible determination and a woman that is not afraid to use her money to get what she wants. Mike Cox, a Republican politician and former state attorney general mentioned that Betsy will go after what she wants with determination that could put fright in her opponents.


Back in Michigan, she was able to pass legislation using the power of her money, and she was able to reward allies and unseat lawmakers that did not bend to her will. If a billionaire or an incredibly rich person wanted to dictate change, then this person should definitely pay attention to all the things that Betsy has done over the course of her political life.


There is no telling how much more change she is going to be able to bring to this country now that she is the Secretary of Education for the entire nation, but foes and allies are keeping an eye on Betsy DeVos.


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Children Becoming Mindful Is Helped By ClassDojo’s New Initiative

Being mindful is a skill that everyone can benefit from. This is an easy thing to learn as all it involves is resting in a chair while doing nothing other than focusing on one’s breathing through the nose. For such a simple thing it has many health benefits, though. The reduced stress and anxiety that having mindful moments deliver can lead to reduced blood pressure levels and better cardiovascular health.

Elementary students are learning how to be mindful in classrooms across the nation. ClassDojo introduced an instructional video that teachers are playing to teach their students simple techniques to take a moment out and relax. They were asked by the users of their app to develop this video. The video was followed up with an entire week’s worth of lessons that guide students on how to be purposely still and contemplative. The series was developed in partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s Marc Bracket. He is also a professor at Yale’s Child Study Center.

ClassDojo is an educational app that is used in 95 percent of K-8 schools in the United States. It is used in many other countries as well. It is a communication app that teachers and parents use to communicate. Students also use the app to share their work with their parents and teachers. The point of this app is to enable better communication so that students learn better in class.

Rocketship Education: A Continual Focus on Growth

Rocketship Education is wholly committed to overcoming the achievement gap in elementary schools across the nation. This charter network is based in California, and also has locations in the District of Columbia, Wisconsin and Tennessee. The focus of Rocketship Education is on supporting the individual academic needs of each student, while also providing curriculum to build character.

Like other charters, Rocketship Education developed their own policies, teaching practices and core values that align with their focus on producing higher standardized test scores. Since 2006, they have worked closely with parents to develop a strong educational community that engages children in a way that optimizes individual growth and success.

Charter school networks that use an innovative approach to education often receive criticism, and Rocketship Education is not different. This is particularly true as it relates to the use of technology. Preston Smith, CEO of Rocketship Education, has spoken on the importance of differentiated instruction, whole grade group learning, the use of technology, and one-on-one activities. All of these elements are important educational practices that drive positive change and measurable growth.

Rocketship Education analyzes data to ensure their methods yield positive results and advance the educational objectives of the charter. The leaders of Rocketship Education are constantly seeking to uncover new opportunities for growth and development. This is why they are not shy about receiving criticism. Rocketship, and their supporters, recognize the value of feedback and open communication as it relates to continued growth and program improvement.

Rocketship Education has met the educational needs of over 18,000 children. The core of their mission is leveraging innovation to effectively engage children and ensure low-income students have an opportunity to achieve success. As is the case with all academic programs, Rocketship has room for improvement and is constantly seeking to learn and grow from past mistakes. It’s an inevitable part of the educational process in the 21st century where technology is constantly changing.

Rocketship Education maintains its commitment to increasing test scores. They maintain strict disciplinary guidelines that are beneficial and required to truly affect change in education. The leaders of Rocketship Education use the feedback they receive to identify opportunities for improvement so that the charter continues to change the lives of children across the nation.

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