Betsy DeVos Sets Sights On REAL Education Reformation

To her critics, Betsy DeVos has always been a symbolism of the super rich having too much power. That hasn’t been the case with DeVos, however. She has said in many interviews that students come first, and they are her first priority. When you look at her policies, she has tried to make policies that allow students more choices, and it’s given families in poor neighborhoods a chance at a better school.


One of the main things under Betsy DeVos’ platform is that students would have a choice where they go to school. This has been an outrage to public school administrators and teachers who say that this means DeVos is pushing students towards private choices, instead of public systems. DeVos has called this idea ridiculous as she simply wants students to have the best options for schooling that they can receive.


Rome wasn’t built in a day either. DeVos has to deal with several other policies stemming back to the 1980s. For example, standardized testing still determines how much funding certain schools will receive. If students score poorly on standardized tests, the school will receive less resources from public funding. This has led to many schools in poorer districts receiving less and less funding, even though it would help with teaching supplies, additional instruction modules, and modern books that would help score higher grades on tests.


However, DeVos believes that students should be able to get into programs where they are happy, and they should be able to do so right now. There are so many programs besides private schools and charter schools that are available for students. They can now choose to go into magnet programs, where they can learn about music, law, or business. Many of these programs are college preparatory and allow you to take credits in high school. These magnet programs are apart of DeVos’ educational choice program.


While private schools and charter schools receive a lot of the attention, DeVos has said that these programs receive funding from philanthropy. She has a few donors who are helping to support these educational choice opportunities. Bill gates is one of the many donors who has supported charter schools since the beginning. Mark Zuckerberg and Sam Walton have also joined in on the cause.


Educational reform is a polarizing topic in the United States, but it’s clear that no one is on the same page except for Betsy DeVos, students, and their parents. Families are now able to send their kids to better schools online as well. If a student doesn’t want to attend a certain school because they are afraid of the campus or don’t want to take classes at failing programs, they can choose to get into online programs that are also free in certain states, such as Florida and Louisiana.


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