Dick Devos: A Philanthropist

There are many people who see the DeVos family name and wonder how did they become so powerful. For the most part, the company Amway has helped build the DeVos Family Foundation into what it is today. The foundation’s board includes Dick and Betsy DeVos, who run the charity as well as many other businesses in Michigan. The DeVos family has been accredited with helping West Michigan businesses and education systems since the 1980s. However, it has been in the last two decades that the city has finally begun to grow, becoming a metropolis in its own right.


Many accredit DeVos with the growth of Grand Rapids. He was just coming off a period at Amway as the Vice President of Global Sales in the 1980s when he wanted to do something for his hometown. He wanted to make sure that his hometown would grow rapidly and become a place of industry. Already, there were complaints in downtown of what was happening in Detroit. Businesses were abandoning the major centers of commerce.


DeVos saw many plans floated on how to revamp the city. Most often they included arenas and sports centers that weren’t near the center of downtown. DeVos didn’t want to encourage that. He had seen what had happened in Detroit with the Pontiac Silverdome. He knew that if you built areas away from business centers, it wouldn’t lead to more growth. Instead, he partnered up with multiple business leaders to encourage new growth in downtown by building performance halls and convention centers.


There was even a new arena called the Andel Arena. These areas would build up the city immensely, but that wasn’t all that DeVos had in mind. He turned to the city’s airport for the last major change, and it would prove to be the most important of all. In fact, DeVos is credited with putting the airport on the map, and it’s also one of the reasons that he now works with the FAA.


In the 1990s, the airport hadn’t done very well. With poor ticket sales and few destinations, it was difficult to book flights out of Grand Rapids. However, DeVos made one phone call to the CEO of AirTran Airways in the early 2000s. He convinced the CEO to open up new terminals and started working with other CEOs to encourage new flights. This instantly picked up ticket sales for the airport, resulting in a $45 million funded remodel that would bring new technology and a business center to the old airport.


It’s these kinds of ideas that the FAA has been looking for, and it’s why DeVos sits on their Management Advisory Council. This is a civilian board made up of transportation authorities and airline executives. However, DeVos is the only one not directly related to the aviation industry through any other way than his work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. As he was able to get so much funding for the airport upgrades, he now provides council to the FAA on upcoming budgets for their makeovers. It was recently announced that the GSO Tower would be receiving a $40 million makeover in 2019.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

Guilherme Paulus successful career

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He began his career as an intern at IBM, but he is now considered to be among the most influential businessman in Brazil and chairs the board of CVC Brasil and GJP hotels and resorts. CVC Brasil is a tour company in Brazil while GJP hotels and resorts is a group of over twenty hotels and resorts which are operating in different locations of Brazil.

Upon interviewing IdeaMensch Guilherme Paulus said he got the idea of his company from Carlos Vicente. He met Carlos on a boat trip where Carlos stated his interests in establishing a tourist agency. Since at that time Guilherme Paulus was young and had no funds they made an agreement that Carlos would provide investment while Paulus did the groundwork. Find out more about Paulus at terra.com

During this period he worked at Casa Faro, and he had to quit to focus his efforts on his new entrepreneurial venture. His entrepreneur instincts were first noticed when he decided their first location since he chose a place which was next to a movie theater. He and Carlos were partners for four years before they split. Guilherme Paulus stated that the business has been growing exponentially after the split.

Guilherme schedule for the day to day activities begin with ensuring he is feeling optimistic and thankful for his achievements. This helps him be curious about what is to follow next. He also added that he writes a weekly schedule which helps him stay organized, empowered and productive throughout the week. According to him, faith is what helps him bring his ideas into reality.

