Sujit Choudhry Constitutional Law Expert of Canada


Sujit Choudhry is an expert in constitutional law. He recently wrote about the year 1989. The year 1989 was a very important year in human history. Before 1989 there were many countries in the world that did not have the right to self determination. Many countries in Eastern Europe were in this situation. These countries could make some decisions on their own but these decisions could be overridden by another country called the Soviet Union. In 1989 this began to change for these countries. These countries began to demand for independence and self determination. They wanted to be come independent states. There was an emerging idea that countries should not have the right to pursue goals in a unilateral way and use military power to accomplish this.

Sujit Choudhry has an online service called Choudhry Law. He has obtained law degrees from such learning institutions as Harvard, Oxford and Toronto. He is a Rhodes Scholar. At one time Sujit Choudhry was a law clerk for Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada. The Bar of Ontario accepted him in 2001. For almost 20 years he taught at the University of Toronto, UC Berkeley and NYU.

Sujit Choudhry has studied the constitution of Canada and has become an expert in this field of study. He has written and published working papers, chapters of books, over 100 articles and various reports. He has studied the constitutional Law of Canada and has written about many parts and aspects of it. He works with many different types of clients such as private corporations, Law firms, associations in the trade industry, agencies in the public sector, government committees and others. He also has addressed constitutional issues in many areas including energy, education, agriculture, gaming, the environment, healthcare, national security and other areas.

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Alastair Borthwick: A Veteran Journalist and War Historian

Alastair Borthwick is a renowned author, war historian and also a journalist. He is famous for writing appealing novels. Besides writing novels, he played a key role during and after the world war II. As a writer he focused his publications on depicting the mountaineering in Scotland. He wrote about World War II based on hill climbing perspective.

Alastair Borthwick was born in Troon, Ayrshire and later relocated to Glasgow when he was eleven. His careers kicked off at an early age of 16 years. At 16, he joined Evening Times as a copytaker and later climbed the ladder to be promoted to Glasgow Weekly Herald. It was in this organization that Alastair discovered mountaineering. After hearing about the adventurous activity, he became addicted to it. After analyzing the stories featured in the paper, he used some of the materials to write “a little further.”

During that moment there was a high rate of unemployment in Scotland. Many people especially the youth turned up to take the activity as leisure, Alastair being one of them. He later went to London in 1935 for the daily mirror. He spent a year in London and later left to run a press club. After some years, he joined the BBC. He found himself majoring in radio broadcasting. It was during a BBC interview when he mentioned to his reporter James Fergusson that he had been spending his weekend climbing hills.

In his broadcasting, he realized his contribution and passion for mountaineering. Listeners were overwhelmed by his show and described him as a talented speaker. He participated in mountaineering in Scotland during the war effort against Germany. He served with gratitude and was able to rise to the rank of a captain. He served as an intelligence officer in the battalion.

Alastair Borthwick was a brave war leader who led 600 men in the dark behind their rivals. He was responsible for capturing where their enemies were by interpreting maps and air photos. His post was delicate since he was responsible for the safety of his fellow soldiers. Despite the pressure on his job, he succeeded to navigate his battalion safely. After this event, he realized that nature would pay off one day.

What’s There To Say About “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn is best known for his acting career, while some are aware he also has directed, written and produced. Less known is his philanthropic work and rebellious attitude and actions toward certain unfortunate realities of the mainstream world. However that is what he would prefer to be known for now. Penn is tossing aside his Academy Awards and picking up the pen to turn his attention toward being an author. Already publishing his first book in March which is, perhaps ridiculously, titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” it is hard to ignore the new waves he is intent on creating.


The premise of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is far from the mundane inanity the title suggests, which is sort of the whole point of it. Sean Penn is fed up with the way things are going in the world and especially with this country at the helm. One of the characters in his book rather clearly but mockingly resembles President Donald Trump, who is known as the landlord with cotton candy hair. The star character of the book, not surprisingly, is apparently representative of Penn himself. Some of the details are a bit far-fetched but his heart is in the right place. Bob Honey is a contract assassin for the government in the book, but his day job is as a septic-tank salesman. Even his role as a contract killer is an odd one as his main target is elderly people who are said to use up too many resources and his weapon is a mallet which he must hit them over the head with. The elderly people are meant to represent big businesses and old corporations that take too much without giving back.


