Unroll.Me is Helping People with Emails

Several years ago, technology experts made a great invention. After working exceptionally hard, the experts came up with an email, a tool that could be used to pass information from one person to the other, regardless of the location of the individual. What many people loved about the email is the fact that it is very fast, official and at the same time very effective tool to use. The cost of sending emails for most companies is minimal compared to any other in the market at the moment. Emails are used for so many activities in the market at the moment. There are thousands of companies that use this platform to market their products and communicate with their customers who are in various destinations. This tool has so many benefits, but it has its share of troubles to the people who are receiving it. Unroll.Me, however, has come in the market to solve the problem that has been brought by the email.

So many companies sent emails to their subscribers during the day and even at night. For the people who lack enough time to read all the emails that come their way is not possible. One young man discovered that answering his calls was becoming challenging each day. With so many emails from companies from numerous companies, this businessman could not read emails that had important information. Replying to the official emails become a thing of the past. His workmates and friends would always ask why the young man was not replying to the emails they were sending. The businessman started to look for a way to handle all the emails that were coming from marking platforms so that he could have access to the important emails. His primary goal was to be able to notice when the important emails came in so that he could reply to them with the urgency needed. Unroll.Me was founded to make this a reality. The startup has been in the limelight in the recent years because it has offered people the kind of assistance they were looking for. Unroll.Me is easy to use, and it has just redesigned to give consumers the best service.


Digital 8: The Best Digital Tools For Democratic Campaigns

If you have ever ran a political campaign, and chances are you realize that you must have all political tools at your disposal. This would include such things as digital tools. What do you think of when you ponder the idea of digital tools? When you have an effective Democratic political campaign, it will begin and end with effective marketing strategies. This is why you need to give Digital 8 some serious consideration.


Why Digital 8? Well, simply put, they have the best political strategies for your campaign. From the moment you sign up with them, you will have a team of experts that will be dedicated to selling your image in the best light possible. Consider the following advantages when going with Digital 8:


You will be able to raise more money and drum up more action for your candidate.


Digital 8 Believes in progressive causes and they have a dedicated framework to promote your candidate and your cause. They will do this through email, newsletters, and the right timing with social media promotion as well.


Digital 8 and NGP Van also offer an extensive targeted email campaign.


With NGP Van and Digital 8, You will be able to deliver targeted email to all of your subscribers. You will be able to build on your following for your candidate because these emails offer the ability to join the newsletter with just one click. Subscribers can donate with a click-of-a button as well.


With NGP Van, you can work SMARTER, not HARDER.


Digital 8 also has a platform that is tailored to every supporter giving history. the computer simulations can be modeled based on how the supporter has given in the past, saving volunteers time and energy that they can devote to promoting the candidate and making better use of their time. All things being equal, there’s simply no digital tool out there that is better for Progressive and Democratic candidates than NGP Van and Digital 8.


We’ll see you at your candidate’s victory speech!

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How ClassDojo Leads the way in the New Edtech Movement

One of the latest trends in technology is referred to as edtech, which is an abbreviation of the phrase educational technology. This type of technology is most desirable when it helps educators solve the type of problems that actually exist in today’s classrooms. One of the leading forces in this new technology movement is an application known as ClassDojo. The ability this app has to help teachers make better connections with their students, has helped create more positive atmospheres inside classrooms. ClassDojo goes beyond the traditional gaming programs designed to engage a student’s awareness, to where it actually encourages them to become active participants within their classrooms.

The new wave of edtech companies strive to create tools that have practical applications for the classroom. The ClassDojo app not only creates better avenues of communication between students and teachers it also allows parents to connect with their child’s daily classroom activities. The interaction between parents and teachers using this app is instantaneous, which is a feature that helps bridge the gap of time between parent-teacher conferences. As an educational application, ClassDojo is now found in 90 percent of K-8 elementary schools within the United States.

Creating a tool for use in the classroom is not the end of the process involved in edtech. These new applications need to be fully tested under the conditions teachers work in to ensure they provide usable solutions. The ClassDojo app empowers teachers by placing all of their communication tools at their fingertips. It also comes with a feature designed to give students their own voice through the use of photo and video sharing. Teachers also have the ability to share stories and photos of actual classroom events and student participation.

Making sure the needs of students are being met within the classroom has become a community effort. The ClassDojo app aids in creating community connections, which enables everyone to have more input into the entire educational process. This aspect includes the ability teachers have to connect with principals and other key educational personnel at any time to receive the type of assistance needed for activities such as student transfers or parent services.