Brown Modeling Agency: The Talent Behind Fashion in Central Texas

The acquisition of Heyman Talent – South by powerful Wilhemina Austin has been one of the best decisions taken in the fashion world of Austin, Texas, giving origin to the spectacular Brown Modeling Agency.

At its launch party in Austin, Texas, the Brown Modeling Agency showcases some of its most coveted modeling talents on the runway, featuring the designs of prominent designers like Linda Asaf. From Austin herself, she believes in the great potential that can be developed right here in Central Texas. Agent Justin Brown emphasizes a desire to fulfill the needs of people in Austin who search for the hidden talent of the agency’s fresh faces. Talent Scout Roman Young finds amazing the combination of different looks and flair that can be found at Brown. This event gives a peek at the bright future ahead for the fashion scene in Austin, and it can only get better.

Day by day, the Brown Modeling Agency is a leader in the modeling industry, the world of acting, corporate image and publicity. Its media coverage expands to both print and screen. The grace and confidence of their young talents are some of the most admired, and they are ready to satisfy the demands of all industries including videos, voice-overs, catalogs, conventions, trade shows – promotional and corporate.

The work behind the runways is mostly done by Justin Brown and his team of professionals is arduous and begins with the selection of the best talent that is then molded into real fashion and glam icons who radiate grace, beauty, and esteem.

There are over 450 talents that are professionally led by the Brown Agency to meet the demands of their most demanding clients, like designers, film producers, and businesses who are in search of the right image to identify with the success of their products, creations, and services in an attractive and sophisticated way.

The requests of its clients are satisfied beyond expectations due to the quality of the services offered by Brown Modeling Agency. It is not rare to find the talents walking runways in the most cosmopolitan cities of the United States. Some of the most respected names in the world, like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’Oreal among others, are just a few of the many prestigious companies who have been represented by the models of the Brown Agency.

Justin Brown, president of the Agency, is proud to share that the company is “only as good as [its] talent.” The goal is to reach continuous success. This young entrepreneur had lived in California prior to discovering the great potential found in the talent of Austin, Texas. With focus on near-perfection, the Brown Modeling Agency aims to be one of the most competitive and exquisite in the world of fashion.

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