Chris Burch Sentiments on the Relationship between Fashion and Technology


Although fashion and technology industries have witnessed significant changes over the years, Chris Burch believes that one thing has remained unchanged – their ability to grow together. Technology has become fashionable overtime, while fashion has become technologically fashionable. The manner in which the two sectors have grown together is fascinating.


At present, the synthesis of fashion and technology is in the open. Fashion designers use technology to deliver incredible products. Technological advancements have given designers endless opportunities as it facilitates increased innovation and functionality. These professionals are achieving what they considered unimaginable a while back. On the other hand, tech professionals are using fashion shows to make the world aware of their products and services.


A look into the future indicates that more is yet to come. For instance, fashion professionals are already designing protective gears such as cyclists’ airbags and frontline gloves (by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon) that firefighters may find very useful. Fabulous fashions have been created out of recycled materials. One designer actually designed jackets and t-shirts from the recycled inner tubes of bicycles. Emma whitesand, on the other hand, used recycled radiator copper to make a large gown.


Besides growing together, technology and fashion industries can help each other to grow.


About Chris Burch

He is the founder and the chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. The philosophy of the company is a reflection of Burch’s entrepreneurial values and the vision that he has for new markets. He believes in the importance of the application of imagination, creativity, incubation, support and scale which leads to the formation and operations of brands that affect the lives of consumers positively.


The renowned entrepreneur has been investing actively in a wide array of industries for almost 40 years. The former member of the board of The Continuum Group has contributed to the establishment of brands such as Jawbone, Faena Hotel + Universe, Poppin, as well as Voss Water.


According to creativity and productivity are critical elements of business success. Unfortunately, the relationship between these two aspects has almost always been met with contention. Stout believers of this school of thought claim that envisioning ideas is a waste of time. Others believe that striving to achieve the set goals and objectives may incapacitate the creativity process. Burch does not share these sentiments, and instead, offers a helpful opinion. Rather than separate these critical components of business success in business, a resourceful union between the two can be created. He says that the biggest secret to successful merging of these elements lies in how time is allocated for both activities.


Stephen Murray, Gone Too Soon

Stephen P. Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital from 2007 until 2015. He was one of the co-founders of CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm that focuses on buyouts. Some of its investments include 1-800-FlOWERS and Guitar Center, Inc. Stephen Murray was a dedicated CEO of CCMP Capital. He passed away in 2015.

Stephan Murray was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1962. He attended Sleepy Hollow High School in North Tarrytown, NY. Murray went to undergraduate at Boston College, where he got his bachelor’s in economics and graduated in 1984. Soon after graduating, Murray became a credit analyst trainer for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

In 1989, he graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia Business School. Throughout his early career, Murray focused his attention on buyout companies. In 2005, Murray became part of the buyout company owned by JP Morgan. In 2006, Murray co-founded CCMP as part of a group of JP Morgan Chase, after a scandalous buyout by the company’s in-house firm.

Murray was named CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007. Murray was excellent as CEO, helping the company raise 3.6 billion dollars in 2014 alone. CCMP, under Murray, typically spent anywhere from 100 to 500 million dollars per transaction. Murray was interested in private equity investments.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

Stephen Murray also was a generous philanthropist. He supported many foundations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, as well as the Stamford Museum in Stamford, Connecticut, where he lived with his wife and four children. Murray was also on the board of trustees for Boston College and a member of the chairman’s council for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Metro New York.

In February of 2015, Murray left his position at CCMP due to a health related reason. On March 12, 2015, Stephen Murray succumbed to his illness. He was 52.

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The Growth of BMG and Its Executive Marcio Alaor

In Brazil, there is one bank that stands apart from all of the rest and it is known as BMG. Most people who live in this area are choosing this particular financial institute so that they are able to put their money into a safe and secure location that has guarantees and everything that benefits them. This is why a lot of people are choosing BMG and are enjoying the fact that there are a lot of options available to them and their funds. From mutual funds and mortgages to the basic savings and checking accounts, this Brazilian bank has it all for you.

Marcio Alaor is an executive working for the BMG bank and has been with the company for many years now. Marcio Alaor is great for the company because of the fact that he has a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to the banking industry. He has been an enormous asset to the company and continues to do well with expanding the business for all that it is worth. This has helped those who are using the company to find what they need and use something that will benefit them in the future.

One of the reasons Marcio Alaor is a great asset to the BMG company is because of his extensive experience and education in the financial field. He continually works to make the bank a prime choice for those who want a secure and safe way to bank and keep their money in a trusted location. He has put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that BMG is one of the top firms in the country and is continually offering some of the best deals and accounts that people will find to be beneficial in their own lives. Choosing a great account is easy when you are using BMG to your immediate advantage.

