Smita Shah Speaks Out on Best Practices for Empowerment in the Workplace

There are many things you can say about best practices in the workplace, but it’s vital that you
discuss how it impacts empowerment in the workplace too. Smita Shah is now known as one of the
top engineers and entrepreneurs in the world. Now, she speaks out on best practices.
Working in a male-dominated industry can be tough, but for Smita Shah, it’s not so bad. She’s
made a name for herself in the world of engineering. She is also focused on empowerment for the
professional female. What is it that brings life to the words of this self-proclaimed nerd?
She was always busy working on math problems while other kids played. Being different is nothing
new for Smita Shah. This is how she translates the view of women working in an industry that is
dominated by men.
She has founded her own company as well. It was in 1998 that she start SPAAN Tech, Inc., after
her graduation from MIT. With all of this behind her, Smita Shah is now dedicated to helping other
women find success as well as empowerment in their fields.
She believes that the success of women in the workplace has to do with poor self-image. Her take
on this topic is that if there were more women in powerful positions in business, then women would
have examples to help them see themselves as strong.
One of the facts that Smita Shah points out to fellow female entrepreneurs, is that there are now
more than 100 million business owned by women. Although the number of businesses owned by
men is far greater, there’s no reason that women should be discouraged from owning a business if
they so choose.
It’s clear, that if a woman is dedicated and she has the ability, she can do anything she wants. She
makes a great point that talent has no gender. Skills can be developed regardless of gender. There
isn’t any limit with those two things.
One of the first things Smita Shah tells women is to believe in themselves. Skills are what get you
to where you are, and greater skills are what pay. Those women that want to go further are the
ones that have skills. Learn more:
It’s always wise to examine your ability as well. What is your greatest ability? Are you using your
ability? This is part of the formula for greatness for women in business. Using the skills you have,
and pairing that with your natural ability is exactly what gets you to where you want to be.
Smita Shah is still running her company SPAAN Tech, Inc., and teaching women how to tap into
their empowerment in the workplace.

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Recapping OSI Food Solutions’ Business Moves In The Past Few Years

The food industry is a demanding field to work in. Specific types of foods has to be produced for specific clients, and on-time shipping must commence or food retailers could find themselves “in the red.” There is one food manufacturer that stands out among an intense crowd of food providers. This company is known as OSI Food Solutions, and it has certainly helped to revolutionize the industry. OSI Food Solutions is more than a food provider. This particular company specializes in food management services as well as food development services. More than 20,000 individuals work for this giant. OSI produces tons and tons of food on a daily basis and distributes the foods all around the world. The company’s food supply line is extensive beyond belief as it crosses oceans and stretches across vast expansions of land to reach its destination. Some of the foods include pizza, hot dogs, turkey products, panini, onions, fruits, ribbetes, pot roast, cooked sausage links, marinades, lettuce, flatbread, fresh dough products, bacon slices, bacon bits, tomatoes, fritters and many more. Join Linkedin to see all updates at OSI Food Solutions.

OSI Food Solutions has stable leadership that’s highly trained to get the job done. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin represents the president and CEO positions. These two individuals have been with OSI for a combined 60 years. Staying ahead of the competition has always been a major goal. These two leaders have worked their magic in the boardroom to sustain and expand OSI’s global success.

By partnering with Impossible Foods in 2019, OSI Food Solutions will play a major role in the production of meatless burgers. These plant-based items have made a huge splash in the food industry, and the meatless burgers have a wonderful prognosis for the future. OSI Food Solutions has once again found itself in an evolutionary state that appears to be worth its weight in gold.


Maarten De Jeu’s Science Spin’s Program Taps Creativity in the Farrell Fellows

The Museum of Science Industry or MSI conducts the well-known Farrell Fellows internship every summer. They draw in numerous teens in the Chicago area to come to the museum so that they will become more educated and interested in the area of scientific learning. In the western hemisphere, MSI happens to be largest science museum, so they feel compelled to do their part in tapping the interest of the children who serves as the voice of the new generation.


The Successful Science Spins Program


One of its successful programs is known as Science Spins, and this was established by a successful financial professional based in Chicago called Maarten de Jeu. He is a popular strategic business advisor, who happens to be founder and managing partner of SVM Business Advisory. He has built a stellar career track record in the finance sector, international business dealings, and commercial real estate investment.


