Sujit Choudhry Constitutional Law Expert of Canada


Sujit Choudhry is an expert in constitutional law. He recently wrote about the year 1989. The year 1989 was a very important year in human history. Before 1989 there were many countries in the world that did not have the right to self determination. Many countries in Eastern Europe were in this situation. These countries could make some decisions on their own but these decisions could be overridden by another country called the Soviet Union. In 1989 this began to change for these countries. These countries began to demand for independence and self determination. They wanted to be come independent states. There was an emerging idea that countries should not have the right to pursue goals in a unilateral way and use military power to accomplish this.

Sujit Choudhry has an online service called Choudhry Law. He has obtained law degrees from such learning institutions as Harvard, Oxford and Toronto. He is a Rhodes Scholar. At one time Sujit Choudhry was a law clerk for Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada. The Bar of Ontario accepted him in 2001. For almost 20 years he taught at the University of Toronto, UC Berkeley and NYU.

Sujit Choudhry has studied the constitution of Canada and has become an expert in this field of study. He has written and published working papers, chapters of books, over 100 articles and various reports. He has studied the constitutional Law of Canada and has written about many parts and aspects of it. He works with many different types of clients such as private corporations, Law firms, associations in the trade industry, agencies in the public sector, government committees and others. He also has addressed constitutional issues in many areas including energy, education, agriculture, gaming, the environment, healthcare, national security and other areas.

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The skills of Marc Beer

Marc Beer works at Renovia. It is a health company that deals with innovative operations to improve health. From the scientists, he has worked with and the many successful projects he has handled, Marc believes that the perceptions of people towards success are what define their destination. When one has a wrong perception about their abilities, they might keep putting themselves down, and this may render them unable to do what they have the potential of doing. A negative perception also causes downfalls throughout the tenure of a company’s operation. It makes executives consider them to be low and n worthy to administer the rest. It is good to have a good ego about oneself. Believing in oneself brings more determination to spearhead operations in all sectors fearlessly.

 People who like to be leaders should never have the trait of forwardness. With cowardice as a leader, the team following may also gain a lot of fear to face whatever is to come. Besides, cowards usually fall or traps that can never make them get to any place that they dream of in life. It may make their competitors learn their weaknesses quickly and overtake their companies. Coward leaders always bring downfalls to a venture. Brave people like Marc Beer have always stood firm to anything that they want to accomplish. Even when the intensity of the challenges they are t face too high, he is always sure that he will find a way to cope with it. For instance, in his medical testing procedures with scientists, Marc has never felt the need to find an outside party to help him endure any pain that he may experience in case his experiments fail. He places everything in his hands and that of the scientific experts knowing that he can deal with every outcome he might end up facing. He believes that this is the reason that he has acquired a lot of breakthroughs in the manufacture of medicines. 

Marc Beer also dislikes working with people who have subjective thoughts about everything. There is always a good aspect that may come out of everything, whether it is good or not. Even when he is not sure of the transparent properties of his methodologies, he goes on to try and test them know what he needs to change or add in the latter for greater results. Learn more:

Marc Beer insists that even at times when people set goals to guide people on what they want to achieve, they must not put a lot of attention to them. Everyone should place their attention on the progress of a venture rather than the objectives set. If the progress in the business is bad or low, it is possible that the company will not achieve any meaningful goal that it sets. Besides, most objectives are usually achieved and going well if the progress of the company is going on as expected. When people note problems in their ventures, they should try to find out their causes. If the management is the problem, then the entire committee should be abolished and another one set.

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Seymour Segnit

Seymour Segnit’s Creative Approach to Customer Problems

There are several fundamental tenets common to businesses. Finding an audience, the 80-20 rule, providing value are among these. It’s this last one, however, that Seymour Segnit, CEO and founder of MAGFAST, came to understand as highly relevant while working at a photo lab.

Although Segnit had already studied engineering at Oxford University and worked at the ad agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather, he learned that these pursuits didn’t match his direction in life.

Seymour Segnit took on work running ski hills and resorts as a way of regrouping and redirecting. While there, he helped the on-site photo lab create large prints for skiers to take home with them. Photographers would shoot photos during the day and skiers would come down and choose among the negatives and have them enlarged.

However, since photo development required a lot of film handling at the time, scratches in the negatives would sometimes show up in the prints. Most photo labs might simply write it off as an unavoidable mishap, especially because of the $50 cost per print, due to the photographers’ time spent sitting in the snow. Go To This Page for additional information.