There are many jabs and stabs and mallet whackings going on in this unbelievable book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” and Sean Penn is apparently cooking up another book soon. One can only imagine what will reside on the pages of his next masterpiece. If his acting and varied movie career is any indication his career as an author will not be fleeting. He certainly has the passion, and seems to have piqued interest, but the question of how sustainable this attitude and daring commentary can be is up for debate. As long as the books fly off the shelves and his audience is content to grow with him off the screen, continued success is inevitable. That is granting he stay alive to engineer and enjoy it.

Sean Penn Adds to His Legacy With “Bob Honey Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn is no stranger to controversy, and he’s made a conscious decision with his debut novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” to remain controversial.

As soon as snippets of the book released online, people were either delighted or appalled. It’s a novel that takes chances, exploring themes about our complicated society, and the way Americans prefer to keep things simple, usually without success. The thing Penn is bemused by, is how people assume that his fiction is in actuality, fact.

“I think, we’re in a sad state where fiction is attributed to opinion…where fiction can’t be just read as it is.” Penn said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is about a middle-aged serial killer who’s a jack of all trades. He’s done it all, including selling septic tanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses, to assassinating the elderly for pay. It’s a bizarre book about the warped time we live in, and if taken in that context, people will find it thought provoking and entertaining. His writing style is being compared to the great Terry Southern and to Thomas Pynchon. Neither of those authors are lightweights, which is a good clue as to the quality of this book.

Sean Penn has written fiction before, using film as the medium to tell his stories. The difference now is he’s doing it on his own. Chafing at collaboration with other artists, a necessity in the film industry, he loved the experience of working alone. In his own words he was “not enjoying playing well with others as much as I used to.”

Now 57 years old, Penn is moving into a more solitary phase of his life, and is concerned about the legacy he leaves behind. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a welcome addition to his body of work.

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Adam Milstein Explains Israeli –American Relations and Roots

Today, more than half a million of Israeli-Americans reside in America. Being a pivotal component of America’s growth, these people contribute to social activism, culture, innovation, and academia. Consequently, an organization called the Israeli American Council (IAC) was created to serve these people. Its effectiveness and success is attributed to its focus to organize and engage the Israeli-American society.

Background Data

Headed by a board of directors, Adam Milstein is the head cheerleader of IAC. Recently, he wrote an article on how the organization has successfully managed to remain relevant in the community when its competitors are struggling to maintain a stable footing in an industry full of expenses and a tight budget to maintain.

IAC’s Objective

According to Mr. Milstein, the focus of IAC is to identify the Israeli community residing in America. This has been achievable through his lecturers on the identity of his people. What is more, Mr. Milstein has concentrated his lessons on the benefits him, and his people give to Americans.

Rapid Growth of IAC

Concerning the rapid growth of IAC, Mr. Milstein has said that the organization thrives on two major secrets. The first secret is the character while the second is the love for Israel and its roots. From the two perspectives, it is clear that Adam Milstein is committed to making sure that Israeli-Americans maintain their identity.

Personal Profile

Adam Milstein is a renowned real estate investor who hails from Israel. Also a philanthropist, he works at Hager Pacific Properties.

Additional Information

Adam Milstein is the first-born child of Mr. Hillel Milstein and Eva Temkin. He grew up in Haifa then later Kiryat Yam. In 1971, Mr. Milstein worked for the Israeli Defense Forces. This contributed to him landing a position to serve in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. During that war, he fought under Ariel Sharon. He also participated in the encirclement of the third army of Egypt.


From then on, Adam Milstein joined Technion University for a degree in Bachelor of Science. He also pursued business as well as economics. While in school, he worked with his father in developing a real estate business. Perhaps his passion for real estate can be traced from that moment in his life.