Betsy DeVos Sets Sights On REAL Education Reformation

To her critics, Betsy DeVos has always been a symbolism of the super rich having too much power. That hasn’t been the case with DeVos, however. She has said in many interviews that students come first, and they are her first priority. When you look at her policies, she has tried to make policies that allow students more choices, and it’s given families in poor neighborhoods a chance at a better school.


One of the main things under Betsy DeVos’ platform is that students would have a choice where they go to school. This has been an outrage to public school administrators and teachers who say that this means DeVos is pushing students towards private choices, instead of public systems. DeVos has called this idea ridiculous as she simply wants students to have the best options for schooling that they can receive.


Rome wasn’t built in a day either. DeVos has to deal with several other policies stemming back to the 1980s. For example, standardized testing still determines how much funding certain schools will receive. If students score poorly on standardized tests, the school will receive less resources from public funding. This has led to many schools in poorer districts receiving less and less funding, even though it would help with teaching supplies, additional instruction modules, and modern books that would help score higher grades on tests.


However, DeVos believes that students should be able to get into programs where they are happy, and they should be able to do so right now. There are so many programs besides private schools and charter schools that are available for students. They can now choose to go into magnet programs, where they can learn about music, law, or business. Many of these programs are college preparatory and allow you to take credits in high school. These magnet programs are apart of DeVos’ educational choice program.


While private schools and charter schools receive a lot of the attention, DeVos has said that these programs receive funding from philanthropy. She has a few donors who are helping to support these educational choice opportunities. Bill gates is one of the many donors who has supported charter schools since the beginning. Mark Zuckerberg and Sam Walton have also joined in on the cause.


Educational reform is a polarizing topic in the United States, but it’s clear that no one is on the same page except for Betsy DeVos, students, and their parents. Families are now able to send their kids to better schools online as well. If a student doesn’t want to attend a certain school because they are afraid of the campus or don’t want to take classes at failing programs, they can choose to get into online programs that are also free in certain states, such as Florida and Louisiana.


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Isabel dos Santos on the Status of Healthcare in Africa

It is common knowledge that healthcare sector around the world is experiencing turbulence due to the emergence of other disorders that have proved very difficult to control. Recent statistics indicate that most of the developed countries are using a significant proportion of their budget to deal with common disorders such as mental problems, cancer, and heart diseases. However, Isabel dos says that Africa is still struggling to deal with some diseases that would have been solved sometimes back. Malaria, Polio, and typhoid are some of the medical disorders that are affecting African kids and the African continent as a whole.

Isabel dos Santos wonders how the content will respond when cancer, mental health disorders, and heart diseases start to make inroads in various African countries. Isabel notes that there is very poor planning when it comes to health aspects in Africa. One of the leading causes of poor health planning is the fact that most of the African countries are still building basic infrastructure. This means that most of the resources are used to build the structures of the country rather than checking on the emerging aspects affecting society. This explains why a significant proportion of the budget goes to other expenses rather than solving the problems in the medical sector.

According to Isabel dos Santos notes that the issue of medication in Africa is complicated by the fact that there is no infrastructure. There are very few medical facilities in a specific region, which means that getting medical attention is always a complex aspect. There are also very few renowned medical experts who have been employed by the government to deal with medical issues across the country. Isabel notes that these trends should change and that more money should be invested in healthcare. On her part, Isabel dos Santos is significantly involved in children healthcare in Angola and other South African countries. She is mostly interested in good health of young kids because they are the future of the African continent. She pays attention to malaria, which is a tropical disease that has had significant impacts on the continent. Isabel notes that the continent should not only focus on infrastructure but also health.

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Steve Richie Positive about Papa John’s Future

Towards the end of 2018, Papa John’s CEO Steve Richie, spoke at a Louisville chamber of commerce luncheon where he openly admitted that his company was going through a rough time. Papa John’s had gone through 14 years of steady growth, but it had gotten to an unprecedented losing streak that led to sales declining and closing of mounting stores.

However, in March 2019, Richie went ahead and stated that the company was enjoying a moment of stability. The CEO was positive that the Company’s future was in good hands, and with time, it would fully stabilize. Richie’s comments happen to be after Papa John’s received $200 million from Starboard Value as an investment. The money provided a much needed financial cushion to a company that was already struggling. The deal also included the addition of new board members and has now brought new life to Papa John’s.

