OSI Industries: Expanding Beyond Belief

To simply get straight to the matter at hand, OSI Industries has become the quintessential food supplier of the 21st century. This company has been establishedsince the early 1900s, and it has been able to dodge all of the industry’s pitfalls to some degree. OSI Industries is a global brand that has factories and facilities in a number of foreign countries. Despite the fact that this food supplier is American-based, it has factories and food processing facilities in Australia, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, Brazil, Hungary, China and many more locations. In Toledo, Spain, OSI has been able to more than double its production in poultry, beef and chicken.

This comes from investing$17 million in a high-capacity production line. This high-capacity production line went from processing 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of meat products in a year’s time. This particular leading food supplier was started by a German-immigrant named OttoKolschowski. During its early years, Otto’s Meat Market supplied its neighboring area with high quality meats. As word began to spread, the company began to take on more business.

After deciding to go into a food wholesaler, the company would change locations and become Otto & Sons of Maywood, Illinois. As of 2019, the company is now headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. It is moves like this, which has helped OSI Industries retain its dominance in the field. Sheldon Lavin is now the CEO of OSI, and he has a specialty in finance. Lavin has truly made a strong commitment to sustainable food production. Thanks to his vision, OSI Industries has brought in copious amounts of cutting edge technologies. What more could anyone ever ask for from a food supplier? OSI Industries is basically setting new trends by outperforming its competition.

OSI Industries Tests New Markets

Treking into a new market is a bold and daring move for any company to make. Often times a new market is necessary for a successful company to compete and remain relevant. Testing out a new market comes with a lot of risks. The cost of labor, production, facilities and any other operating expenses must be understood when embarking on a new market. Doing all of this is rather risky. Ultimately, the biggest risk is not finding success in this new food markets. If the risk pays off well, the company may have found a new market to monetize. OSI Industries is on the verge of testing new markets.

They have experience with testing new food markets. They have been doing this for nearly one hundred years. But the company is not so successful that it is blind to the fact that any risk can go bad. The company takes the risk of moving into new markets due to wanting to meet the demands of their customers and also because they want to be able to reach more people. New markets include new product types, new countries, new price points and new facilities. OSI Industries tests new markets by acquiring smaller brands. These brands allow for them to have more best food products to offer to consumers.

These global food brands allow for them to be able to reach more people. These brands allow for them to have a presence in parts of the world where they have not had a presence before. Since 1909, OSI Industries has always had the dream of moving upwards and reaching their goals. They have always expanded with partnerships and more facilities. They have expanded in the number of employees they hire. Throughout their history, they have never forsaken their truths and morals. These truths and morals remain as the foundation blocks of everything they do. Being transparent, hard-working, honest and caring for the customer has caused them to become a billion dollar company. OSI Industries will continue to take the brazen risks of testing new markets in order to remain a business that understands rewards only come after risks have been taken.

Nicolas Krafft And Career Progression

Nicolas Krafft is the Global General Manager for L’Oreal. He received his MBA in Business Management at the University of Saint Gallen. Proceeding this, his studies continued at INSEAD; where he successfully completed the Corporate General Managers Program. The International Manager joined L’Oreal brands with more than 10 years of experience in the field. His career with the company began as a product manager. He would hold numerous positions before becoming vice president of global development, and then International general manager. Since joining the L’Oreal Company, Nicolas Krafft has led the launch of several new products while assisting in market growth.

Focusing on the essentials is something he attributes to the success of his career. Nicolas has now been with L’Oreal for more than 20 years. He expresses that growing up in Switzerland and his early education in finance has helped shape him. After becoming a product manager throughout Canada, he headed to Germany where he led luxury hair care brands. The various locations he been at during his career has given him insight to working with small and large teams.

The average day for Nicolas Krafft starts early with emails and catching up. He believes that organization is a key component of his daily operations. Keeping a tight schedule, he only goes to meetings that he absolutely has to attend. His work is very demanding and for this reason, he devotes time to his family every chance he gets.

Recently L’Oreal Paris had their fashion and beauty show at the French Capital. The show elaborated on new products and looks for the upcoming year. It is only the second time the event has occurred; and will be held annually. Although the fashion show was open to the general public, many A-listers were in attendance. One of the main objectives of the event was to illustrate diversity and new creative entities. By having this event annually, L’Oreal can continue to expand its market.

Barbara Stokes: CEO, Green Structure Homes

Housing is one of the basic human needs. For that reason, Barbara Stakes has taken it upon her and her husband to develop modern housing units with an aim to impacting positively on the lives of those affected by natural disasters. Green Structure Homes is located in Alabama and specializes in Disaster Relief Construction. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.

Partnership with her Husband

Barbara Stokes believes in teamwork. For that reason, she has partnered with her husband, Scott, in the running of their Huntsville-based business. The duo has worked tirelessly together with their staff in the provision of both public and private housing. Most importantly, they partnered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide shelter to those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Read more at Business Insider.

Green Structure Homes have been dedicated to providing state of the art housing units using contemporary design. Some of the techniques used by the company range from on-site to modular construction. Some of the projects that Barbara Stokes has worked on and delivered successfully include military projects, residential developments, school campuses and the installation of utilities. Indeed, their commitment to providing quality units made them go a step further and incorporate bullet-resistant guard shacks in some of their projects.


Education Background and Career Start

Barbara Stokes graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics in 2001 from Mercer University. Additionally, Barbara also broadened her knowledge in the built environment sector by studying thermodynamics, properties of materials, manufacturing and management and structures. After graduation, she joined the labor market working for Boeing and Pisces Corporation before she decided to try her luck in entrepreneurship.

Learn: https://www.cullmantimes.com/archives/green-structure-homes-alabama-to-be-cullman-s-newest-industry/article_5fc0baef-94dc-5d12-b35f-64a6caa41081.html