After 25 years of service, as a Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officer, James Reese retired as a Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Army. He was part of the renowned “Delta Force.” James Reese was a decorated combat leader and widely known as one of the more elite special operators in the modern military. Two qualities that Reese believes has made him such an effective leader is being a great listener first, and knowing when to take charge as opposed to when to be a loyal follower.James Reese now runs a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business called TigerSwan.

Image result for james reese tigerswanReese came up with the concept of TigerSwan during his last stint in Iraq. TigerSwan is a private security company based in North Carolina. They are adept to handle the security of corporate assets, vacationing families, and high-profile public individuals to name a few. Lieutenant James Reese thoroughly understands how difficult it can be for disabled veterans to get acclimated to civilian life again and that was the driving force behind TigerSwan; to give these veterans purposeful work.

The Chevy event was held at a tactical training facility in North Carolina called The Range Complex. James Reese welcomed Chevy staff members to experience a simulated hostage rescue mission firsthand. They were also able to test their accuracy shooting a practice target about 800 meters away with a long-range rifle. The overall focus of the event was to highlight how the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban are often the most trusted vehicles for some of the U.S.’s most elite special forces units. These particular SUVs have been compared to tanks that are easier and quicker to maneuver. Chevy issued a statement to TigerSwan about how difficult just the simulations of missions and target practices were and can’t imagine the amount of skill and laser focus it takes to operate in live action where operatives may have to lay still in a blazing desert for hours, to only have one shot to hit a moving target that could be a mile away.

Read more about TigerSwan here https://www.tigerswan.com/our-services/protective-services/

Niranjan Shah: Construction and Engineering Firm Owner and a Major Financial Supporter of the Democratic Party

Niranjan Shah is a businessman based in Chicago, Illinois. He established the Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974, and currently serving as its chief executive officer. He has a background in construction and engineering, and he uses his knowledge and experiences to improve the engineering profession. The company has been working with hundreds of partners, and they managed to gain a high satisfaction rating from their previous clients because of how they are putting importance on the durability of the project that they are working in. More than 250 professionals who are currently employed at Globetrotters Engineering Corporation are experiencing competitive leadership under Niranjan Shah.

In the past, his company was approached by the United States government to work on several projects. These projects – a six-lane extension of the I-355 South in Chicago and a new international terminal for the O’Hare International Airport, among others – were given a mark of importance and urgency. In the end, Niranjan Shah was able to finish these projects before they meet the deadline. Through the years, the focus of his company shifted from one idea to the other. Aside from the engineering and construction services, Niranjan Shah is also investing in many companies. He is proud to say that his business is one of those that opened during the height of racial segregation in the United States, but he was able to cope with the changes in authority and strategized on how he can stay on top.

Niranjan Shah is also known as one of the top donors of the Democratic Party. He would always show up in a political party organized by the Democrats, and he will donate insanely huge amounts of money to continue his support to his favorite political party. Because of his close ties with the members of the Decmoratic Party, Niranjan Shah and his wife has been invite a lot of times inside the White House. They are happy knowing that their contribution to the political party is being highlighted by the Democrats, and he stated that he will continue donating money to the party that would most likely provide his needs and will rule the nation better.

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James Dondero: Highland Capitals Compassionate Philanthropist


Highland Capital is an investment firm cofounded by James Dondero. Not only is he good at spotting wise investments for economic growth, but he also knows who would benefit from his giving. It seems as if everything he touches prospers.

This is what happened at the Dallas zoo and other places where his giving brought in an increase and revenue. If you have a need that Jim Dondero wants to give to, let him do it because it’s beneficial. You will be amazed at how your venture is going to grow just because of his ability to see the potential in a business or even country.

James Dondero is has done a lot of good for the city of Dallas. When the Dallas zoo needs the help he gave. Also, he gave to The Family Place which helps victims of domestic abuse. It just goes to show that Highland Capital cates about women and children being able to live without fear. Go To This Page for related information.