But since paper costs were much lower, the photo lab offered two prints for the price of one. This mattered to the skiing customers. It meant the photo lab hadn’t simply dismissed the problem as due-process and handed the prints over. Most customers were impressed with the offer and agreed to buy the prints.

This level of attention to problem-solving stuck with Seymour Segnit as he continued in other ventures over the next 30 years. Seymour Segnit engaged in several occupations, including radio broadcast work at Capital FM, corporate communications and promotions work for Virgin Atlantic’s new London to Johannesburg flights and involvement in Silicon Valley, where he co-founded a $25 million startup. Throughout this time, Seymour Segnit never lost the chance to bring his tenet of over-and-above customer service to whatever he did.

The same is true for his 2017 launch of the MAGFAST wireless charging system, which took the concept of Qi wireless technology further by providing a unifying magnetic assembly system for a variety of purpose-dedicated chargers. View Related Info Here.

Internet marketing and technology are ubiquitous business topics these days, but Seymour Segnit already learned the importance of applying creative customer solutions well beforehand.


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Meet Mike Nierenberg: New Residential Corp. Head

Financial services companies can’t be successful without insightful and competent leaders to identify opportunities in the real estate investment trusts. New Residential Investment Corp is one of the REITs who leverages ingredients such as flexible capital, industry insight, and fundamental business relationships to take advantage of opportunities which comes with residential mortgage loans.

New Residential Investment Corp. is headed by Mike Nierenberg, a highly successful executive member in the business. New Residential Corp. focuses on investments in residential mortgage backed securities, excess mortgage servicing rights, residential mortgage loans as well as other opportunistic investments. Any one in the business can tell you that if you don’t trust your natural instincts, you will probably fail.

New Residential Corp. targets assets which generate long-term cash flows. Without Mike Nierenberg, the firm would not have been where it is now. Prior to New Residential, he served at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as managing director as well as head of global mortgages as well as securitized products. Michael Nierenberg Bear Stearns headed JP Morgan’s Global Securitized Products. Mr. Nierenberg also worked at Bear Stearns for 14 years holding various senior leadership positions. He joined the Board of Directors of Bear Stearns in 20006. He also worked at Lehman Brothers to build the adjustable rate mortgage business of the company.

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Barbara Stokes: Housing with Heart

Barbara Stokes and her husband Scott of Huntsville, Alabama began Green Structure Homes in 2011. GSH is a company that is both future-focused and driven by a need to alleviate suffering due to lack of or loss of housing. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Barbara Stokes’ company is now a manufacturer of green, eco-friendly modular housing. She has stated that her work with FEMA made her aware of many ways safety in modular homes could be improved.
Besides working with FEMA, Barbara Stokes’ company, GSH, has worked extensively with Habitat for Humanity. Their work is aimed at serving the housing needs of those who are low-income and cannot find sustainably-priced housing.


Barbara Stokes’ time working with Habitat for Humanity has given rise to numerous innovations such as containerized units. These units meet all federal regulations but are available to those in need more quickly and affordably than other options of the past.

Barbara Stokes and her company are leading the way in Huntsville and beyond providing people in need with housing as well as housing innovation. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Prevagen: Brian Enhancement for the ages

It’s a wonder how any 90 year old person can complete a marathon. One could say this is an exceptional experience in that you don’t see this quite often.

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We learn that age has no limits and with the human body, almost anything can be done. It’s within research where the facts are true in that exercising and eating well is the best for longevity.

Prevagan is a dietary supplement known to enhance one’s brain activity and provide the adequate nutrition. Clinical trials have reveal that this small oral pill has helped with memory loss most associated with aging.

Consider these findings:

Cognitive functioning was improved by Prevagan when used for 90 days. The trial was preformed by computer and involved a placebo to ingest.

For those in their 90s and suffering from aging memory loss, each took the pill daily for three months. The study reveled a new measurements of improvements when it came down to memory.

Exercise has always been known to help us think more clearer and take on stress. One study showed that children who took part of some kind of psychical activity during their learning periods appeared to be more attentive in their school work.

Not only were the children getting in better shape, they had few distractions keeping them away from their required studies. The exercise involved bouncing two balls for a mere 10 minutes to get the beneficial effects.

It’s been reported through extensive research that the Prevagan pill does in fact help with memory. Patients experienced increased brain function, a clearer thought process and were sharp in their thinking.

In recent years, a list of studies have uncovered how the relationship between a healthy mind and exercise is beneficial. This has gotten many people off the couch and consider begin more active in their lives. Most studies reveal that exercise plays a vital role when doing preparation for long exams, a one on one interview or tackling creative work.

Our brains have what is called hippocampus which allows us to have a strong reaction to fitness. Whether you are an adult, child or senior who engages in exercise, this brain area will expand.

