A Detailed Focus on the operations and Technology of NuoDB

NuoDB is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based database company that was established in 2008. Its technology is an elastic SQL database that is meant for cloud applications. NuoDB boasts of an SQL compliant database that is referred to New SQL.

NuoDB has an object architecture that operates in the cloud. As such, the addition of a new server in a bid to scale-out the database causes it to run faster. The cloud database does not only scale out with sharding but also spreads out tasks among some processors to prevent bottlenecks of data. Additionally, it utilizes peer-to-peer messaging in an attempt to connect tasks to modes


Jim Starkey, a successful database innovator and architect, is known for being the first to envision NuoDB in 2008. Together with Barry Morris, an enterprise software executive, they launched NuoDB in 2010. The important part of the founders’ vision for NuoDB involved the idea of creating a database that boosts the ability of SQL to handle multiple problems related to cloud computing and the increment of global application deployments.


In 2015, Gartner recognized NuoDB as a visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. Since NuoDB’s inception, it has received funding from various investors including Longworth Venture Partners, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Morgenthaler Ventures and Dassault Systemes.


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