Giving back to the community is always on top of the agenda, so when he was co-chair for the Farrell Fellowship, he went all out for the Science Spins program to tap the attendee’s curiosity, encourage their minds to think critically, and to help them harness creative and innovative ideas. The Science Spins focused on the history of the bicycle, which he and his team conducted in a creative manner to spark the interest of the museum visitors, and most especially, the Farrell Fellows interns


The Founder’s Track Record


Marteen de Jue’s impressive career and community achievements are in line with his equally impressive track record in business education. He ranked first in his class for his MBA program at the prestigious University of Oxford. Marten has always believed in the importance of a good education, so he has always strived hard in school. He happens to speak English, Dutch, German, and French while being a member of the Economic Club of Chicago and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


Partnering with MSI is extremely important for Maarten because he wants to impart his knowledge to the younger kids. He believes that inculcating the value of a good education begins when children are in their impressionable years. One of the best ways to do it is to make use of their valuable free time during the summer, which is what the Farrell Fellowship aims to do. The value of a good education, the love for learning, and the continuous quest for knowledge all become a determinant of future success.


The Nitty-Gritty of the Farrell Fellowship


The MSI’s Farrell Fellowship takes place during the summer months with the program lasting for five week. Aside from an intensive science course work, the teen participants learn other things that will become beneficial for their future. Aside from just touching on science issues, the kids deal with things like improving leadership skills, harnessing the gift of public speaking, and stimulating their imagination and creativity, all by working with the particular scientific topic for that summer period. The high light of the program is towards the end when the students craft and present their interactive science activities with their own museum displays and through their involvement with their communities. Learn more:


To illustrate, in the 2014 program, forty teens crafted the America’s Got Bubbles culminating show, where the goal is of course to learn the chemistry behind these fascinating bubbles that are popular with both children and adults. To further their cause, they visited seventeen public library branches in the Chicago area to present and explain to the community about the intricacies of bubbles and how it applies to real life.

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Equities First Holdings Gets Positive Look From GC Report

Equities First Holdings LLC, which is sometimes also shortened to EFH, has gained notice from a variety of outlets. One of them is the GC Report, which has taken a look at the stock-backed lender that has established a presence in spots around the globe.

The GC Report took a positive view of the company and its work. In its look at EFH, GC Report praised the company.

High-Quality Products Equals Impressive Returns: OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions, one of the world’s top food manufacturers, is a master of its craft. This Illinois-based food supplier has worked with some of the most influential names in the food industry, including McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, Yum and Papa John’s Pizza. McDonald’s was actually the company’s first popular client. OSI would supply McDonald’s with beef patties, and OSI would go on to build a factory that worked exclusively with McDonald’s. Being a top 100 company isn’t easy. OSI Food Solutions doesn’t seem to have any problems with spending tons of capital to reach its end goal. The company does this by investing in some of the best advanced technologies. In Spain, OSI’s processing facility was able to more than double its processing power after the addition of high-capacity production lines. This particular facility went from processing 12,000 tons of chicken to processing over 24,000 tons of chicken. Read this article at to learn more.

As of 2019, OSI Food Solutions is involved with numerous projects domestically and internationally. The company has partnered with Turi Foods in Australia to construct a world-class food group, which is named Turosi. Serving the nation of Australia with some of the most high quality and tasty foods is the goal. On top of that, OSI has partnered with Impossible Foods to mass produce meatless burgers. Meatless burgers have gained notoriety over the past year, and Burger King already sells the Impossible Burger. OSI Food Solutions will provide the manpower and processing power to reach the huge demands of the public.

These meatless burgers will be sold at a number of standard restaurants as well as sold at organic food retailers in the US. OSI is literally changing the game via ingenuity, and it’s setting a new standard in food services. Learn More:

Luke Lazarus and the New Communication Strategies for Startups

 The New Startups

Only 10% of new businesses rank as succeeding. Every startup has a chance to be listed as successful. Why is the challenge so great to succeed in business today?

This question needs to be answered by sufficient business analysis of a business plan and retracing the steps that led to the choice to downsize or bailout. Who is willing to take time to help a business look into the elements that cause its defeat?

The truth is it is a difficult task that few have the experience and capability to undertake. The few who seek to be business consultants have stellar records of success and come with excellent recommendations by their peers and other business leaders.

Luke Lazarus has over 20 years working at the top of his game and since 2013 began working with startup businesses to help them with analysis of startup problems they face.

Being Among the Minority

Luke Lazarus is among those few individuals who can unravel thorny business problems with ease. Lazarus gained his abilities over 20 years as a successful entrepreneur of four businesses, which rose to success before he sold them to new owners. Read more:Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Today Lazarus takes great pride in lending his education, experience, and business experiences to help startups who will benefit.

The many teams supported by Luke Lazarus praise Lazarus’ abilities. Lazarus makes a difference in the way a business can rise above its problems. Luke Lazarus takes every opportunity to guide his startups with the same principles of success he applied to his success.

