Ryan Seacrest: Entertainment Host, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur

By now, we have all heard of Ryan Seacrest. He has been a known face in the entertainment industry for forever it seems. He has held positions as a notable host in local radio, and in cable and broadcast television.

You may have heard him on radio stations such as Kiss 108 in Boston and 102.7 in LA, as American Idol’s 2018 host, or as the co-host, and executive producer, on the talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. He is also the host, face, and producer of ABC’s New Years Eve special, Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve. The program where the ball drops? Yeah, that’s Ryan Seacrest.

Not only that, he also has his own Emmy winning production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP), which just so happens to produce Keeping up with the Kardashians. and E! Live from the Red Carpet.

But wait! Just when you thought he had done it all, there is more. Seacrest has also released a men’s clothing line exclusively at Macy’s. It is called Ryan Seacrest Distinction and has been featured on his talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. Then there is the men’s skincare line. Seacrest partnered with the famous dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer to produce Polished by Dr. Lancer, also sold at Macy’s.

Last but not least, Seacrest has also ventured out of the entertainment industry, and into philanthropic work. His focus is on youth initiatives and he has been able to make a national impact through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) where he is a chairman. RSF has opened 10 broadcast media centers in hospitals all around the country.

Obviously, Seacrest keeps himself busy, whether it’s helping the country’s youth, hosting tv and radio shows, or building up his enterprise.

Learn more about Ryan Seacrest: https://www.forbes.com/profile/ryan-seacrest/

PSI-Pay the Alternate Payment Systems

More than half of the payments for purchases in Britain are made through the credit cards. A statement made by the British retail consortium backs this. Additionally, one of the recent most comments of PSI Pay and its partners, kerv wearables could see the cashless payment option elevate to a higher level in the market. The two giant firms backing cashless payment have now combined powers to co-find the first contactless payment ring in the market. With the increasing number of stores, both in the UK and all over the globe, contactless payment will be the ideal option to make payment using the device that is on your hand.


For the first time in history, cards in the UK have overtaken coins and notes. Furthermore, the establishment of the contactless payment is poised to further challenge most of the traditional modes of payments. This mode of payment has been in the market for the last ten years accounting for more than a third of the total payments made in the UK since 2015.


What is Contactless Payment?

This is one of the most shared questions. Contactless reimbursement uses the debit, credit or the smart card to complete payments. While the PSI Pay is the firm that provides this system. Kerv, one of the PIS affiliate complete the payment process with a proprietary ring. This ring is designed for both durability and comfort. It is available in twelve different shapes and sizes and it is fashioned to fit both genders. Furthermore, they are also intended to stand harsh conditions like scratches or water damages.


Why Contactless Payments

Without any doubt, this option has many benefits. For instance, it is fast and easy to use. The primary aim of contactless payment is to simplify transaction and payment options. This means that there is no need to count cash, wait for credit card certification, or even credit card scrutiny. All you need to do is touch the contactless ring or card against the reader, and you will be good to go. For those concerned about the security level of these devices they need to worry no more. Notably, these payment options have accurate security measures like chips and pins that that counter any illegal access.


 Contactless Payment is the Wave for Future.

PSI Pay and all its affiliate are sure that contactless payment is the ideal way of the imminent. Besides, most of the traditional cash-based transactions have also incorporated this noble venture. This implies that carrying cash is no longer critical.

What’s There To Say About “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn is best known for his acting career, while some are aware he also has directed, written and produced. Less known is his philanthropic work and rebellious attitude and actions toward certain unfortunate realities of the mainstream world. However that is what he would prefer to be known for now. Penn is tossing aside his Academy Awards and picking up the pen to turn his attention toward being an author. Already publishing his first book in March which is, perhaps ridiculously, titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” it is hard to ignore the new waves he is intent on creating.


The premise of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is far from the mundane inanity the title suggests, which is sort of the whole point of it. Sean Penn is fed up with the way things are going in the world and especially with this country at the helm. One of the characters in his book rather clearly but mockingly resembles President Donald Trump, who is known as the landlord with cotton candy hair. The star character of the book, not surprisingly, is apparently representative of Penn himself. Some of the details are a bit far-fetched but his heart is in the right place. Bob Honey is a contract assassin for the government in the book, but his day job is as a septic-tank salesman. Even his role as a contract killer is an odd one as his main target is elderly people who are said to use up too many resources and his weapon is a mallet which he must hit them over the head with. The elderly people are meant to represent big businesses and old corporations that take too much without giving back.


There are many jabs and stabs and mallet whackings going on in this unbelievable book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” and Sean Penn is apparently cooking up another book soon. One can only imagine what will reside on the pages of his next masterpiece. If his acting and varied movie career is any indication his career as an author will not be fleeting. He certainly has the passion, and seems to have piqued interest, but the question of how sustainable this attitude and daring commentary can be is up for debate. As long as the books fly off the shelves and his audience is content to grow with him off the screen, continued success is inevitable. That is granting he stay alive to engineer and enjoy it.