Besides the work that Marcio Alaor has put into the company, BMG is one of the top firms to use if you are living in Brazil and need a great bank. Marcio Alaor and the CEO of the company have truly put a lot of hard work and dedication into every aspect of the corporation, growing it to what you finally see today. It is why so many people use the company for their own needs and it is why the bank continues to grow to become the largest you can ever find. Marcio Alaor is a great asset to the company and is working hard to ensure that everyone who is using BMG is having a great experience and getting what they need out of using their services, accounts and funds from the professionals who are there.

Ken Griffin’s Education Was Valuable To Him

Ken Griffin is a man who was smart since he was young, and he is a man who was ambitious since he was young, as well. Ken Griffin on insidermonkey worked hard to make his career into all that it is today because a good career was something that he always wanted. He knew that he would be able to do well for himself if he was only to try hard enough, and to put enough work into learning from his schooling, and he has been able to have a successful career that many people are envious of because of that. He’s been able to make a good amount of money through his hard work, and every bit of time that he spent learning and growing has helped him to have the success that he has had.

One of the biggest things that helped Ken Griffin out as he was trying for his career was the knowledge that he received from Harvard College. He was able to learn a lot from the classes that he took there, and he is grateful to this day for all that the college taught him. He is so grateful, in fact, that he has decided to donate a large amount of money to the school. He gave it one of the largest donations that it has ever received because of just how lucky he feels that he was to have been able to attend the college.Ken Griffin hopes that others will be able to learn a lot from Harvard College with the financial help that they will receive from his donation. The financial aid office at Harvard College has been renamed in his honor, and when people think of him and the donation that he has given they should be left feeling inspired. He is a man who has always taken learning very seriously, and it was the learning that he did at Harvard College that helped him to be so successful in his career.

There are many people who have donated to Harvard College through the years, but none of them have shown their gratitude to it in quite the same way as Ken Griffin has. He has told the college just how much it has meant to him, and how grateful he is to it for the things that he has learned there, and every young person just setting out toward getting a degree should remember just how valuable their education truly is.

Susan McGalla: A Great Business Woman Of This Age

Quite a few women have had outstanding success in their fields, but none has touched the world as Susan McGalla. These women have been a great inspiration to other people especially the young in the entire globe. Susan is this kind of woman. Susan is a renowned American entrepreneur as well as an executive consultant residing in the US, Pennsylvania. She was brought up in Ohio alongside his two big brothers. Susan’s dad was a very stringent coach in soccer in one of the local clubs. The dad was as strict with the boys as he was to the daughter, Susan.

Susan got her degree in Arts in marketing and business at Mount Union College. She became prominent when she was working at the American Edge Outfitters Inc at the position of President and later on CEO at Wet Seal Inc. This greatly experienced management professional has a seat in the board of directors at HFF as well as Magee Women’s Hospital. She was a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh and Director of Allegheny Conference.

Susan McGalla initiated her demanding career in Joseph Horne Company. In this company, she worked in varied marketing and managerial positions in the period starting 1986 to 1994. At the end of 1994, Susan joined American Eagle Outfitters. In this company, she started out as a divisional buyer of commodities – outfits for women. She later on took up various positions like the managerial seat in the organization and eventually becoming the Chief Merchandising Officer and President of the company. During her reign as president, she foresaw the launching of 77 aerie and kids brands for the firm.

Before she was appointed the Chief Merchandising officer and general president, the organization was predominantly male and lacked even a single woman in the managerial or executive job positions and did not even take part in the board of management. Through corporation and confidence of the employees in the firm and Susan’s industriousness, she ultimately succeeded incredibly in her career adding to the long list of experiences.

The creativity and path by Susan created an overhaul transformation of the entire firm. She served in several management ranks in a business that ultimately landed her to the position of CMO and president. Having a high self-esteem as a successful entrepreneur is a gift to her owed to the years of total discipline, focus and fortitude that she very much loved to achieve.

Susan insists that her gender have never come in the way of pursuing her goals in her entire profession. Her heartening advice to all the focused and industrious women out there in the world is that they should always forget about their sex in pursuit of crucial goals in their lives. She further adds that when women think about their gender in the dealings they end up getting the inferiority complex.

Susan finally departed from the American Eagle Inc to begin her private consultation firm for the retail and financial investment sectors. She is the director of strategic planning and growth for Pittsburgh Steelers.

What Makes The BMG Bank Different From Others?

BMG is one on the leading banks in Brazil with more than 80 years of experience on the market. And it was founded by the family Guimarães. With a predilection for credit, it offers solutions both fo individual clients and major companies via products such as: BMG Empresas (for the financing medium companies and also suppliers of larger companies and economic groups), Payroll Credit Card, financing of used vehicles and BMG Realiza.
Throughout its successful history, the BMG bank stood out form other banks in the Brazilian financial market due to the strength of its sales and the excellence of its operation, creating itself a brand known all over the world for its technology, tradition and its competence to foresee large movements on the market. With a highly experienced and professional team of managers, the BMG bank, as the vice president Marcio Alaor claims, voluntarily opted to endorse the high level corporate practices of governance practices. The BMG bank has purposely chosen to form strong corporate governance methods, so as to professionalize the management, draw attention to more investors and contribute to the tenability of its business. One of the initiatives of its excellent practices is forming a Board of Directors – where 40% includes the independent members, along with the President -, various committees, Internal Audit Department and also Investor Relations Department that, ever since the year 2010, makes publications of financial results. What also ensures an effective and fast service is the bank’s close relationship with clients and investors.
In its history, the BMG bank has worked most of the times with portfolios of high quality credits, which has to a large degree been made possible thanks to the conservative policy of the bank. In addition to that, as Marcio Alaor BMG adds, all decisions about credit are collectively taken through a credit committee which is designed in such way as to meet demands of the bank in the most efficient, intelligent, and responsible way possible.

