Bhanu Choudhrie’s Interest In Entering The Middle East Market

Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian billionaire businessman who is based in the UK. He is the current director of C&C Alpha Group which is a holding company for private investors. Founded in 2002, the company looks after investors who have been in the venture capital business for over three decades. The firm offers consulting services to these investors. He comes from one of the richest families in India who have an estimated net worth of two billion dollars.

His father is well known for arms dealing and donating to Liberal Democrats political party in the UK. Bhanu assists in giving a strategy to do business at C&C Alpha Group to increase its assets and profits. The investment firm focuses on major sectors such as healthcare, real estate, agriculture, aviation, and hospitality. Choudhrie says he looks up to Waren Buffet who is over 80 years and still goes to work every day and making crucial decisions in businesses. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on Twitter.

The C&C Alpha Group has interests in the United Arab Emirates for more than ten years. Bhanu Choudhrie says that UAE is a growing transport economy since it contributes approximately 15% of its annual GDP. The company has an aviation academy that trains pilots who work with the Arabian airlines to improve its performance. He serves as a board member in Atlantic Coast Bank and Citizens Bank.

The school has grown at a high rate because of this and is currently training more than 600 pilots in Sharjah and the Philippines. Bhanu Choudhrie aims at pushing women to do piloting since there are only a few women pilots in the globe. Bhanu feels that there is a market of hotels, especially in Saudi Arabia. Shanti Hospitality Group under C&C Alpha Group is cautious in investing here regardless of having more than 20 hotels around the world.

Bhanu Choudhrie likes to concentrate on the market that he understands the most. This is because of the unpredictability of the marketing trend in the world. He works with an effective management team who evaluate the opportunities in the market and go for the best one. The opportunities are more on the outside but the finances the investors have are limited. He advises the young investors to analyze the market before venturing into it.

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What Edwin Miranda Believes Makes You Successful

Edwin Miranda, the CEO of KOI IXS, believes that the key to success is being bold and passionate. He also believes that making mistakes is an integral part of your success. After all, if you did everything just right, would you ever learn anything?

Perhaps a little misfortune can help shape who we are, and it could help raise the level of our maturity a bit as well. This is why Edwin Miranda talks about maturity coming from those experiences which are life-changing. While we would like to avoid the pain in life and certain trials, they are the key to making us stronger and more mature.

KOI IXS is known for being a performance-driven marketing agency. Business owners want results, but they also want to maintain those good results. This is why Edwin Miranda is so focused on performance. It’s the ability to execute that brings about the changes, and it won’t happen without the right people or tools in their proper place.

His proper place is currently working in global branding. While it sounds like a huge marketplace, he is working with one client at a time to make their brand known all around the world. This is his job. However, he discussed in a recent interview that he can’t do it alone. It’s working with his creative team that makes it all possible.

Having worked with influencers in marketing and branding, he became passionate about watching what was working and what didn’t work. This would help him determine his next steps. It’s the icing on the cake when Edwin is able to help client rise above the noise in a a crowded marketplace, and get their ideal customer’s attention.

Edwin starts day early at 5:30 A.M. He checks in with the news to see what’s happening, then he eats breakfast and gets some exercise to start his day. He believes that starting the day right is how you become wildly successful.

He also believes that passion must be present to make an idea work. It’s that driving force for him to do more, be more, and have more.

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Expert Ara Chackerian Sees Changing Tides in Attitude Toward Healthcare Technology Companies

Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and philanthropist who has experience in creating both successful healthcare technology companies and a successfully eco-friendly Teak wood company which supplies wood for yachts and helps local Nicaraguan communities. He sees, alongside Nokia’s VC arm “NGP Capital” and other doctors in the healthcare technology field, a change in the prevailing winds of the sector after the multiple healthcare acquisitions from Google, Apple, and Amazon.

Admittedly, the attitude toward investing in healthcare technology companies was at first lackluster at best. It’s what VP of Manhattan’s “OrbiMed”, Imran Babar, labeled ‘initial negative cashflow’. Navimed Capital’s Dr. Bijan Salehizadeh also concurs that the market was “overheated”; “We need more entrants to buy digital health companies.” With Google buying digital health monitoring company Senosis, Apple acquiring Gliimpse (which allows users to share and view their own medical data), and Amazon acquiring PillPack (which ships peoples’ pills to them), Chackerian believes that it is clear that the tides have already changed for healthcare technology companies. Even without the investment in healthcare technology companies by Manhattan VC firms, 2017’s numbers show that capital investments overall in the Big Apple still reached a respectable $703 million across 79 companies, which is on average roughly $9 million each.

Thanks to the recent huge gains in the overall markets in 2018, there has been much more prosperity going around. For this reason and the recent acquisitions of the tech giants, Ara Chackerian believes that “it’s an exciting time for healthcare startups and the investors who back them… The ‘wind’ is picking-up in all sectors of the economy. Now is a good time to take some risks and invest.” He understood decades previously that new strides in healthcare such as robotics, digital imaging, and Artificial Intelligence, held the ability to better patients and consolidate the ‘business’ side of health.

Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t It Romantic Is Better Than Expected

We’ve all gotten used to a variety of rules that romantic comedies have to follow, even if we’re not consciously aware of them. Because of that, many of us can see what’s coming before it even happens. For example, we always see the couple getting together before they do.

Both leads always tend to be the most attractive people on the planet, despite one or both of them being terrible with relationships in the film. However, Isn’t It Romantic starring Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth manages to subvert many of these tropes to craft an interesting film that many can enjoy.

This is because it could be said that Isn’t It Romantic is somewhat on an anti-romantic comedy. These changes are made obvious right from the get-go. Even from the beginning, Rebel Wilson’s Natalie is constantly belittled for her looks; for example, she’s told that she’ll only get married if her husband is looking for a green card. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

She’s also told that she’ll never be like Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman, whom she idolizes. Throughout the start of the film, this leads to Natalie and the film mocking many of the tropes seen in romantic comedies.

However, this turns into a nightmare for Natalie as a head wound sees her life turn into its own romantic comedy. However, that doesn’t mean that it does away with all of the biting humor that it set from the start. Instead, it uses its humor to help make a joke of these tropes; this lets the film utilize these tropes while also suggesting a knowing wink for the audiences amusement.

These tropes come in a variety of ways, such as the impossibly good looking male lead in Liam Hemsworth. The soundtrack is also filled with a variety of songs that you’d expect to hear on Valentine’s Day, such Vanessa Carlton, Donna Lewis and Annie Lennox; this is especially apt for a film that was released on Valentine’s Day for a wide release before hitting Netflix.

Though it’s expected, Isn’t It Romantic and Rebel Wilson manage to make these a part of the fun. By setting up the film the way it is, Rebel Wilson and the rest of the filmmakers manage to make many of the typical romantic comedy clichés more entertaining than they’ve been in years. Ms. Wilson’s particular brand of humor also manages to shine through in the role, adding another unique layer of humor to an otherwise entertaining film.

Having said that, though Isn’t It Romantic attempts to subvert many of the genres tropes, it does fall into them in a variety of places. Because of that, there are many times when viewers will fall back into the same frame of mind that comes with may other typical romantic comedies.

This is especially through for many of the characters outside of Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth’s roles. Having said that, Isn’t Romantic is quite entertaining throughout its entire run-time. It’s not available to stream on Netflix for viewers worldwide.

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The career path of Serge Belamant to who he is right now

In the industry of blockchain technology, Serge Belamant is the patent holder, and the other thing is that he is French-born. His parents first lived in a French city called Tulle, but at the age of 14, the family decided to move to South Africa. He received his university education at Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University where he got the needed training for computer sciences and technology.

The career path of Serge Belamant he has had the opportunity of working with different companies in a different spectrum of industry. The passion and skill he has grown over the years of coding digital financial transaction software is the reason for the excellent reputation he has in the industry. Along the way, Serge has participated in the creation of different technological success that has made a difference in the financial banking systems and as a whole the banking industry. Check out for more information.

In 1989, it was the first time that Serge Balamant founded a company. The company offered the services of the creation of UEPS and universal electronic payment system. He was the one who was responsible for the designing of the methods, and VISA approached Belamant in 1995 to be responsible for designing an offline pre-authorized card. Today, they are well known as the chip-enabled credit, and debit cards that so many people use all over the world.

During the millennium turn, he was offering his services to Net1 in coming up with a digital payment system. The system would be used in the welfare funds and grants transfer in South Africa, in parts that people were in dire need of the funds. Today, the system that Net1 together with Serge Belamant pioneered is used in so many parts of the country like Russia and Iraq.

One recent thing that he did was coming up with Zilch Technologies that is based in the UK. Also, at the Prism Group Holdings and Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions, he serves there as a member of the board of advisors. Serge Belamant believes that to be successful then word of mouth is vital in marketing. There are so many online platforms, and people can use them to build or break a business when talking about things they love.

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Organo Gold Selling Coffee In Unconventional Ways

Coffee has been a stimulant that has seen many generations through bad and good days. Coffee culture started way back in the 14th century. The coffee culture brought about the invention of coffee houses. These coffee houses functioned as intellectual centers and artistic places; they were social hubs for all kinds of people. Coffee houses are still social hubs with the coffee culture gaining more popularity. However, the dynamics of the coffee culture are being revamped by Organo Gold, and the masses love it.

Organo Gold is an international coffee manufacturing company. Organo is committed to changing lives all over the world by creating extraordinary opportunities and selling premium products. The company allows its distributors to be ship the products in different countries on extremely subsidized rates. The distributors also have access to sample products which enable them to conduct business with much ease. Organo Gold is the ultimate company for people looking for both part-time and full-time business opportunities. Compensations offered by the Organo Gold are generous are assures distributors of financial stability while enjoying premium products at the same time.