He states that the very first move into something is significant since it will enable one to determine whether something is good or not. Guilherme advise other entrepreneurs that to be successful one must love what they are doing. He urges them to put in the time and necessary efforts in their projects. Guilherme Paulus also insisted that it is essential for entrepreneurs to have good customer relations for the growth of their businesses

Learn more: http://www.advb.com.br/site/noticia/advbrs-traz-guilherme-paulus-um-dos-maiores-empresarios-do-turismo-para-participar-do-voce-com-o-presidente/


Just What Is Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global isn’t necessarily the most common name in society today. This name is attached to a sophisticated line of anti-aging products that produce extraordinary results. These anti-aging products are geared toward health and wellness. When used on a consistent basis, Jeunesse Global products can definitely increase your health to the fullest. Why are the products so good. Well, Jeunesse Global has dedicated copious amounts of time researching and analyzing some of the finest plant-based ingredients. No, not all plant-based ingredients are the same. These ingredients are organic, and they’re scientifically proven to produce great results when it comes to creating a younger look.

Luminesce is one of the brand’s top anti-aging products. This skincare product uses advanced technologies to meet its goal. In addition to that, Luminesce also supports the cells of the body in renewing themselves. This action works wonders on the skin, which creates a younger glow. This fantastic product can be used by women and men. The removal of fine line and wrinkles can become a reality within 120 days of use. These are not exaggerated statements as Jeunesse Global has a ton of authentic testimonials to back the brand’s claim. This product also does a great job of fighting dry skin and acne. The brand’s AM/PM supplement fights free radical damage in the body. This dynamic duo’s AM formula provides plenty of daytime energy while the PM formula allows your body to rest at night.

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Jeunesse Global is also a nonprofit organization that helps children all around the globe. Underprivileged children now have the support of a growing and progressive community. It would be extremely hard trying to find a similar health and wellness brand that is willing to go the extra mile, which is why Jeunesse Global has grown into a fan-favorite.


Neurocore’s Approach to Productivity

Neurocore is synonymous with many things, but in the recent past, the company has received one of the best reviews as the ultimate place to work. First, Neurocore has been the best place for competitive compensation over the years. Compensation is one of the factors that most potential employees consider before the hiring process. Second, the company is the perfect example when it comes to balancing work and life.

It means therefore that working for the company is the best choice for people that want their life to continue regardless of the career path. Other factors such as the quality of management and the culture of the company make Neurocore the future of working space. In addition to the company being one of the best places to work, Neurocore has one of the most vibrant social media presence.

With over 4000 tweets, the company has successfully succeeded in engaging potential clients and the public on different things the company is passionate about especially on better ways of approaching mental health. In addition, Neurocore also ensures that all the engagements on Twitter are helpful for people suffering from mental health issues. It is because of this aspiration that the company has been generous enough to share blog posts of various news outlets such as CNN.


Guilherme Paulus- The Co-founder of CVC Tour Company

Setting up a successful business in Brazil is not easy. Anyone who has tried knows that there are numerous obstacles that one must overcome before running a successful venture. However, it is important to note that Brazil is one of the countries where one can set up an extremely productive business venture due to the high population. Some of the challenges that face business people include high venture capital, bureaucracy, and high taxation. According to a 2017 report by the World Bank, Brazil is ranked as one of the toughest countries to do business in.

Despite these challenges, and some people have gone against the odds and have succeeded. One of them is Guilherme Paulus. Despite the many difficulties, he has done what needs to be done to set up highly successful businesses in the accommodations and tourism sectors. He had to come up with a sound business plan that has helped him to realize his dreams. From the beginning, he identified the people he needed to work with and the opportunities in needed to exploit for his plans to come through. Guilherme loves listening to advice, a factor that he attributes to his success. His advice to young entrepreneurs is that they should learn to listen more to experienced business people. Read the article by Guilherme Paulus at Forbes

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in Sao Paulo. At a young age, he harbored the dreams of becoming a successful businessman, dreams that he can authoritatively claim to have accomplished. In the university, Guilherme Paulus studied a degree in business administration and later joined IBM as an intern. At 24 years, he met Carlos Vicente, a local government official with whom they came up with the idea of setting up a tour company. Since Vicente was young, he did not have the capital needed. They agreed that he would run the daily operations as Vicente provided the capital needed. Together they created CVC Tour Company. Four years later, Vicente abandoned the business, and Guilherme Paulus was left in charge of all operations. Guilherme Paulus was determined to do everything possible to achieve his goals. He did not relent but went ahead to implement innovative ideas which saw the company grown tremendously. Today, it is the largest to accompany in Latin America.