Later on, after Starboard had already invested $200 million, it exercised an option that allowed additional $50 million worth of investment to indicate that the firm had seen some promising results from the first deal.

While trying to rebuild, Papa John’s also brought on board a new public face; Shaquille O’Neal. He is now the company’s spokesman, board member as well as an investor. O’Neal’s deal will see him receive $8.25 million for over three years.

Steve Richie has been working relentless, and with everything so far, the company is building a legitimate turnaround. At Wall Street, Papa John’s share price rose by about 40% starting from February. Richie and his team urge patiency from the investors as the company sets to deliver better sales performance. The big question remains if Papa John’s can turn around pizza sales that declined remarkably by 7.3% in North American restaurants in 2018. Rebuilding does not take a day, but Steve Richie is positive the company will re-establish itself.

Jason Hope Supports SENS Research Foundation By Donating $500,000

Anti-aging is not only significant because of its future usage in cosmetics. The result of anti-aging is also important when it comes to curing diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as healing up cellular and molecular damage. One of the advocates of anti-aging is the SENS Research Foundation, which is also the institute that hosts the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference each year. Jason Hope has been helping the institute for the past years. As a support for the researches of SENS Research Foundation, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the institute. This donation was used to construct additional laboratory at the Cambridge SENS Lab. In one of his interviews, Hope stated that he is pleased to help in the research of the institute.

Also, he is very happy to help an organization which focuses on fighting against degenerative diseases which destroy the body. He also used Alzheimer’s disease and lung disease as examples to point out the importance of anti-aging technology. One of the programs that the SENS Research Foundation developed is the AGE-Breaker. This program learned and utilized how to break down advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. An AGE is a waste that our body creates out of metabolic function and can lead to degenerative processes. According to SENS’ researches, AGE is linked to age-related diseases which include osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

Jason Hope stated how researches for these problems are too little even though the benefits of such researches will be big breakthroughs. That’s why he feels that this area is worth investing to inspire others to also donate. Jason Hope is a known entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an investor and was from Tempe, Arizona. he attended Arizona State University for his degree in Finance. After that, he continued to further improve his skills by getting an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope currently resides at Scottsdale where he oversees some of his businesses and projects. He is also a passionate believer in technology and is one of the people who believe that the Internet of Things is the next big technological breakthrough in the near future.

Barbara Stokes

When Barbara Stokes began her interest in stem related fields she then decided to achieve her undergraduate degree over in Mercer University. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

She obtained her undergraduate degree back in 2000. While Barbara Stokes was beginning her journey towards choice of career she studied Biomedical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Technical Communication, Physics and several other subjects she came to understand while she studied at Mercer University.


Her hard work and pure determination to gain the skills needed to get to where she is today has helped her become the owner of Green Structured Homes over in Alabama area. Prior to working for Green Structured Homes Barbara Stokes had worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing. Her jobs there entailed in securing government contracts and the knowledge she had gained here was able to be used towards Green Structured Homes. Back in 2017 due to Barbara Stokes hard work and leadership skills, this company was able to win a $28.5 million dollar FEMA contract. Read more at Business Insider.


Luke Lazarus is Giving Hope to New Startups

Starting a business is becoming a scary affair. No one is willing to take the risk anymore. Luke Lazarus, however, has taken the bull by its horns, and he is helping investors to venture into this market and emerge successful. Most of his clients are happy with their new investments. The business consultant uses his expertise in the market, ensuring that new businesses thrive in the tight market.

After serving in the competitive market for a long time, the leading consultant realized that new entrepreneurs were bound to fail because they could not solve the problems coming their way. With his guidance, however, these newbies are navigating this market and making significant amounts of profits.

No one has to be stuck and poor just because their new business did not make any profits. After contacting the consultant, these entrepreneurs can relax and wait for results.

How Luke Lazarus Helps his Customers

When a new client visits the financial consultant, the first thing they are given is business plan. An executive who is experienced in the modern market can only do developing this plan. When this is complete, the next step is creating a success story for the stakeholders and the customers. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Inspirery and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO

This story, according to Luke Lazarus, means a lot for the business. The company story must also match with the products from the firm. When a modern business has accomplished this simple goal in business, then the chances of failing in the market are very few.