Venture Capital Highway

Luke Lazarus seeks to prepare startup teams to get to the core of their mission statement and write a compelling brand story that makes a connection with investors and consumers. According to Luke Lazarus, a business story is a key to laying a foundation for success. A business story can have several distinct elements that work together to make an emotional connection.

At the heart of a business plan are the values that drive the rest of the story. Lazarus often uses the analogy of selling an outdoor canopy to a family. The canopy has value, but more importantly, the benefits that drove the why of the purchase is closer to the values that make the emotional connection.

How an Emotional Connection is Made

The family enjoys the canopy because it is a vehicle to bring them together with family and friends and find shelter from Summer heat or winter cold. Secondly, the canopy allows the family to save thousands of dollars of savings they would have had to use to build an aluminum awning.

The story brings together these values in a way that the consumer can identify their values with the brands. When a story strikes an investor, it is a sure sign, and it will also make a connection with the consumer.

A startup needs to reach the investor with his story to gain investments. Without an investment, says Lazarus, it is tough to survive in today’s business environment.

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The Birth of Privinvest


Iskandar Safa was conceived in 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon. He is the CEO of Privinvest Group. Subsequent to acquiring a degree in Civil Engineering at the American University in Beirut in 1978, Iskandar Safa proceeded to move on from INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France) in 1982 with a Master’s qualification in Business Administration.

Mr. Safa was then engaged with various endeavors, incorporating going through quite a while in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, overseeing development activities. Refer to This Article for related information.

His dad propelled his feeling of open administration as a political pioneer in Lebanon who filled in as the executive of the bureau of the main leader of Lebanon after its freedom from France. As a young, Safa turned into the boss plate hurler of Lebanon and at one point drove the whole Arab nations in this exemplary Olympic game. While his life was upset by the common war and he was by and by injured in the struggle, Safa was resolved not exclusively to succeed, yet to be an innovator in whatever he did. This individual drive would come to characterize Safa’s vocation, his record of structure fruitful, work making endeavors, and his enthusiasm for having a constructive outcome on the planet.

Privinvest is one of the main exclusive shipbuilding bunches in Europe. In the mid-nineties, in what was to turn into his initial phases in the shipbuilding business, he acquired Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN), a shipyard situated in Cherbourg, France.

Privinvest spends significant time in the top of the line and mechanically imaginative boats including maritime and business vessels just as super yachts. The Privinvest Group has cutting edge offices in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Privinvest prides itself on its novel and different range of abilities over its subsidiaries.

The organization was then confronting a sensational modern downturn. However, he turned it around inside two years. It is currently a flourishing undertaking with 400 workers, represent considerable authority in the structure and generation of vessels of up to 70 meters. Find Additional Information Here.

In 2007, Iskandar Safa, in a joint effort with Al Aïn International, shaped Abu Dhabi Mar (ADM). In 2011 Privinvest purchased out its accomplices in ADM. Today, Privinvest is one of the main exclusive shipbuilding bunches in Europe and the Middle East with major maritime and non-military personnel customers around the globe.


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Blake Mallen An Inspired Mine

“We need to stop trying to be the person we’ve been told we’re “supposed to” be, to become the person we’re “meant to” be, and that it’s time to SHIFT THE SCRIPT!” A powerful declaration from one of today’s most successful millennials. Entrepreneur Blake Mallen has had a phenomenal career in the short span of 20 years. Fueled by a determination to ignite a new form of revolution. The kind that inspires thousands to take control of their lives by changing them into the ones they want. A challenging objective but Blake Mallen has what it takes to ensure it happens.

The millennial entrepreneur kicked off his career by co-founding Vi with his partner, Nick Sarnicola, in his early 20’s. Taking a unique approach to the companies promotional campaign, Mallen designed a strategy based on “challenge marketing“. A concept that pushed individuals to improve their physical fitness and overall health. The implementation of this strategy had a phenomenal impact on the companies success. Effectively turning what started as an idea into a lifestyle brand with global influence. Vi was even crowned as the top fitness/weight-loss program at one point, $2 billion in revenue playing a substantial role in that.

To learn more about his companies, visit

In spite of the overwhelming success VI had enjoyed, Blake Mallen had no intention of settling with the brand’s accomplishments. Therefore, in an effort to indulge his ambition, Mallen and his partner both went on to co-found a second lifestyle brand called Liv. The objective was to inspire others to live their best lives, providing once in a lifetime experiences and memories they’ll have forever. Just like it’s founders first company, Liv also blossomed into a billion-dollar brand, earning several awards in the process.