The Dallas Art Museum also received a donation from him. All of his philanthropic efforts are cannot go unrecognized because of how important they are to the nonprofits that get to utilize them. It’s truly amazing at what comes out of each donation. See This Page for more information.

James Dondero understands that donating makes you feel as if you accomplished something. It’s all about helping others in situations where they need it most. Since he has this understanding that things change when he puts forth the effort to give. It’s truly amazing that a man who has built a successful company understands the power of giving in a way that is unmatched. We could all learn a valuable lesson from James Dondero about giving. It helps our communities thrive when we donut just think about ourselves all of the time.


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There is a very limited number of British Indians who managed to achieve the heights of success the way anyone can imagine. There are some people who are fortunate enough to have a family business, but many times people have to begin from scratch. SudhirChoudhrie was among those people who did have a family business in form or another. But, progressing in a family business is even more of a challenge than doing things on our own. He was born in Delhi in a family where real estate developer was the business in their family. He did take an interest in the business after completing his degree in business administration. He was soon recognized as the most efficient and talented business right from the beginning.

SudhirChoudhrie has always cherished his childhood with his mother. She is a very strong influence on this great person. He has always mentioned that her mother was the reason behind every motivation that he had in his life. Whatever decisions he took in his business career, were based on great ventures and were very challenging throughout. SudhirChoudhrie is a famous business in the world that has an amazing business career and net worth of billions of dollars. He is considered as one of the top richest men with Indian origin. His current residence is, however in Great Britain.

SudhirChoudhrie has a vast business which is related to healthcare, aviation, and real estate. His own company named C & C Alpha group. He is also a board member of many other companies and beneficiary of many trusts and institutes. His son, BhanuChoudhrie, has been a great help to his father and a very fortunate addition to the company. Together, they are running many aviation schools which are training many pilots for some of the most renowned airlines in the world. SudhirChoudhrie, despite facing bad health at times, is successfully running his business and his son has been helping in taking the right steps for the expansion of the business that was initially started by their grandfather.

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James Dondero and Foundation Work


James Dondero has never been content with mediocrity. That’s why he thrived as a pupil at the University of Virginia. It didn’t take this individual eons to get a job after that schooling time came to a close, either. Jim Dondero performed a job search and found all sorts of opportunities waiting for him as a youngster.

He managed to get employment through JP Morgan, first and foremost. JP Morgan is among the United States’ most well-known financial businesses. After that, he managed to be fortunate enough to get employment with yet another significant American financial player. That player was none other than American Express.

James Dondero in the past lived in Los Angeles, California. That’s where he chose to devote his brain to establishing Highland Capital Management. He didn’t do this solo, though. He had an incredible partner in Mark Okada. Mark Okada was redolent of Jim Dondero in that he was just as impressive an investment banker.

Jim Dondero remains a key member of the Highland Capital Management crew to this day. Highland Capital Management’s birth city was L.A. It didn’t take long, however, for Jim Dondero and Okada to take matters to Dallas.

There are many people in Dallas who are committed to charity. Dallas has no shortage of individuals who want to make the planet a lot more welcoming to all. James Dondero is without a doubt among their ranks. He likes to donate wherewithal to many of the city’s most reputable non-profit groups. Go To This Page to learn more.

He donates to zoos that are in the city. He donates to museums and to cultural destinations in general. Jim Dondero makes a point to interact with other people in the metropolis who are just as enthralled by philanthropy as he is. He likes to speak with Mary Jalonick from the Dallas Foundation. Visit This Page for more information.


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Steve Ritchie Defines His Vision for Papa John’s as the New CEO

When Steve Ritchie was named Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s International Inc. in January 2018, his professional resume included a lengthy list of positions and accomplishments within the company. In fact, he had worked hard to climb his way up the corporate ladder from a customer service representation in 1996 to his new position at the top rung of the company’s hierarchy. He even spent several years owning and operating his own franchise. Given Ritchie’s unique and company-specific background, he is the perfect individual to guide Papa John’s into the future. He has recently outlined his vision for the company going forward by drawing from his various experiences in previous positions at Papa John’s.