The company collaborates exclusively with the Napoleon Hill Foundation to upcoming mentor entrepreneurs. It is right to state that this goal has been achieved through thousands of successful Organo Gold entrepreneur’s worldwide. New entrepreneurs joining the business are fully mentored and given guidelines that allow them to make financial success in network marketing and also selling coffee. Organo Gold is not only changing lives through fantastic business opportunities but also sponsors a non-profit organization. The Organic cares foundation-non-profit organization creates different possibilities for the youths to enable them to become productive members of society. The non-profit Organisation, through the support of Organo Gold, has contributed to a generally positive change in various cultures around the world.

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Many individuals might be wondering what has been up to over the past couple of months. This is an important question to ask as this is a new year and investors, partners, affiliates, and other parties involved in the ecosystem expect there to be forward momentum in the company so that everyone will be able to gain additional value. A key part of adding value all throughout an organization is to look at the types of different investments can be made by the company. The corporate executives would look at potential opportunities, assess them, and see how it could play a part in their operations.

They would check to see if the investment would be able to grow over time and provide them with key exposure to important disruptive platforms and new forms of behaviors that may take place over time. It seems that and a prominent leader Jingdong, has done just that. They’ve looked at a key segment that is beginning to rise over time within their industry. So, what exactly has done? What is this most interesting move that they have made within their particular sector? Well, it is that they have entered into a strategic partnership arrangement with Farfet to build a premier luxury gateway to China. What are the specific details of this strategic partnership?

Well, let’s find out.

First, to understand why this is a big deal, it is important to understand where Farfetch is coming from. Farfetch is a brand that was created within the west and is noted for its work within the retail industry, it is a digital native platform, allowing customers to browse and obtain luxury products in a seamless manner. As such, it can carry significant clout with consumers within the e-commerce sector all over the world. The specific branding and catering of luxury products also allow for significant growth as well as it is concentrated in a specific subset of luxury. will provide Farfetch with more visibility and will be able to benefit from the fact that clients will have direct access to a wanted sector.

A Biography of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is a computer scientist from France and also a founder of blockchain technologies. He was born in France but at the age of 14, Belamant and his family migrated to South Africa and was therefore forced to learn English as a language other than French. He joined the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to study engineering but switched to computer science with applied mathematics in his second year. He later transferred while in his third year, to the University of South Africa, to study information systems and later went on to become the founder of numerous cryptocurrencies.


Belamant entered the workforce at the age of 22 and started his career journey at Matrix, a civil engineering company. He developed his first cryptosystems while working in IBM computers and cyber computers, an application that analyzes the water levels of dams to help predict as well as prevent future occurrences of drought. Belamant’s notable methods with computers did lead to advancements in digital mapping as well as statistical methods. He also created graphic interfaces to improve analysis of road network.

Serge Belamant later joined SASWITCH and became the leader of the IT division. He invented an ATM switch for banks running on hardware that was fault-tolerant and parallel processing systems. He also developed a Point-of-Sales system running on a X.25 network of interconnected workstations. In 1989, Belamant left SASWITCH.

Serge Belamant then founded Net1 Technologies upon his first achievements, the Funds Transfer System. With his company, he created a visa’s security feature against fraud and misuse of credit as well as verification of personal identification numbers.

Belamant later created Zilch Technology Limited in 2018 at London which focuses on his inventions. Serge Belamant is currently very active in the company where he invents more and more blockchain technology to promote crypto currency.


Belamant was named the analyst of the year 1980 as well as 1982. He is taken to be among the founders of blockchain technology with a well-known reputation in the world of Information and Technology. He was also a member to the RSA Computer Society. Read more on


Get Beautiful Cosmetic Shades By Doe Deere

Are you into intricate makeup colors? Have you decided to leave the dull neutral colors behind? The trendy Lime Crime brand was founded by female entrepreneurial success, Doe Deere. She decided it was high time to take a chance with the base formula known as matte. The ingredients have turned out to be a success, and they’re being used in other competitor brands. More importantly, Deere creates colors that will leave you purely unapologetic. You can accent your best features with amazing shades like their popular Apricot Nude summer collection. Her distinctive packaging is a brand that millions of users trust.

As an adamant animal lover, Doe Deere also created a blend that will always be vegan. She continues to understand the importance of protecting animals from harm. Her cosmetics will never be tested on animals. In fact, a portion of the LC cosmetics proceeds goes to the local DTLA Feline Association that she created to rescue stray cats. She focuses on rehousing, socializing, and feeding thousands of stray cats. She also focuses on a vegan formula that’s easy on the skin and the environment. Deere is happy to say; she has created hypoallergenic products that are safe for all skin types.

Her passion for colors has allowed her to sell millions of products as an exclusive brand. She understood the importance of putting in hard work and dedication when it comes to her brand. She was able to capture the attention of the Tenegram equity group for her independent cosmetics sells. They have acquired the popular cosmetic brand, but says; their products will continue to sell under their traditional moniker. Plus, she understood the importance of expanding her brand to an overseas network before the Tenegram transition. Today, you can but products from the Lime Crime international e-commerce market.

Lime Crime is a completely waterproof line of eye-shadow and lipstick products. You will find amazing hues that aren’t available with many other big names. The super-foil formula has been a success in combination with her colors. Girls and guys can appreciate the uniqueness of the Lime Crime brand created by Doe Deere.