Blake Mallen is regarded as one of the most successful millennial entrepreneurs to date. However, the motivation behind his ambitious endeavors derive from a deeper concern. A rise in the number of millennials enduring quarter-life crisis encouraged Mallen to act. Now the majority of his focus is aimed towards improving the quality of life for people all over the world.


Maarten de Jeu Fixation on Global Economics

The signs of a globalized world are becoming more apparent each and every day. A person from one side of the world can easily do business with another country through the swipe of a finger. This individual could be sending or receiving money, buying goods, talking with a friend, or conducting a business transition. The current global population is higher than it’s ever been. This creates a unique environment where there is money circulating around. Maarten de Jeu is one of the most influential figures of this generation. The international viewpoint he brings to the table is recognized by many across the industry. The website Gazette Day recently published an article about how to best get a business started in a foreign land.


Maarten de Jeu hails from a very well educated background. In one hand he boasts a degree from the University of Oxford, and in the other hand are his multi-language skills. He also has business experience around the world. All of which was combined together in 2012 when he founded the SVM Business Advisory. This gave him the ability to not only direct individuals on optimal business decisions, but he could have a direct hand in bringing select companies into the global stage. There is no doubt of how his influence has forever reshaped modern economics.


In the article, Maarten de Jeu describes a series of tips for getting a business started halfway around the way. It all begins with a few key fundamental principles. The first of which is understanding the local people and customs. A business should communicate with them on equal footing using the same language and mannerisms that the locals will better understand. This level of connection is essential to not overstepping social boundaries and appearing genuine in the eyes of consumers. Similarly, a business should understand what is legal and illegal in this new land. There are products that are simply not allowed and others that consumers will not enjoy.


The following steps have an emphasis on protecting the bottom line and the reputation of the company. Maarten de Jeu wants all businesses to understand if they are going to make a product for an overseas market, they should expect the same level of quality as back home. A business that is conducting underhanded practices or cutting corners will be exposed at some point. The risk of public shame is too great for companies to risk making such moves. Learn more:


However, the most important tip is for businesses to hire locals. This cements the image of the company being a permanent fixture on the local scene, while building a relationship from the ground. There is unlimited wealth hidden around the world.

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Colbeck Capital Management Providing Solutions For Corporate Entities

Colbeck Capital Management is a financial firm that assist business owners and entrepreneurs in getting the financing that they need to grow their business. If the business owner or entrepreneur does not meet conventional financing requirements this is when it Colbeck Capital Management steps in to provide flexible solutions to get business owner or entrepreneur the funding that they needed. Colbeck Capital Management investment focus is in the areas of event-driven investments, distressed-debt, value-based investments, and strategic lending. Colbeck Capital Management was founded back in 2009. The goal of Colbeck Capital Management is to target undercapitalized niche markets and provide them with the funding that they need to grow or maintain their business. The company also believes in partnering with the companies or entrepreneurs instead of just buying them out.

When Colbeck Capital Management provides funding to the business owner or entrepreneur it is structured to each an individual entrepreneur or business. Colbeck Capital Management makes it possible for the business owner or entrepreneur to withstand very difficult financial situations that would have otherwise made them go out of business. Colbeck Capital Management currently has a very strong management team of about 15 individuals. Jason Colodne is one of the co-founders and is a managing partner in the company. Jason Colodne main responsibilities is to manage investment execution and this includes documentation, portfolio management, and diligence. Before Jason Colodne co founded his own firm Colbeck Capital Management he had a very impressive work history. He was the president of a company called Patriarch Partners and the focus of this firm was helping getting distress companies back on the right track. He also was the Head of the Strategic Finance Division for Morgan Stanley. Jason Colodne was hired specifically to develop a strategic lending sector for the company. Jason Colodne has vast experience when it comes to the area of strategic lending.

Jason Beckman is the second co-founder of Colbeck Capital Management. He is also the senior investing partner and oversees the company’s relationships with co-investors. Jason Beckman himself also has a very impressive work history. His work history combined with his partners aligns perfectly with the focus of the company and business agenda that has been set for Colbeck Capital Management. Jason Beckman held a position with Deutsche Bank and he was the senior vice president of the Distress Debt Group Department. Jason Beckman also was the head of Distressed Product Sourcing for Goldman Sachs. This position also put him in a leadership and supervisory role because he was in charge of a team of 10. Jason Beckman also founded a business while he was in college and it was called was an online education resource center for students around the United States. Jason Beckman does most of his philanthropic work by helping animals and supporting young artists. Colbeck Capital Management has achieved the success that it has today because it has two expert and experienced leaders driving the company for success. This is a great example of where good expereinced leadership can take a company.