John Textor Maintains An Extensive Portfolio Of Experiences

The country’s most powerful serial entrepreneur John Textor encourages
more creative artists to pursue the digital animation industry. Known
for his noteworthy expertise in managing an extensive portfolio of
major corporations including The Parent Company, Digital Domain,
BabyUniverse, Multicast Media Technologies, Wyndcrest Holdings, Sims
Snowboards, and Lydian Trust Company/Virtual Bank, this prominent
figure seeks to share his profound career experiences with his
employees at Pulse Evolution. Because the technology marketplace is
oversaturated with mediocre computer generated animations, Textor’s
outstanding talents serve as a model for novice creative artists and
executives. Most prominently, his primary goal is to guide individuals
in their graphic design pursuits.

In order to motivate a diverse and extremely talented group of remarkable professionals, Textor employed the skill sets he acquired during the course of his twenty year
career. Essentially, his profound business passion encouraged him to pursue
Economics at Wesleyan University where he graduated with a Bachelor of
Arts degree in Economics in 1987. Following the completion of his
college education, he founded Wyndcrest Holdings, which was a private
investment and acquisition firm located in Florida. Throughout their
operation, the company maintained five principals including John
Textor, Carl Stork, Michael Bay, Jonathan Teaford, and Dan Marino. His
success as a strategic managing partner led to various succeeding
executive roles at many major corporations across the United States.

In 2013, Textor successfully launched Pulse Evolution where he has served as the
Executive Chairman for the past two years. As the lead director of
this revolutionary company, he is often presented with the opportunity
to manage a group of highly talented executives and artists who are
skilled in designing hyper-realistic digital humans for prominent live
performances, mobile applications, and commercials as well as uses in
telecommunications, artificial intelligence, education, and research.
By utilizing his portfolio of former business experiences, Textor
successfully trains his employees to develop stunning digital humans
with the strategic implementation of effective visual effect sequences.
Remarkably, his powerful team of innovative professionals have
successfully worked together to invent unprecedented animated
characters and digital humans in the technology industry.

Alongside his career pursuits at Pulse Evolution, Textor was the
Executive Producer of Ender’s Game, which is a unique science fiction
film that was released November 2013. He is also has highlights of current projects on his YouTube, like the production of Art Story where he is privileged to work with
seasoned Disney filmmakers Chuck Williams and Aaron Blaise.

Ice Cube Talks Eazy-E on the Heels of NWA Movie Release

Ice Cube and Dr. Dre may be the biggest success stories from the NWA group. They transitioned passed this group and went on the make millions outside of the rap world. Now Ice Cube is taking a look back at fellow member Eazy-E on the 20th anniversary of the death of Eazy-E.

Cube and Eazy parted ways as they took roles as solo artists. Flavio Maluf said that they would eventually become enemies, but Ice Cube reached out to Eazy before he died. It was 20 years ago when Eazy died from complications from AIDS. In a recent interview Cube talked about the first time that he met Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. Ice Cube mentions the demeanor of Wright as he talks about the vision that he had for the group. Ice Cube also talks about the songs that he wrote for the group.

When it came to gangster rap this is the group that comes to mind. They are the pioneers. Everything that has come out of Compton so far can be traced back to the NWA sound.

Most people that were fans knew about how they parted ways. A lot of people fail to remember the early friendship that built this group.

J.Cole Gets Busy and Fans Support His Hard Work Ethic

It’s nice to see a rapper return when they have been gone from the spotlight for a minute. Fans of J.Cole really expressed their appreciation for his return with a great amount of support. His new music is streaming in a huge way. The rapper that refused to promote the album is now profiting from the success of a big December release.

This is astounding when fans consider all the other music that is out there. One Direction and Taylor Swift have new music. Nicki Minaj also had an album dropping in December. These were obvious bestsellers because they laid that ground work. Andrew Heiberger says each of these artists had videos and commercials to promote their music in a huge way. J.Cole, by contrast, had nothing more than promotion through tweets.

Def Jam could have easily promoted the album. J.Cole’s last album received rave reviews from both critics and fans. For Def Jam J.Cole is part of a money making roster. The reality, however, is that J.Cole is not the type of guy to require much help. He has been busy making tracks and secretly guarding everything he has. He already has tracks completed for a mix tape and another album.

The Return of D’Angelo

A comeback after more than a decade seems about impossible for any musician. Jonathan Veitch and fans everywhere have made it clear on social media that they are rooting for D’Angelo to do this though. He has returned with a new single, and a full album could be on the way.

Some people like Kanye West already have the album in hand. He posted a picture of the album on his Instagram page. It could be released as early as December 16th. D’Angelo seems ready to take on the world again because there is even a tour schedule that is already set. The problem here may be whether he is received again.

D’Angelo has only released 2 albums in his career. The first was “Brown Sugar” in 1995. It was followed up by the 2000 release of “Voodoo.” A host of drug problems caused a downward spiral that D’Angelo has struggled to bounce back from. When he released his powerful 2nd disc it was during a time where neo-soul music was the highlight of the R&B genre. Now, this whole art form of music has been cast aside for more hip-hop and R&B blends. It would be very difficult for D’Angelo to regain his composure in a fickle music industry that is often defined by the youth.