Papa John’s has passionately maintained a focus on putting people first. This is evident in the fact that its customer satisfaction rating as consistently been at the head of the pack in the industry for almost two decades. It also is visible in the company’s culture of promoting from within rather than looking outwardly to fill openings. Papa John’s maintains a global presence through more than 5,000 locations. Stunningly, 98 percent of the managers at these stores have been promoted from lower-level positions in their stores. This may include from a position as a delivery driver or another similar position. Steve Ritchie personally benefited from this culture when he was promoted from his initial customer service position to the role of Assistant Manager and General Manager within a few months. He also attests that his personal understanding of the company’s commitment to this culture is the reason he has devoted his career to Papa John’s. Because of this, Steve Ritchie has reaffirmed the commitment of Papa John’s to make people its top priority.

Another focal point that Steve Ritchie has for the future lies in modernization. Approximately 60 percent of the company’s current global sales stems from mobile or online orders rather than walk-in or phone orders. Ritchie is eager to focus on continuing the company’s transition into the digital realm. Specifically, he intends to focus on enhancing the online or mobile experience of each customer. He also wants to improve the company’s branding and overall operations from a digital perspective. Because he has worked on-site in the areas of customer service, store management and even franchise owner, he understands the importance of digitalization at the store level as well as the benefits that digitalization can have from a company-wide perspective.

Steve Ritchie also recognizes the changing culture in the world we live in, and he understands the importance of operating a company with a culture of acceptance. With this in mind, he has announced that all 120,000 Papa John’s employees worldwide would be required to participate in diversity training. This includes a concentration on unconscious biasness. Prior to being promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer, Ritchie held executive leadership roles for North American operations, Latin American operations and global operations. Through these positions and other experiences working for Papa John’s, he has a keen awareness about the need to respect and honor other cultures.

After spending more than 23 years working at all levels of the corporate ladder at Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie brings his personal drive, his profound and unique professional experiences and his love of the company’s culture to the table. He has relied on these factors to bring him into his new role as Chief Executive Officer, and he is using them as a basis for guiding the company strongly into the future.

Gino Pozzo and His Football Clubs

Gino Pozzo is a hard-working individual who never really knew what he wanted to do with his life except to be successful. Gino Pozzo worked very hard to get to the place that he is at today. This article is going to give you a good look into his life.

Gino Pozzo grew up within a family that had a strong love for the game of football. His family loved football so much that they even owned a sports club that was centered around football. Gino Pozzo grew up and went off to school to better his education. After receiving his education, he married his wife and they moved to London together. Once they go to Spain, they realized that they wanted to settle down and start their family so they moved to London to start their family and really start their life.

It did not take long before Gino Pozzo realized that the family business was the way for him. He was known by the family as the one that would help them advance their business the most. He knew everything that needed to be known about getting a business off of the ground and running. He is the reason that their sports club made it all the way to the international level.

Taking the family sports club to the international level was a huge deal. Gino Pozzo took the family business onto social media and began to promote it more and more every day.

Gino Pozzo knows that with hard work and dedication to the family business he can turn it into a huge money-making business. He wants to see the business go far, but he also wants to become profitable from it. Gino Pozzo is very excited to see where the future goes for the business. He hopes to be able to continue to pass it down the line and have his children own it one day. He knows that the future of it is very bright and he cannot wait to see how far it will go.

Carsten Thiel Is A Successful Leader In The Medical World

Carsten Thiel is a successful leader in his company because he always communicates well with all of those who are involved with it. He spends time with the board each day to keep them up to date with all that is going on and he also interacts with others within the company, including his staff and customers.

Carsten Thiel spends some time traveling and works it out so that he can still have some time with those he needs to meet up with even as he travels. And, he knows how important each person working for his company is and presents his ideas to them so that together they can develop something great.