Clayton Hutson Loving the Journey

Future Plans and Hopes

There are always new opportunities to look forward to and to be prepared to take advantage of them when they appear. New technology brings with it new hope since it allows us to accomplish what needs to be done in a shorter time. It is essential to bring together live performance and technology so that the whole venue can take advantage of the present moment.

For example, the use of big screen allows those who haven’t access to the front row to still follow the concert. Some artists like to do stunts, and that requires advanced technology, but it also enhances the experience of the fans.


Books to Read for Inspiration

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” is an excellent book that many people can gain by reading. Sometimes the stuff we pay attention to is not the stuff that matters, and Richard Carlson gives due consideration to the fact we need to detach from the unimportant and just focus “on the big picture instead.”


Inspiration that Got You Started?

Clayton Hutson said before he began his business he had accumulated many experiences in live entertainment and sound engineering. After gaining enough experience about the entire music industry he felt it was time to start his own business.

Being in a position where going forward on his own, rather than depending on someone else seemed to be a better path for someone with his experience. Running his own business he enjoys taking full responsibility and getting all the thousands of details right thru long days and concentrated effort.

Clayton Hutson believes genuinely in making the necessary leap of faith, but at the same time be prepared what happens when you do make that decision. He feels lucky it all worked well, and he landed in the right place after starting his own business.


Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson grew up with the idea of really loving music and found motivation in Rock n’ Roll. That appreciation stayed with him thru College at Michigan State where he got a Bachelors in Theater Design and a Masters in Business Administration.

After working shortly with the Billy Graham Tour he started doing more and more sound production and Tour management. He fell into the later as a natural entrepreneur and has always found plenty of opportunities.

Clay Hutson has worked with some phenomenal musicians like P!nk, Kid Rock, Garbage, Kelly Clarkson and lately Halsey, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in their Soul2Soul: World Tour. He values spending time with his family and enjoys woodworking. Learn more: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8799240/?ref_=nv_sr_1


Working with Ricardo Tosto

With the massive growth in Brazil, many people have legal issues that they need to settle. Working with a prominent lawyer is one of the best financial investments that anyone can make. Some people wrongly assume that all legal work is expensive. Although most legal issues cost money to settle, working with a quality lawyer can save a person money.Ricardo Tosto is an excellent choice for anyone who needs legal assistance in Brazil. Throughout his career, he has helped numerous people reach their goals. He has a passion for helping people in various areas. Anyone who needs legal assistance should consider working with his team.


One of the reasons that Ricardo Tosto is so successful is that he offers multiple legal services through his team. He wants to make a positive impact on his local community by providing services at an affordable price. With all of the changes taking place in the economy, more people than ever need legal assistance.One of his most common services is small business advice. As a small business owner, Ricardo Tosto can offer a rare perspective to new business owners. There are various regulations that business owners must comply with. Ricardo Tosto and his team can help business owners make sure they are prepared for all of the challenges that may come their way.

Future Goals

Ricardo Tosto has a ton of goals for the future. Most people are excited about the growth of his legal firm. He wants to continue increasing sales and profits in the coming years. He also wants to expand his website to offer more legal advice online.

The Successful Business Pursuit of Robert Deignan

ATS Digital Services is a digital company that focuses on helping and supporting consumers in different parts of the globe with their technological issues. The idea of this company was created by Robert Deignan, its chief executive officer and co-founder whose goal is to assist customers that need assistance in tackling technological concerns remotely. The company’s services vary from general troubleshooting to handling connectivity issues, to name a few.

Robert Deignan was born in Florida. On a football scholarship, he joined Purdue University. He completed his studies at the University with a degree in Organizational Leadership. After a few years, Robert ventured into entrepreneurship by co-founding Fanlink Inc. However, he did not abandon his love for sports as he currently participates in offshore fishing competitions. He resides in Miami with his wife and son.

At an interview with IdeaMensch, Mr. Deignan states that the idea of ATS Digital Services was derived from the previous company that he and his business partners used to work for. While they worked at the Anti-Malware Software Company, they began experiencing technical issues as their software would not get installed on the machines of the users. They decided to put up a phone contact on their download page to enable users to communicate to them as this would help in the identification of the problem. After interacting with a number of people who had tried to download their product, they realized that Malware products were blocking the installation of their Anti-Malware Product.

Robert Deignan and his partners came up with a solution which was to have an in-house technical support agent remotely connected to the machine of the user to eliminate the Malware responsible for blocking the installation of the Anti-Malware software. This strategy was a success, and customers regained their trust in the company. They also began charging a fee for the remote services they offered. This is because this method was very effective for the removal of Malware, thus keeping the customer’s machine running efficiently. Robert Deignan and his partners saw a great business opportunity in utilizing remote connection technologies to assist customers in fixing their machines. Therefore, after leaving the Anti-Malware Software Company, they joined and created the ATS Digital Services.