Many startups collapse before their fifth birthday in the market. Luke Lazarus has the solution to troubled firms. After approaching the consultant, the business owners can conduct market research and give positive results their company needs.

Luke Lazarus takes time to identify every customer influence features and the demand for the product in the market. By not leaving anything loopholes, he makes sure that the client startups stand on their feet and give the best profits.

Why Luke Lazarus loves helping people to reach their dreams in business

In modern times, there are many experts with all the skills needed by startups. However, these individuals are not ready to spend their time helping others. Luke Lazarus decided to take on this mission after observing the kind of frustration entrepreneurs were going through.

Luke Lazarus believes that no investor has to go through the tough market and end up with losses just because they did not have someone to hold their hand and show them direction.

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Expert From James River Capital Gives Funding Advice For Startups

James River Capital has had a great deal of success with their methods of creating rather than competing. Founder Paul Saunders recently gave other entrepreneurs some advice on how to be successful when it comes to funding. There are many options for funding that you can try for your own business and if the first one fails you can try another one. The type of resources that you will need will vary based on the type of company that you are trying to create. 


One of the ways that entrepreneurs can fund their startups is through seeking venture capital such as the type that is sometimes offered at James River Capital. When choosing this option, it’s important to be prepared for pitching your idea to your potential investors. With the large amounts of money that venture capitalists invest, they want to know that you have a detailed and viable business plan. When investing in startups, venture capitalists choose companies that they think can provide them with a good return on their investment fairly quickly. Traditionally, within five to seven years they hope to make at least three times what they have put into the company.


One of the newer ways that entrepreneurs are funding their projects is known as crowdfunding. With this route, many people give money for your project, usually through an online service like Kickstarter, and they are not expecting to have the money that they have given returned to them. In many cases, the campaigns will offer items like t-shirts or the ability to be one of the first people who get the product.


The independent investment firm James River Capital offers its clients commodity trading as well as hedge funds. The company was founded in 1995 by Kevin Brandt and Paul Sanders and is based in Richmond, Virginia. The asset classes that James River Capital focuses on include equity strategies, fixed income arbitrage, managed futures trading, corporate credit, and more. Paul Saunders currently serves the company as Chief Executive Officer and its affiliated companies. Paul Saunders earned a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago, respectively. He is also highly involved with philanthropic efforts alongside his wife, Vicki. Recently, they created the Saunders Family Foundation, an organization that supports other foundations dedicated to charity. Learn more:

JHSF/Jose AuriemoNeto – A Reputable Property Development Firm

JHSF/Jose AuriemoNeto – A Reputable Property Development Firm

JHSF is a property development company in Brazil and its CEO and Chairman is Jose Auriemo. Founded in 1972, JHSF has a team of experienced professionals and is well recognized around the world. JHSF has been developing and managing high end properties for a long time and has an established history of assembling a high-quality team of development professionals. If your thinking of getting involved in property development or a related field then you need to understand what’s required to reach your goal. It is imperative to have a thorough knowledge of the processes and steps before committing your finances into any deal. It is crucial to get help or learn from the experience of those who have been in the field for a long time and can provide reliable guidance.

Jose Auriemo has great expertise in the field and executes on the most promising opportunities. Many property developers and real estate professionals in myriad sectors turn ton José Auriemo for help with their complex projects. He has a good understanding of the industry and can come up with development strategies that work effectively in various situations. As a highly knowledgeable top real estate professional, Jose Auriemo takes steps to ensure that the business will flourish successfully. He has managed many projects, including complex ones and is fully aware of what works and what obstacles need to be expected and overcome along the way.

Every development professional or team needs to have access to the right resources to be able to achieve a successful result in this field. Jose Auriemo and his team work towards making JHSF one of the largest and most successful developers of first-class real estate properties. They are well equipped to address development issues and ensure a great outcome. Experienced developers are aware that real estate or property development projects require a huge capital base and are not something to be taken lightly. That is why Jose Auriemo and the team at JHSF have perfect plans and systems in place for a steady flow of cash from a variety of reliable sources, including private investors and lending institutions.

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Jingdong and Prada Group form Partnership is making waves with a new partnership with Prada Group which authorizes Jingdong to open a flagship store on its website. As part of the agreement, will also be opening stores on its website for Miu Miu and Car Shoe. Prada Group reported double-digit growth in 2018 for its online business and the company is planning to build its online presence for all of its subgroups, making this an important part of Jingdong’s digital strategy for the Chinese Market. Jingdong made the move during its annual June 18th shopping festival, a celebration of its company’s founding wherein consumers receive a multitude of exclusive offers and promotions. During this time, has more than 90 percent of its key brands launching new items this year.