Carsten Thiel has a good intuition that he uses to do well in his work. He also is constantly asking questions and trying to learn and grow. Carsten Thiel has worked in weight loss marketing and more, and he has learned a lot through his career and the research he has done throughout it. He presented good ideas early on in his career because of his research and he started his career well in doing that. View Additional Info Here.

Carsten Thiel has held several jobs in the medical field, and he has worked for global companies doing big things. He attended college in the UK and is from Germany. He has worked as the CEO of a company and the general manager of another. And he is currently the president of EUSA Pharma, which has a focus on rare diseases and oncology.


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Iskandar Safa of Privinvest and Wealth Tips


Iskandar Safa is one to invest and invest wisely. With companies such as Privinvest, Iskandar Safa will continue to execute with Privinvest to create value for all people involved in the sector and all over the world.

Privinvest builds multiple types of boats. Its customers include navies from around the world, including some of the countries that make up NATO. It also builds commercial watercraft such as those used for shipping and fishing. It also builds superyachts with some of the best in the world having been designed and built in their shipyards

Iskandar Safa of Privinvest knows that many people have a significant issue with managing money in the best way possible. But he also knows that those who must be good stewards of capital when building companies such as Privinvest must stay the course and live wisely. Iskandar Safa knows a key aspect in this equation is that of practicing good general habits that will restore and generate more money.

It is about the ability to take control of your financial future by doing the right things each day. By acting and building each day to meet a vision and realize it over the next days, one can progress and become a better version of themselves each day. The hard part is that of making progress and sticking with it each and every day. It is easy to stop and give up, but builders like Iskandar Safa know that one must be patient and work hard to accomplish their goals. Refer to This Article for related information.

Personal finance and business finance is only complicated if one makes it so in their journeys. Iskandar has found that dedication and discipline will really go a long way in helping people improve. The idea is to stay accountable each day and to keep pushing no matter what happens in life. When one runs a process and sticks to it, they can improve, refine, and get better. Find Additional Information Here.

As such, individuals should first do away with the mentality of everything that happens to them. When one acts in control of their surroundings and their situation, they step up it up to a different level.When one goes from defense mode to offense mode, significant changes can start to take place. It is wise to internalize this principle and to continue to strive for more gains in a given process.

Always keep it simple like Iskandar Safa of Privinvest and focus on the right things each day to make an impact that others can feel.


Follow him on https://twitter.com/iskandar_safa?lang=en


Ara Chakerian Expands Access to Healing Depression

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and philanthropist based in San Francisco who has focused his career primarily on healthcare technologies. Chackerian studied at the Florida State University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in marketing. He is currently working to spread awareness of TMS, a treatment that could help psychiatric patients who suffer from major depressive disorders.

When Ara Chakerian and his business partner wanted to expand their experience in building out-patient diagnostic radiology centers, one of their provider partners suggested a treatment method for depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation. According to Chakerian, TMS showed the potential for becoming the third pillar of psychiatry and he wanted to help raise awareness for this type of treatment.

Even though TMS was approved by the FDA in 2008, access to the treatment has not become easy due to difficulties such as limited insurance coverage and hiring technicians. After Ara Chackerian saw the potential that TMS had for helping patients who suffer from medication-resistant depression he used his experience with building out-patient facilities to help expand access to the innovative treatment. Chackerian and his partners have built seven new facilities in the San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento for that very purpose.

Mental illnesses, like depression, are often at risk of being overlooked by those who don’t want to admit that they are suffering. In 1949, the Mental Health America Organization started Mental Health Awareness Month. During this time many organizations sponsor events to help educate the public on the dangers involved with mental illness. On his blog, Ara Chackerian posted an article that listed things a person should do during this time, among the items listed was to share your own experiences with mental illness. By speaking about your illness you may remind others who are suffering that they are not alone.