Read more: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/conheca-o-empresario-guilherme-paulus-e-seu-estilo-de-atuar,987faeb8b0acd176c397dabb78c37ca5oia3wj4c.html

Isn’t It Romantic: Rebel Wilson’s First Lead Role in a Hollywood Film

Rebel Wilson is going to be the star of Valentine’s season with her upcoming movie that is going to be premiered this coming February 13 entitled “Isn’t It Romantic”. This is the first movie that Rebel Wilson will be starred as the lead role and she is co-starring with Liam Hemsworth and Priyanka Chopra.

“Isn’t It Romantic” is another romantic-comedy movie that Rebel Wilson is sure to play to her strengths and come up with another stellar performance. Rebel Wilson is sure to wow the audiences and make her fans fall even more in love with her. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Rebel Wilson was first popularized when she starred in the hit movie franchise – Pitch Perfect. Rebel Wilson played as “Fat Amy” in the hit trilogy – and was definitely one of the driving factors on why the show was so successful. Rebel Wilson proved that she was, in fact, the complete package.

She can act, dance, sing and do comedy – all in excellence. And what makes Rebel Wilson such a force to be reckoned with, is because under all that talent, there is such a charming personality but also a strong confidence that can easily inspire anyone. Rebel Wilson is also very well known for her performance in the movie “How To Be Single” where she played a supporting role for Dakota Johnson.

Rebel Wilson is also a known and outspoken feminist. Rebel Wilson is very popular for her stances on equality and equal opportunity. She wants the youth today, especially young women, to work hard for their dreams and that hardwork and vigor is sure to take them where they want to be. But underneath all that, Rebel Wilson wants to punctuate that it is always your happiness and no one else’s that should come first.

Rebel Wilson takes a lot of pride in working with people that also respect her line of belief. Even if she took some heat for declining to present an award in the 2015 MTV VMA Awards with Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. Even though she did take some heat, she did not retract her decision.

Rebel Wilson said that she did not hate Kendall and Kylie individually, but says they are people who represent absolutely everything that she is against for, and that Kendall and Kylie are not famous for their talent. And Rebel Wilson wants to be with people who have worked hard for that they have just like she did.

Interestingly, Rebel Wilson has a law degree under her belt which she utilizes in order to negotiate her contracts for work. Rebel wilson also has notable awards under her belt like the Glamour’s International Woman of the Year, LA’s Australian Film Award and several MTV Awards – which is why it is a no brainer that Rebel Wilson would stand up for her ground even if it was against the famous Jenners and Kardashians.

Rebel Wilson then proceeded to present the award on her own during the 2015 VMAS – a solid proof that when you ask for what you want, you get what you want.

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“Dr. Saad Saad – Take a Look at the Different Humanitarian Aids he Provided “

Dr. Saad Saad is a world-famous pediatric surgeon currently retired and based in the United States. He has had a very colorful and inspiring career as he was born and raised in Palestine and Kuwait respectively and went on to become a US board-certified pediatric surgeon in the United States. He completed his studies in the field of medicine from the reputed Cairo University in Egypt. After completing his studies, he went on to take an examination in Lebanon that allowed him to practice in the United States after passing the examination. Dr. Saad Saad knew from his very childhood that the only way out of the miserable life he was leading was to study hard and build a solid career. Learn more: https://patch.com/new-jersey/longbranch/when-child-swallows-foreign-object-advice-dr-saad-saad


Dr. Saad Saad in his career has also served as the chief pediatric surgeon at the Kings Faisal Hospital on the call of the Royal Saudi Family. As the chief pediatric surgeon for the royal Saudi family, all the essential medical decisions were taken by Dr. Saad Saad and only after his approval was any decision or action was taken. Dr. Saad Saad was the primary choice for the Royal Saudi family as a chief pediatric surgeon because not only he was fluent in Persian as well as English; he was US board-certified as well. At the time of his appointment, very few doctors were board certified who could speak Persian as well. Dr. Saad Saad says that for any surgeon or doctor, research is very important and updating themselves to suit the modern medical standards and practices is very important. As the world of medical science is constantly changing and upgrading itself, the surgeons should be able to learn and adapt to the changing medical standards. Adapting new practices would help provide patients with better treatment and would also establish themselves as a go-to doctor in the process.