M1nd, by Jeunesse Global, is changing the way that people work

For modern workers, the ability to stay focused and sharp each minute of the work day is of crucial importance. Multiple studies have shown that the vast majority of productive work takes place between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 noon. After the lunch break, the average American is unable to complete much more than a small fraction of what they were able to do in the morning.

This has tremendous implications for the competitive professional who is upwardly minded. The ability to continue with strong output into the afternoon, when one’s colleagues are buckling under the fatigue of the post-lunch slump, can make the difference between being first in line for almost every promotion and being indefinitely overlooked. The kicker is that the average worker inside a medium to large corporation may have 20 or 30 genuine opportunities for promotion over the course of their career. Consistently being objectively more productive than one’s peers is a virtual guarantee for a ticket to higher positions. And for the industrious and intelligent, this promotion chain often only ends at the desk of the CEO.

What all this means is that giving oneself even the smallest competitive edge versus one’s colleagues can make the difference between hitting the age of 45 making $9 per hour or hitting the same age and making $9 per second. If you’ve already topped out with performance enhancements from exercise and living a generally healthy lifestyle, it may be time to take a look at M1nd, the first ever mental energy drink, by Jeunesse Global.

M1nd is an all-natural alternative to performance-enhancing drugs like Ritalin and Adderall. Functioning on much the same principles and using the similar neurochemical pathways, M1nd is able to help people stay focused on mentally intensive tasks for longer and to think faster. It has also been clinically shown to almost completely reverse the effects of sleep deprivation, one of the most potent killers of cognitive ability.

M1nd is just one of the many innovative products currently on offer from Jeunesse Global, the company that has vowed to bring about the birth of Generation Young.


End Citizens United Case Against Rick Scott

End Citizens United, political action committee filed a case complaining to Federal Election commission. The complaint was about Rick Scott for his illegal use of super PAC when campaigning for his Senate seat. The PAC had already said that the candidate who was performing the action should have the federal limitations which will be placed directly contributing to campaigns of the candidate. Rick Scott had already raised $178 million which was to be used in his campaign coffers.

According to super PAC one can raise as much money as possible and also spend the money but the money should not be working directly with the campaign process. The organization End Citizen United had to accuse Scott because he violated the anti-coordination law that was with New Republican PAC. Scott was the group’s chairman earlier before he came to announce that he wanted to run for Senate seat. PAC group pledged to give him some help so that he could be elected to the United States Senate.

Adam Bozzi who is the End Citizens United Communication Director said that what Rick Scott was interested in was politics than what he was as the law. All Rick wanted was to be able to bypass the election law by putting money into Super PAC which was supposedly meant for the president. Adam said that Super PAC existed so that it could help Rick sidestep the finance laws that are required during the campaign where he could be able to pay the campaign laws but evade the disclosed laws.

The campaign team of Scott made a denial of what End Citizens United was accusing him of and he produced documents which supported that charge showing that Rick Scott was in recent months still working for PAC. Even in super PAC website, Scott was still listed there as the chairman of the organization.

End Citizens United was frustrated after the 2010 supreme court ruling decision regarding them. PAC came in 2015 so that it could encourage the campaign finance reform. The mission of PAC was to get a heavy amount of money which was from the political system after it supports candidates that will agree with their agenda and also the ballot measures which will be addressed in particular topic. Their work is to work with the candidate so that they can overturn citizens united in a way that the donations will no longer be unlimited or undisclosed. The headquarter of End Citizen in Washington, D.C

End Citizens United info: ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC

Getting To Know The Real Vinod Gupta

Like a well-built machine or fully-functional system, Vinod Gupta performs on more than one level. However, there is one thing about this professional and business man that cannot be denied. He is autonomous in his success. In the case of Vinod Gupta, the spark that is to thank for igniting the flame of Vinod’s legacy happens to be a $100 bank loan. The results from his savvy business acumen is an empire that yielded hundreds of millions of dollars in its sale.


Sometimes, financial growth is all about knowing what transpires amongst one’s peers. Put more simply, Vinod Gupta stands as the man he is today due to his service of listing other notable businesses. Of course, there are other wise executive decisions made under his that contributed to his massive influence on the business world today. His current venture, Everest Group, is a huge success and just another High Point in a career that steadily goes strong.


His hiring practices and staff-building techniques are equally notable as his immense wealth. He prefers and has a penchant for providing employment opportunities in under developed areas. This is on top of countless acts of philanthropy, which include funding for charity and education. His best business skill is the ability to spot a million-dollar idea and make it his own. In a way, he owes is personal and professional worth to simply following orders given to him from Commodore Corporation.


Because he leads a hand-picked team of loyal go getters, Vinod Gupta is able to spend the majority of his working day thinking of ways to improve the company’s business model. Working on the “measure twice cut once” premise, he highly recommends and practices the habit of gathering information before implementation. Like a true visionary, Gupta looks forward to the advancement of artificial intelligence as a way to improve operations in the field of trade and commerce. Visit This Page for additional information.



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