Sean Penn Adds to His Legacy With “Bob Honey Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn is no stranger to controversy, and he’s made a conscious decision with his debut novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” to remain controversial.

As soon as snippets of the book released online, people were either delighted or appalled. It’s a novel that takes chances, exploring themes about our complicated society, and the way Americans prefer to keep things simple, usually without success. The thing Penn is bemused by, is how people assume that his fiction is in actuality, fact.

“I think, we’re in a sad state where fiction is attributed to opinion…where fiction can’t be just read as it is.” Penn said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is about a middle-aged serial killer who’s a jack of all trades. He’s done it all, including selling septic tanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses, to assassinating the elderly for pay. It’s a bizarre book about the warped time we live in, and if taken in that context, people will find it thought provoking and entertaining. His writing style is being compared to the great Terry Southern and to Thomas Pynchon. Neither of those authors are lightweights, which is a good clue as to the quality of this book.

Sean Penn has written fiction before, using film as the medium to tell his stories. The difference now is he’s doing it on his own. Chafing at collaboration with other artists, a necessity in the film industry, he loved the experience of working alone. In his own words he was “not enjoying playing well with others as much as I used to.”

Now 57 years old, Penn is moving into a more solitary phase of his life, and is concerned about the legacy he leaves behind. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a welcome addition to his body of work.

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Equities First Holdings- French Tribune

Equities First Holdings is an international money lending company started in the year 2002 in Australia. The firm provides a quick loan to high-profile individuals and corporate entities willing to improve their net worth. The company began by Al Christy Jr, also has offices in the United States, China, Japan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Equities First Holdings saved the investors when they needed someone to help in finance. The investors were undergoing financial difficulties no other local or international loan lending company could. Mr. Christy spent a lot of his life studying the market strategies.

Therefore, in his study, Mr. Christy came up with a model to follow in operation. Workers follow the established guidelines to protect the company’s reputation. Besides, we advise other companies on how to deal with the financial issues during the economic crisis. The performance of stocks and shares determines the credit given out.

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Digital 8: The Best Digital Tools For Democratic Campaigns

If you have ever ran a political campaign, and chances are you realize that you must have all political tools at your disposal. This would include such things as digital tools. What do you think of when you ponder the idea of digital tools? When you have an effective Democratic political campaign, it will begin and end with effective marketing strategies. This is why you need to give Digital 8 some serious consideration.


Why Digital 8? Well, simply put, they have the best political strategies for your campaign. From the moment you sign up with them, you will have a team of experts that will be dedicated to selling your image in the best light possible. Consider the following advantages when going with Digital 8:


You will be able to raise more money and drum up more action for your candidate.


Digital 8 Believes in progressive causes and they have a dedicated framework to promote your candidate and your cause. They will do this through email, newsletters, and the right timing with social media promotion as well.


Digital 8 and NGP Van also offer an extensive targeted email campaign.


With NGP Van and Digital 8, You will be able to deliver targeted email to all of your subscribers. You will be able to build on your following for your candidate because these emails offer the ability to join the newsletter with just one click. Subscribers can donate with a click-of-a button as well.


With NGP Van, you can work SMARTER, not HARDER.


Digital 8 also has a platform that is tailored to every supporter giving history. the computer simulations can be modeled based on how the supporter has given in the past, saving volunteers time and energy that they can devote to promoting the candidate and making better use of their time. All things being equal, there’s simply no digital tool out there that is better for Progressive and Democratic candidates than NGP Van and Digital 8.


We’ll see you at your candidate’s victory speech!

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GoBuyside Is The Answer To Help New Businesses Grow And Succeed

The financial sector is moving towards project and part time based positions. The needs of this new market are being filled by GoBuyside by providing solutions for short term talent for all different sizes of businesses. Compliance pressures are increasing making a global talent network necessary for hiring on an as needed basis. This enables companies to complete projects and save money. GoBuyside is the solution for any company unable to locate qualified candidates. Follow GoBuyside on Linkedin.

It takes market analytics and research to get a new idea off the ground. Creating a new entry plan for the market is easier when working with a company with a successful history of helping start ups in specific markets. Even if the new business has the ability to price locations, overcome trade barriers and size up their competition it takes a lot of time to become proficient in market research. The work has already been accomplished by qualified experts at GoBuyside.