The base of our abilities to learn and remember things is at the hippocampus’ core. This answers the question on whether cardio fitness improves our cognitive thinking.

While exercise has a profound effect on improving brain function, there is a direct impact that helps with formation of our memories. German researchers discovered that when a person did physical exercise during a learning process, they were more likely to comprehend a foreign language faster.

It only takes a moderate bit of walking for 30 to 40 minutes to give you better agility and coordination.

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Exercise doesn’t have go on for hours to achieve strong cognitive effects to the memory. It makes a huge impact on our brain’s function that helps with balance and preserving our cognitive skills. It’s been suggested one should engage in weightlifting at least two times during the week.

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Alexis Kennedy and the Gameplay Expectations of the Cultist Simulator

Available via STEAM,, Humble, and Google Play, Cultist Simulator is an Alexis Kennedy creation that delves into the world of actions, consequences, mysteries, and gods. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to change the course of your life with the draw of a card? That’s what this fantasy narrative is all about. Your destiny lies in what you pick from your deck—with the help of a few recurring characters.

Cultist Simulator is the kind of game you can play over and over again because every gameplay is unique. Different card combos do different things, so you have ample opportunity to reshape your history and rewrite your future. You could leech off of your disciples for power, summon Lovecraftian gods to gain access to wisdom beyond your years, explore the mysteries of the MANSUS, and find your purpose in dreams.

Gamers are given plentiful opportunities to accomplish their goals through multiple card plays, but every card has a consequence. You have to draw and play with caution. Any card could derail your Cultist simulation at any time. Lost? Restudy the cards you drew to open your mind to clues as to what you should do next.

For PC gamers, Alexis Kennedy made Cultist Simulator compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux. Mobile gamers can play via updated iOS or Android systems.

What You Should Know About Alexis Kennedy, Game Designer Extraordinaire

Weather Factory, a development and design company for indie games, was founded in 2016 by Alexis Kennedy. His works, aside from Cultist Simulator, includes Fallen London and Machine Cares. Kennedy boasts multiple skills in game development, like writing and general creation of inspired concepts. Kennedy is currently working on Book of Hours, a second fantasy narrative game, with Telltale Games. In the past, he has dabbled in creative writing and creative direction with BioWare Games and Paradox Interactive.

Maarten de Jeu: Investing In Commercial Real Estate Might Be A Good Choice For Your Portfolio

There have been a lot of changes taking place when it comes to real estate investments in the last several years. Strategic advisor Maarten de Jeu points out that more opportunities are open for average investors when it comes to commercial real estate thanks to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups. Passed in 2012, it lifted many of the restrictions that small businesses were held to and opened them up to attract investors by offering crowdfunding options that required less capital than more traditional types of investments. The minimum that an individual non-accredited investor can put into these commercial real estate properties that have been pre-selected is just $5,000. This relatively low entry point is one of the things that Maarten de Jeu says makes these opportunities more attractive than they were in the past. Learn more:


Maarten de Jeu points out that the benefits of making this type of investment in commercial real estate are different than other vehicles that people and institutions can place their capital behind. The assets that they are investing in are very specific and not as subjective to changes in the market. There are a lot of different types of real estate that are considered commercial properties and some of these include apartment buildings, warehouses, retail locations, and more. Essentially, if it is going to be used to make a profit it is potentially commercial real estate. Some of the ways that Maarten de Jeu points out that people can get their investment returned when it comes to commercial real estate is through the increase in the value of the property when it is sold and also on the interest that is collected on secured loans.


Diversification of a portfolio is something that Maarten de Jeu and other experts consider important as risk management when it comes to investing. Commercial real estate is just one way that investors can choose to diversify in a way that comes with fewer risks than some other investment choices. The value of commercial real estate tends to always increase faster than the rate of inflation which makes it an investment that is considered low risk according to Maarten de Jeu. Even though the risks are minimal compared to other investment types, there is even still potential for short-term income.


Maarten de Jeu is a multilingual and MBA graduate of Oxford University. He is currently living in Chicago and serving as the Managing Director of SVM Business Advisory, the company that he founded in 2012. Some of the areas that this firm focuses on include financial services, international business, and commercial real estate. While the company is headquartered in Chicago, the business network that they have includes Europe, Asia, and North America. He is also the founder of SpeakUp, a European company that helps with compliance and ethics issues with public companies. Along with English, the entrepreneur and expert in finance also speak Dutch, German, and French. Some of the areas that he focused on during his education include management accounting, corporate finance, and macroeconomics.

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