According to Kevin Jiang, President of International Business at JD Fashion and Lifestyle, “International brands are increasingly recognizing the power of JD when expanding into China’s burgeoning luxury market…” Farfetch also launched a flagship store during the festival giving JD the ability to offer more than 3,000 brands through Farfetch’s network. For premium members through the JD Plus program, consumers also get exclusive privileges at 15,000 high-end hotels around the world which is a milestone for Jingdong; giving them the ability to offer benefits outside of China for the first time.

With new technology driving improved logistics, Jingdong is also providing more than 90 percent of its fulfillment center orders the same- or next day, which is, along with smart customer service robots, the key to improving the company’s customer experience. During the festival, JD’s service robots resolved nearly twenty-nine million customer service inquiries independently. This level of customer service with technology alone has allowed human employees to remain dedicated to more complicated inquiries. All in all, is looking to continue expanding its online presence, driving new customer experiences, and instituting new supply chain and logistics technologies.

Dick DeVos and His Decades of Philanthropic Commitment

When Dick DeVos picks up the phone, things tend to happen. Good things for southwestern Michigan and beyond. Dick and Betsy DeVos have called for positive change — and managed that change — in such areas as education, healthcare, arts and culture, city beautification and other civic causes for decades.


The entire DeVos family — founders of Amway (now called Alticor) — have long made it their responsibility to give back through generous donations of both time and finances. For Dick DeVos, one instance of this nature that had a particularly strong impact was the series of phone calls that begat Grand Action and the positive impact that civic group would make in changing the Grand Rapids skyline for the best.


Grand Action


As Michigan’s second-largest city, Grand Rapids was just starting to follow the pattern of growing pains suffered by its much larger sibling city on the other side of the state. Detroit’s downtown had slowly been hollowed out by the withdrawal of landmark entities to the suburbs. For instance, the Detroit Lions’ new home, the Silverdome, had gone to Pontiac. The Palace of Auburn Hills, home of the NBA’s Pistons, the WNBA’s Shock and other Detroit teams, had got to, well, Auburn Hills.


That sort of municipal abandonment was due to happen in Grand Rapids, when a leading sports complex and multi-purpose facility got targeted to the ‘burbs.


That’s when DeVos got on the phone and called up other corporate heads, civic leaders and other local leaders. They put together an activist group known as Grand Action, and took just that: grand action to redevelop the city the right way. That sports complex stayed downtown and so did a whole lot of other landmark buildings.


These included Michigan State’s College of New Medicine, the Van Andel Arena, City Market and the DeVos Place Convention Center, among many other developments.


Philanthropic Leadership


It’s not just the city skyline that’s improved under DeVos’s guidance and open checkbook. Through their family foundation and personal funds, Dick and Betsy have donated well over $100 million.


It was Betsy’s passion and commitment for educational advancements (and the family funding that supported that passion) that got her appointed U.S. Secretary of Education, a post she currently holds.


Locally, the DeVoses have founded the highly respected and tuition-free West Michigan Aviation Academy — one of the top-ranked schools in the region. The education-minded power couple also brought to life the Education Freedom Fund, a non-profit organization that makes a private school education available at no cost to thousands of city students who need the aid and the boost in career potential.


Supporting Sky-High Potential


DeVos is also a pilot who has, on occasion, worked his passion into his philanthropic pursuits. For instance, West Michigan Aviation Academy uses the theme as a foundation. Furthermore, DeVos was one of the prime boosters of efforts to get AirTran Airways to extend air routes from Grand Rapids’ Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


That modest victory became much larger when AirTran got bought up by Southwest Airlines. To help keep those air routes, DeVos point-guarded $45 million in upgrades to the existing airport, convincing Southwest to not only stay in in southwest Michigan but to expand its presence.


Perhaps that victory was key to DeVos getting names to the Federal Aviation Administration’s civilian Management Advisory Council.


The DeVos couple have never stopped using their wealth, their passions and their honed leadership skills for the good of communities and individuals. DeVos simply gets it done, and he’s got a whole city to prove the success of his commitment.


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