Unsung Hero: Dr. Mark Mckenna

Why is it that some of the most brilliant-minded people never receive the praise that’s due? The philanthropists and the innovators of the world should definitely be household names to a certain degree. These are the people that truly make a difference in the lives of other people. Dr. Mark McKenna perfectly epitomizes the term unsung hero, but isn’t seeking fame. This phenomenal man is seeking to improve people’s lives through medical aesthetics. He embodies the term healthy living because he actually practices what he preach. Here’s a bit more information on one of America’s top unsung heros.

Mark McKenna is a man of many acts. He is known as a philanthropist, a doctor, a businessman, a futurist and an entrepreneur. It would be very hard and very difficult trying to find a more ambitious person than this. Dr. Mark McKenna has been the founder of many successful businesses that span across multiple genres. 0VME just so happens to be one of his greatest creations, and this company is revolutionizing the way people will receive non-invasive/minimal invasive procedures. OVME can be found in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, and it is providing top-notch services such as:

  • Botox
  • Juvederm Treatments
  • Dysport
  • Chemical Peel
  • Medical-Grade Facials
  • Resylane Treatments
  • And many more

Having good confidence in yourself goes a long way and these advanced treatments will definitely put a pep-in-your-step. Of course, OVME and DR. Mark McKenna will provide services for men and women. Nobody will be excluded from this progressive process. Being a board-certified doctor has its perks, but McKenna has worked hard to get to this prominent position. All in all, Dr. Mark McKenna may not be a household name, but is doing more to better mankind than the majority of people on the planet.


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EOS The Little Company That Could

People look at EOS lip balm and wonder about their origin. How did a small startup knock out the lip balm market and lip balm giants like Chapstick, Blistex with a one two punch. EOS is the new lip balm on the block, but they’ve captured the attention of millennial consumers with their customized branding of their lip balm product. The surprising fact was that most lip balms were packaged the same. Basically, they did not show any imagination. EOS did something outrageous and smart. They changed the shape of the lip balm container, added natural flavors and aromas, packaged in sleek marketing methods.

EOS Conquers Lip Balm Market

The EOS or Evolution Of Smooth Strategy was a winner. They realized that the time was ripe for a sleek new marketing campaign to capture the attention of a younger generation that was obsessed with natural products and lip balm. Combining the two just made good creative and marketing sense. Today, EOS lip balm is the second best selling lip balm on the market. The product is featured in a wide variety of magazines and top celebrities are raving about the EOS lip balms. Even social media sites are filled with EOS followers. See, https://www.facebook.com/eos/.

Market Growth

A new eye catching design and promoting natural flavors worked for EOS. Their success had a domino effect on the lip balm market. Now, marketing researchers state that EOS is solely responsible for the sky-rocketing sales growth in the lip balm market. It is interesting to note that the company is worth about $250 million dollars today. The company sells about a million units of lip balm on Kohls, Walmart, Ulta and other stores per week. That number is substantially more than the company sold their first year in business. Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder and managing partner, reports that their main focus at the beginning was creating products and market growth. Now, they would like people to know more about the company and the high product values they support.


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