Organo Gold and Diverse Coffee Flavoring

People don’t ever have to make guesses about flavors and coffee drinks. That’s because they can look to the professionals at Organo Gold of Ferndale in cool and serene Washington State. Bernardo Chua is the man who was intelligent enough to come up with the concept of Organo Gold. His concept has been a hit since about 2008 as well. Follow Organo Gold on

Organo Gold is a business that aids Ganoderma lucidum buffs all around the world. It’s one that aids people all around the world who are enamored by drinks like coffee and tea, too. The Organo Gold staff grasps coffee flavoring.


Finance Professional Clement Perrette Pushes Awareness Of Oceanic Issues


Finance is, for Mr. Clement Perrette, and industry of both great expertise and opportunity. He manages effectively bond fund and important portfolios with his beloved RAM Tactical Funds, and in addition to this he is also involved in that group’s Global Bond Return Fund, which Perrette has the privilege of co-managing. During his decades along the financial sphere’s challenging path, Mr. Perrette has spent a large portion to that, more than 10 years, at Barclays Capital.

Although Clement Perrette has impressed many with his finance resume, it is his other passions that make the professional actually stand out. Specifically, Perrette’s passion for the various lifeforms residing in oceanic habitats has taken up a great deal of Perrette’s time in recent years. Visit This Page for more information.

Being able to leverage Clément’s finance successes to parlay them into philanthropic endeavors for his various ocean projects brings satisfaction to Clement. Among these projects are two types of media. He worked with both a book and a movie to display the truths of various aquatic life and why they necessitate government intervention.

In order to better pursue that government intervention for things like dolphins, coral and whales Clement Perrette is collaborating with some conservationists, as well as some entrepreneurs and volunteers. Part of Perrette’s environmentalism is Call of the Blue, and this book features oceanic photography to showcase Chilean Dolphins, coral reefs, narwhals and also blue whales.

Clement Perrette pursued his Master of Finance degree at HEC Paris, and he earned it in 1990. Later, he had a hand in Barclays taking the lead in EUR rates during the mid-2000s. Recently, one non-profit that Mr. Perrette has linked with is UPROAR, and together they have approached effectively some key environmental concerns. Whether focusing on trading or activism, it appears that Clement Perrette strongly performs.


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Carsten Thiel Is A Successful Leader In The Medical World

Carsten Thiel is a successful leader in his company because he always communicates well with all of those who are involved with it. He spends time with the board each day to keep them up to date with all that is going on and he also interacts with others within the company, including his staff and customers.

Carsten Thiel spends some time traveling and works it out so that he can still have some time with those he needs to meet up with even as he travels. And, he knows how important each person working for his company is and presents his ideas to them so that together they can develop something great.

Carsten Thiel has a good intuition that he uses to do well in his work. He also is constantly asking questions and trying to learn and grow. Carsten Thiel has worked in weight loss marketing and more, and he has learned a lot through his career and the research he has done throughout it. He presented good ideas early on in his career because of his research and he started his career well in doing that. View Additional Info Here.

Carsten Thiel has held several jobs in the medical field, and he has worked for global companies doing big things. He attended college in the UK and is from Germany. He has worked as the CEO of a company and the general manager of another. And he is currently the president of EUSA Pharma, which has a focus on rare diseases and oncology.


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Health care and USHealth Group

USHealth groups have done massive research on how the health of individuals can be improved. They have done research on the products that can be used as some alternative products, for instance, ghee that can be used as an alternative to butter. They have also spread awareness about the products that people were unaware of but these products have a lot of nutrient content in them. For example, they published an article about the chia seeds which are rich in nutrients. They have made the researches interesting by informing people about the history of products and how they have been consumed over the past. More information about UShealth Advisors at The American Business Awards.

USHealth Advisors has not only spread awareness about products but they have also celebrated events like brain awareness week and told us the importance of a healthy brain and how we can keep our organs healthy to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. The brain is the most important organ of the body and we are completely unaware of the functions it has. The brain does all the work of your body, from creating emotions for a situation to punching your desk or laughing with your friends. Dana Alliance was founded in 1993 and they have promised to spread information about the brain in an easy to understand way.

USHealth Advisors has also made people aware of how eating can be healthy and the benefits of healthy eating. They have discouraged the use of unhealthy food as this can be harmful to your health. USHealth Advisors have told us the ways how we can make our dinner easy. We can cook some simple stuff at home that will be good for our health. They also told the people that pizza is very unhealthy for their health because it has a high fat content in it which can cause multiple diseases in the future. Learn More:

The Birth of Privinvest


Iskandar Safa was conceived in 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon. He is the CEO of Privinvest Group. Subsequent to acquiring a degree in Civil Engineering at the American University in Beirut in 1978, Iskandar Safa proceeded to move on from INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France) in 1982 with a Master’s qualification in Business Administration.

Mr. Safa was then engaged with various endeavors, incorporating going through quite a while in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, overseeing development activities. Refer to This Article for related information.

