Nick Vertucci Changed His Life Through The Real Estate Industry As Well As Poker

Nick Vertucci is a self-made millionaire with tremendous success in the real estate industry. Nick has personally written several books on the real estate industry to help others find success just as he has through proper strategies and management. When it comes to real estate, there is a lot of money on the line, which makes finding an expert such as Nick very important for getting started. Nick Vertucci also has a real estate academy to help people in a hands-on environment so they can get started while having all of their questions answered along the way.

While many know Nick Vertucci as an accomplished man in the real estate business, many do not know that he is actually a poker player as well. Throughout the years, Nick has faced some of the top poker players in the world today, including Phil Helmuth, Kenny Tran, and Mike Matusow. He has even had the privilege of playing against some of the biggest names in the celebrity world as well, including such names as James Woods and Ben Affleck.

Nick has been playing poker for quite a long time, since even before he became a major success in real estate. The first championship that Nick entered into for poker was in 2004 in California. Out of the 251 other players competing, Nick Vertucci managed to get 8th place, winning over 7,000 dollars in his very first major tournament.

The ability to read others has always been a winning trait for Nick and it comes as no surprise that both real estate and poker use some of the same skills in order to be successful. Whether it is calling a players buff or reading whether or not a seller has other offers for a property, intuition is critical to success in the long-term.

Papa John’s and Steve Ritchie

Ever since Papa John’s Pizza was founded in 1984, the pizza franchise later became an instant hit with pizza consumers, making it one of the most successful pizza restaurants in the United States. With their total revenue being reported at $1.78 billion and employing around 20,700 people as of December 31, 2017, there are many people who participated in an important role on how Papa John’s Pizza was able to get as big as what is today. One of those people who is a part of the contribution is current CEO and president, Stevie Ritchie.

Steve Ritchie wrote an article on the official Papa John’s Pizza website titled “Listening to our people“, explaining his involvement into trying to satisfy customers and attempting to improve the Papa John’s Pizza brand. It’s also worth noting in that same written piece he wrote is the fact that he made it clear for readers that he wanted to embrace an optimistic attitude while running the company, especially when given the conversations he had with people who works with him and the customers he was providing for. As this article was published on August 30, 2018, he also talks about traveling around the United States talking to different people in the Papa John’s Pizza franchise. He visited places such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and Detroit in order of hoping to get a much better dialogue with the employees.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s presented himself as an outgoing and open-minded person as that was the way he is perceived in the article. To summarize the whole piece, Steve Ritchie went out of his way as the CEO and President of Papa John’s Pizza to basically have a better understanding with his co-workers and customers. That’s because he always wanted to help others the best way he possibly can.

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