What makes the BMG bank stand out among others on the market is the human capital which is considered to be one of the bank’s main assets. Through a culture of meritocracy and a framework for recognition of talent, the BMG bank has developed high synergy groups, ready to overcome any challenge through teamwork and creativity. Throughout its history the BMG bank has demonstrated great flexibility and the ability to efficiently adjust to ever changing conditions on the market.

James Dondero, One of the Best Investment Bankers in the World

If there is one person who has greater experience in the field of investment banking then it is James Dondero. He has been actively involved in the field of investment banking for over 30 years managing successful companies in the process. Mr. James Dondero on nexbank is the co founder of Highland Capital Management and currently runs the company’s investment strategies and operations. This is in terms of products for both retail and institutional products. The company currently oversees the management of assets worth more than $20 billion.

He is a graduate of commerce with majors in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia’s Mclntire School of Commerce. He attained the highest honors of Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. In addition, Mr. James Dondero holds the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a Certified Management Accountant.

As a person who deals with huge investments and big corporate clients, Mr. Dondero gives attention to every aspect of the investment process to the last detail. This is because he knows well the responsibility bestowed upon him and his company. That is to provide high standard management service that client’s desire. Mr. Dondero has led Highland Capital Management in facilitating the trading of securities, shares among other services for investors.

Mr. Dondero started his career as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984. He later became the Chief Executive Officer of GIC a subsidiary of Protective Life. Mr. Dondero played a major role in building GIC from its initial state of inception to a company worth over $2 billion, in terms of assets under its management in a period of 4 years. Before then, he managed fixed income funds worth approximately $1 billion for American Express. This was all before establishing Highland Capital specializing in collateralized loan obligations. His company Highland Capital is credited as one of the pioneers to offer this type of service.

Over the course of his career as an investment banker, Mr Dondero has received several accolades and awards. He received the Morning star’s 5-star designation in 2014 for Global Allocation. In the same year, he also received the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities. In addition, he ranked number 1 in Morning star’s Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund also in 2014. These awards have been given to funds that are associated to his management.

Presently, Mr. Dondero serves in the boards of various companies starting with MGM Studios where he serves on the Board of Directors. He also serves on the Board of Directors for American Banknote. Mr. Dondero is the Chairman for the following organizations that include CCS Medical Corporation, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexBank. He is also active in supporting charities that deal with education and public Policy.

Bruce Levenson Journey in Building His Business Career

Known for his philanthropist nature and his business investments, Bruce Levenson on is a well-respected business man and also the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, an NBA team. His experience is drawn from his involvement in the governance of NBA in Hawks where he was sitting in the Board of Governors. He is a daring entrepreneur who has tried his hands on other industries such as telecommunications. He co-founded a communications company known as United Communications Group in the 70’s. Apart from telecommunications, he has also invested in the IT industry and he was one of the founders of TechTarget which is no longer a private company after it was publicly traded through an Initial Public Offer.

Levenson is an American citizen with a Jewish descent. He spent most of his early life in Maryland although later on he moved in pursuit of his college Education. At this point, Levenson did one of the most daring thing that a student can do. He was actually doing a law degree at the Washington University in St. Louis. While in college, Levenson attended his classes during the night so that during the day he was busy trying to make a name in journalism at the Washington Star. His schedule was becoming tighter as the days go by.

In 1977, he decided to move into business and was one of the founders of UGC which was a partnership between him and Peskowitz. Interestingly, the company was started and run in Levenson’s apartment. This was a publishing company and at that time they were only publishing a newsletter called Oil Express. With this news later, they focused on the oil industry and its progress which was a smart move since the industry is a major area of interest for most Americans. As time went by, the company went on to acquire other businesses and eventually it grew rapidly.

Levenson and his long time business partner are today the majority shareholders of the Atlanta Hawks. This is an NBA team of professional players who are stationed at Philips arena. Levenson bought the arena as well. He is a well-known charismatic man with a very compassionate heart and he interacts with people very well. For instance, he and his wife went along with the hawks’ crew to the U.S holocaust Museum in Washington. He was also accompanied by his mother-in-law in this trip and it was a good moment for the family and team as well. As a reward to their reputation in the information sector, Levenson and his partner Peskowitz were put on the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame. This was a while back in the late 90’s. He is a family man and he has a wife and three sons.