Once the market research is finished the business can be established. Starting a new business can be stressful and nerve wracking. GoBuyside makes it easier by locating the right candidates for the new business. Achieving a good business plan is also easier with the right talent. This will ensure a lead on the competition. When a presentation is well developed it can make the difference between success and failure regarding the initial efforts. A business start up needs specialized knowledge and talent so the focus can be placed on minimizing any weaknesses and developing the strengths.

GoBuyside additionally offers service to established clients for business management and growth. The best way to achieve consistent profits and growth is with a market entry plan and marketing collateral. If a business does not grow they will not survive. GoBuyside works with the top professionals in the financial industry who are experienced in managing and growing all business types. An inquiry with GoBuyside is the place to begin when looking at the pricing strategy and operating process.


Raising capital is one of the most difficult aspects for a business. This process includes initial public offerings as well as tedious fundraising presentations and success is not guaranteed. GoBuyside can improve the fund raising efforts with dedicated and talented individuals who make deals every single day. The consultants at GoBuyside specialize in fundraising presentations, strategic plans for growth and providing qualified advice regarding the business. GoBuyside’s consulting enables entrepreneurs to raise money efficiently.

GoBuyside helps companies compile benchmarks and performance metrics in their industry to maximize the valuation of the company. Locating the right broker or consultant is easy with GoBuyside. The best promoter and advocate for a business is the owner due to their operational knowledge. Finding the right buyer and price for the business requires the right consultant or broker and this service is invaluable. The best way to ensure a business has the right talent whenever necessary is through GoBuyside. Their top talent costs much less than a full time employee and their expertise and knowledge helps a business grow and succeed. Read more blogs at

Larkin & Lacey vs Joe Arpaio

In today’s world, there seems to be more division and separation of parties, social classes, and even race. As unbelievable as that sounds, America truly seems to be on unfavorable territory again, of which, it has not seen since the 1960’s. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

By simply looking around the world today, from local to national stages, we find that there are constant uproar and hostility throughout many different cases.

That being said, the United States of America is extremely fortunate to have men such as Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey in their country. As two of the most outspoken advocates for civil rights and peace in America, both Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have been determined to achieve nothing less than a united America. In other words, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are driven to accomplish as much as they can to leave an impact long after they are gone.

By having such a strong and persistent mindset, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have been more than successful in numerous efforts in the fight for civil rights for all people. That said, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, the brainchild of both civil rights activists, is at the forefront in the support for minorities and their civil rights.

Although they are in the business of peace and rights for all people, their contributions to the fight for civil rights for minorities in America has been groundbreaking indeed.

Because of their amazing work, it is easy to understand why they are one of the busiest activist funds in all the nation. With all of that said, here is one of the major plans on the agenda of Jim Larkin, Michael Lacey, and they Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

Lacey & Larkin Fund and Joe Arpaio

As mentioned before, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is one of if not the most active and occupied funds/groups in the world. As a prominent activist organization, it is difficult for the fund to try and reach each and every civil rights topic or case.

However, if there is one case that will certainly never go off of their agenda until it is completely resolved, that is their case against Joe Arpaio. In fact, this case is so embedded into the fund that it has even lead to a case agasinst the president of the United States. Here is why that is the case. In an article on the Lacey & Larkin Fund and this issue, the article explains this situation in detail.

In summary, the fund has been outspoken on their dispute over the pardon of president Donald Trump on former sheriff Joe Arpaio. Because Joe Arpaio had taken somewhat of a personal case against both Jim and Michael and their efforts against him, their fund has taken a personal case against him. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Furthermore, the article goes on to explain how Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s fund will stop at nothing until Joe Arpaio receives what he deserves. What that means is up to the Frontera fund but, one thing is for sure, both Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey are thriving as professionals.

Mike Baur Lists Steps Business Founders Should Know About

Mike Baur is someone who believes business ideas are everywhere, and if young people who have them are given the right direction and prodding with which to bring those ideas to life, capital invested in them can bring about the next disruptive company. The place where he brings these ideas to life is at the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) in Zurich which has become a place where Swiss and international investors have seen startups turn into brands with quick turnaround, and the brands range across a variety of industries. Baur believes that in order to take your business from its early startup idea to where it is now, you need to have the right mindset behind it.