Dr. Saad Saad is also the investor of surgery pieces of equipment that are being widely used by surgeons around the world. It was during surgeries that he was always looking for ways to make operations efficient and also easier for the surgeries. It was then that he invented and patented a couple of equipment that has changed healthcare forever. Dr. Saad Saad also performed surgeries to underprivileged children who were unable to bear the cost. He traveled to third world countries and offered his services under an NGO he worked with. Apart from donating a large part of his income, he toured with their team and provided his services in countries such as Palestine. He also helped surgeons there learn new skills and allowed them to observe the surgeries that he performed there. He also provided them with tools and equipment that were lacking in Palestine hospitals.


Steve Ritchie Believes in Making a Better Tomorrow for Papa John’s

When Steve Ritchie started changing things at Papa John’s, he knew there were options he would have to put in place that would allow him to try different things. He also knew the company needed someone who knew what they were doing because he worked so hard to make everything happen the right way. By doing this, Steve Ritchie gave himself the chance to try different things and do more that would make the company succeed. Steve Ritchie focused on helping customers and helping the employees get exactly what they wanted. Even though he knew it would take a lot of work, Steve Ritchie felt he was doing everything the right way to help more people try things that would allow them to succeed with the pizza company. Between his work with the customers and the employees, Steve Ritchie knows he’s setting the company up for more success in the industry.

There are things that can help Steve Ritchie succeed with Papa John’s. He wants to focus on making sure the company has what they need to succeed by showing people there are things they can do with the company they can’t do with any other company in the pizza industry. It makes more sense for him to do this so he doesn’t have to worry about the issues that come from the other companies in the industry. It’s also a way for him to focus on bringing change to the area.

As long as Steve Ritchie continues offering a positive experience for everyone with Papa John’s, he knows he’s making the best choices. The best option for the company is to just do what he needs to make sure people can have these opportunities. The pizza company has a lot of work to do, but Steve Ritchie is prepared to make sure he can help everyone who wants to see Papa John’s as one of the best companies in the industry. It’s his goal to do this so he can focus on bringing change to the way people see the industry. It’s also his chance to make sure the company succeeds.

Rodrigo Terpins Helped Pioneer the Rally Car Industry

When Rodrigo Terpins started working in the rally car industry, he felt good about the options he had and everything he was doing to make the industry the best it could be. Rodrigo Terpins also knew things were important to his business and that’s why he continued working hard as a rally car driver. For Rodrigo Terpins, this was something the entire family did and it was a way for him to make more opportunities out of the things he was doing. By focusing on these changes and doing something other people didn’t get the chance to do, Rodrigo Terpins felt he was making the best options possible for the people who needed his help. It was also a way for Rodrigo Terpins to do things that would change the future for the racing industry. Even when people changed the opportunities they had, Rodrigo Terpins felt he was doing the best job possible as the rally car driver.

It took some time for Rodrigo Terpins to do things that would help the industry and that would give other people the options they needed. Rally car driving is a calculated sport and it takes a lot of work, but most people don’t know that. By showing them the hard work and dedication that goes into rally car driving, Rodrigo Terpins makes it clear that people can try different things even if they want to get involved in the sport. Rodrigo Terpins also does a lot of work that might make it easier for people to get involved.

Even though rally car driving is important to Rodrigo Terpins and it’s something he plans to do for a long time, he also knows he can’t do it forever. He set up plans for the future to make his life easier. By focusing on things like sustainable timber, Rodrigo Terpins knew he was making a difference and doing something that could help even more people. By focusing on these changes and doing everything he can to help people understand the changes, he felt good about what he was offering to people who needed the help.
Read: https://portal.comunique-se.com.br/newsdino/?title=tecnologia-a-favor-das-vendas-%E2%80%94-veja-alguns-dados-com-rodrigo-terpins&partnerid=33&releaseid=169728