A Biography of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is a computer scientist from France and also a founder of blockchain technologies. He was born in France but at the age of 14, Belamant and his family migrated to South Africa and was therefore forced to learn English as a language other than French. He joined the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to study engineering but switched to computer science with applied mathematics in his second year. He later transferred while in his third year, to the University of South Africa, to study information systems and later went on to become the founder of numerous cryptocurrencies.


Belamant entered the workforce at the age of 22 and started his career journey at Matrix, a civil engineering company. He developed his first cryptosystems while working in IBM computers and cyber computers, an application that analyzes the water levels of dams to help predict as well as prevent future occurrences of drought. Belamant’s notable methods with computers did lead to advancements in digital mapping as well as statistical methods. He also created graphic interfaces to improve analysis of road network.

Serge Belamant later joined SASWITCH and became the leader of the IT division. He invented an ATM switch for banks running on hardware that was fault-tolerant and parallel processing systems. He also developed a Point-of-Sales system running on a X.25 network of interconnected workstations. In 1989, Belamant left SASWITCH.

Serge Belamant then founded Net1 Technologies upon his first achievements, the Funds Transfer System. With his company, he created a visa’s security feature against fraud and misuse of credit as well as verification of personal identification numbers.

Belamant later created Zilch Technology Limited in 2018 at London which focuses on his inventions. Serge Belamant is currently very active in the company where he invents more and more blockchain technology to promote crypto currency.


Belamant was named the analyst of the year 1980 as well as 1982. He is taken to be among the founders of blockchain technology with a well-known reputation in the world of Information and Technology. He was also a member to the RSA Computer Society. Read more on https://www.mylife.com/serge-belamant/


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