His dad propelled his feeling of open administration as a political pioneer in Lebanon who filled in as the executive of the bureau of the main leader of Lebanon after its freedom from France. As a young, Safa turned into the boss plate hurler of Lebanon and at one point drove the whole Arab nations in this exemplary Olympic game. While his life was upset by the common war and he was by and by injured in the struggle, Safa was resolved not exclusively to succeed, yet to be an innovator in whatever he did. This individual drive would come to characterize Safa’s vocation, his record of structure fruitful, work making endeavors, and his enthusiasm for having a constructive outcome on the planet.

Privinvest is one of the main exclusive shipbuilding bunches in Europe. In the mid-nineties, in what was to turn into his initial phases in the shipbuilding business, he acquired Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN), a shipyard situated in Cherbourg, France.

Privinvest spends significant time in the top of the line and mechanically imaginative boats including maritime and business vessels just as super yachts. The Privinvest Group has cutting edge offices in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Privinvest prides itself on its novel and different range of abilities over its subsidiaries.

The organization was then confronting a sensational modern downturn. However, he turned it around inside two years. It is currently a flourishing undertaking with 400 workers, represent considerable authority in the structure and generation of vessels of up to 70 meters. Find Additional Information Here.

In 2007, Iskandar Safa, in a joint effort with Al Aïn International, shaped Abu Dhabi Mar (ADM). In 2011 Privinvest purchased out its accomplices in ADM. Today, Privinvest is one of the main exclusive shipbuilding bunches in Europe and the Middle East with major maritime and non-military personnel customers around the globe.


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Iskandar Safa of Privinvest and Wealth Tips


Iskandar Safa is one to invest and invest wisely. With companies such as Privinvest, Iskandar Safa will continue to execute with Privinvest to create value for all people involved in the sector and all over the world.

Privinvest builds multiple types of boats. Its customers include navies from around the world, including some of the countries that make up NATO. It also builds commercial watercraft such as those used for shipping and fishing. It also builds superyachts with some of the best in the world having been designed and built in their shipyards

Iskandar Safa of Privinvest knows that many people have a significant issue with managing money in the best way possible. But he also knows that those who must be good stewards of capital when building companies such as Privinvest must stay the course and live wisely. Iskandar Safa knows a key aspect in this equation is that of practicing good general habits that will restore and generate more money.

It is about the ability to take control of your financial future by doing the right things each day. By acting and building each day to meet a vision and realize it over the next days, one can progress and become a better version of themselves each day. The hard part is that of making progress and sticking with it each and every day. It is easy to stop and give up, but builders like Iskandar Safa know that one must be patient and work hard to accomplish their goals. Refer to This Article for related information.

Personal finance and business finance is only complicated if one makes it so in their journeys. Iskandar has found that dedication and discipline will really go a long way in helping people improve. The idea is to stay accountable each day and to keep pushing no matter what happens in life. When one runs a process and sticks to it, they can improve, refine, and get better. Find Additional Information Here.

As such, individuals should first do away with the mentality of everything that happens to them. When one acts in control of their surroundings and their situation, they step up it up to a different level.When one goes from defense mode to offense mode, significant changes can start to take place. It is wise to internalize this principle and to continue to strive for more gains in a given process.

Always keep it simple like Iskandar Safa of Privinvest and focus on the right things each day to make an impact that others can feel.


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Ara Chakerian Expands Access to Healing Depression

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and philanthropist based in San Francisco who has focused his career primarily on healthcare technologies. Chackerian studied at the Florida State University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in marketing. He is currently working to spread awareness of TMS, a treatment that could help psychiatric patients who suffer from major depressive disorders.

When Ara Chakerian and his business partner wanted to expand their experience in building out-patient diagnostic radiology centers, one of their provider partners suggested a treatment method for depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation. According to Chakerian, TMS showed the potential for becoming the third pillar of psychiatry and he wanted to help raise awareness for this type of treatment.

Even though TMS was approved by the FDA in 2008, access to the treatment has not become easy due to difficulties such as limited insurance coverage and hiring technicians. After Ara Chackerian saw the potential that TMS had for helping patients who suffer from medication-resistant depression he used his experience with building out-patient facilities to help expand access to the innovative treatment. Chackerian and his partners have built seven new facilities in the San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento for that very purpose.

Mental illnesses, like depression, are often at risk of being overlooked by those who don’t want to admit that they are suffering. In 1949, the Mental Health America Organization started Mental Health Awareness Month. During this time many organizations sponsor events to help educate the public on the dangers involved with mental illness. On his blog, Ara Chackerian posted an article that listed things a person should do during this time, among the items listed was to share your own experiences with mental illness. By speaking about your illness you may remind others who are suffering that they are not alone.

The Recognition And Education Of Mental Illness

There are a lot of stereotypes around mental illness. To many, the visualization of this type of disease can be way worse than most cases. Depression and Attention Deficit Disorder are far from other truly severe mental illnesses such as Paranoid Schizophrenia and Psychopathy.


In 1944, several persons suffering from various mental illnesses came together to form a support group for those suffering from similar ailments. They named their support group, “We Are Not Alone”. Purchasing a building in 1948, they renamed their group The Fountain House because of the beautiful, flowing fountain that decorated the entrance.


The WHO, or World Health Organization, states that one quarter of the global population suffers from mental illness at some point in their lives. And that one fifth of adults must deal with some type of mental illness each year and teenagers (13-18) have the same issue. In addition to the statistics listed above one in twenty-five adults actively suffer from a serious mental illness.


Over the past decades the Fountain House has done numerous deeds and held many events in the support for and of mental illness awareness and has many avid supporters. One of these supporters is NYC attorney and member of the Board of Directors of Fountain House, Jeremy Goldstein. On the 21st of May this year Mr. Goldstein held an elegant dinner party at the Fountain House featuring a fantastic selection of wines by E. Guigal.


Jeremy Goldstein earned his law degree from the New Your University School of Law. After graduating he joined a law firm in New York then shortly thereafter opened up a firm of his own, Jeremy Goldstein and Associates, LLC. The law firm specializes in corporate governance, executive compensation, and advising compensation committees, management teams and CEOs. Over the past decade Jeremy Goldstein has personally been a part of a large number of some of the biggest corporate transactions. These corporate transactions included those between Goldman Sachs and TPG/ALLTEL, and South African Breweries plc and Miller Brewing Company.


The Legal 500 and the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business list Jeremy as a top lawyer in his field of executive compensation. Mr. Goldstein currently serves on the American Bar Association Business Section as Chairman of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee. Jeremy speaks on matter of corporate governance and executive compensation and has several published works on the same subjects.


Connect with Jeremy Goldstein on LinkedIn.

How Igor Cornelsen Left Engineering To Become a Professional Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor that has made a significant contribution to the Brazil economy over the years. Although he started his academic career as an engineer, Igor developed a knack for finance and switched to economics in his third year in the university. His decision didn’t disappoint because it shaped his future career. The 72 years old financial expert spent his early days in Curitiba, Brazil before heading to Paraná Federal University in 1965 at the age of 18. The university was the best engineering institution at that time.

After going through his education, Igor Cornelsen made a debut of his career in one of the reputable banks. Since the computer and calculator technology hadn’t advanced in those days, the banks preferred engineers that had the expertise in calculating compound rates by applying slide rules. Igor had the knowledge needed for the task. Banks admired his unmatched skills, and he rose ranks to one of the most famous bankers in Rio. During his tenure at Multibanco bank, Igor became a director through his exemplary performance in 1974.

Igor Cornelsen’s outstanding performance at the bank resulted in his promotion to the Chief Executive Officer’s office in 1976. However, his short-lived tenure as the bank’s boss culminated in1978 after the acquisition of the bank by the Bank of America. Igor’s expertise and fame landed him a job at Unibanco, one of the leading investment banks in Brazil. Due to Brazil’s economic crisis that pushed inflation high, Igor left Unibanco for Libra Bank in 1985 that operated under London Investment Bank.

In 1992, Igor Cornelsen left Investment Bank and joined Standard Chartered Merchant Bank together with other workmates from the former bank. He assumed the office of the representative in Brazil and a board member until 1992. Igor started his investment company that offers the same services on an individual basis.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Give Back to Their Ohio Community

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a personal injury law firm in Ohio that has the reputation for being very aggressive in fighting on behalf of their clients. The firm was founded by Rob Nestico when he became involved in a serious accident at aged 15 where the other person was acting negligently. That incident in his life inspired him to create a firm that focused on fighting for the victim and helping them get through their recovery. His goal was to stand up against the insurance companies and fight hard for the clients. His mission has attracted other lawyers that have a similar mind about helping others.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick also enjoys doing other philanthropic activities. They work hard to help the less fortunate kids in their own community. They are involved in working to end hunger in the community and buying clothes for children. They have taken underprivileged kids on shopping sprees to get new clothes. They have also been involved in providing bicycle helmets to 500 local children in order to help prevent injuries through bicycles accidents.

As a firm, they took part in the annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. This activity had more than forty participants and they raised $30,000. The firm raised a total of more than $138,000. They have also been involved in providing a $5000 scholarship to an upcoming college student that is able to come up with a concept for a local campaign directed at teen driving and distractibility.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick continues to do a lot of the charity, but instead of taking that activity worldwide, all of their activity involves local charity. They feel that charity starts at home.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick provides invaluable assistance when working with its clients. Each client receives the assistance from one lead attorney and two paralegals on their cases. This level of help provides for great attention to detail. They bring a lot of experience to the table and have a very aggressive manner when pursuing their client’s rights. They see a lot of success because of how they handle their cases, and insurance companies know this, and many times will not push for the case to go any further.