The first step that Baur says businesses need to get to launch stage is to have their ground plan ready. That includes being able to know what your product sales methods will be, how the finances will be managed, how the product will be successful and what the roles of its administrators will look like. The second step is to make your business adaptable and able to change when change happens around it. The third step is knowing what risks you’ll be taking with your business and not being afraid to take them.


Mike Baur figured out that he could do more by investing in these startup businesses than he could at his old job in banking which he was a part of for more than 20 years at UBS Bank and Clariden Leu. Banking was basically the backbone of Switzerland’s economy when he started out as an apprentice in 1991, and for many years the nation was said to be the world’s best place to hold a bank account. But by the time Baur had become an executive at Clariden Leu, the rules had changed and due to the economic recession of 2008 that swept from the US over to Europe. It was no longer an enjoyable job for Baur but more of a tedious chore he felt he was doing, so he left banking and did not return in 2014.


Baur saw a lot more potential in investing in people rather than just managing accounts for the rich, and he enjoyed his new schedule of being able to be out and interact as opposed to just being in an office all day. The SSUF uses a variety of ways that entrepreneurs can use to generate ideas like outdoor activities, brainstorming sessions and participating in pitch contests. Baur has also been an investor in other companies and has been a partner with Red Bull Media and CTI Group, and he also helped start Think Reloaded and Fintech Fusion.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Announces Bradesco’s New President

Late last year, the president of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, announced his intention to step down from the executive board this year. He has been a part of the work of Bradesco since the 60s. He officially began his employment on April 17, 1969.

During those early years, worked while attending college. Trabuco graduated from USP’s School of Sociology and Politics with a B.A. and then an M.A. He would serve as the Managing Director from 1984 to 1992. From 1994 to 2000, in addition to his regular work with Bradesco, Trabuco also sat as a member of the managing board for the Brazilian Association for Listed Companies. He then served as President of Bradesco Vida e Previdiencia SA until 1998.

In 2003, he was made the president of Bradesco Seguros. He officially became Bradesco Bank’s president on March 10, 2009. The biggest highlight of his presidency has been the acquisition of HSBC in 2015. Under consideration, are the seven current company vice presidents. While he will be vacating the presidency role, Trabuco would be becoming the Chairman of the Bradesco Board of Directors. This was a position recently vacated by Lazaro Brandao, who was retiring after being employed by Bradesco for almost 60 years.


In addition to serving as the president of the company, Trabuco had previously served as the vice president of the Board of Directors. This vacated position would be filled by Carlo Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme. Trabuco has actually been holding both the presidency of the board and the presidency of the company since late 2017. That is scheduled to change this month when the board will officially elect a new president of Bradesco. Company stipulations state that the board names the president 30 days before the meeting in which he or she will be voted in.

Trabuco says that a huge percentage of their customers are still not using digital services, mainly because they just aren’t familiar with it. He says that a big immediate duty of the next president will me familiarizing their massive body of customers with their digital services.

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Adam Milstein Explains Israeli –American Relations and Roots

Today, more than half a million of Israeli-Americans reside in America. Being a pivotal component of America’s growth, these people contribute to social activism, culture, innovation, and academia. Consequently, an organization called the Israeli American Council (IAC) was created to serve these people. Its effectiveness and success is attributed to its focus to organize and engage the Israeli-American society.

Background Data

Headed by a board of directors, Adam Milstein is the head cheerleader of IAC. Recently, he wrote an article on how the organization has successfully managed to remain relevant in the community when its competitors are struggling to maintain a stable footing in an industry full of expenses and a tight budget to maintain.

IAC’s Objective

According to Mr. Milstein, the focus of IAC is to identify the Israeli community residing in America. This has been achievable through his lecturers on the identity of his people. What is more, Mr. Milstein has concentrated his lessons on the benefits him, and his people give to Americans.

Rapid Growth of IAC

Concerning the rapid growth of IAC, Mr. Milstein has said that the organization thrives on two major secrets. The first secret is the character while the second is the love for Israel and its roots. From the two perspectives, it is clear that Adam Milstein is committed to making sure that Israeli-Americans maintain their identity.

Personal Profile

Adam Milstein is a renowned real estate investor who hails from Israel. Also a philanthropist, he works at Hager Pacific Properties.

Additional Information

Adam Milstein is the first-born child of Mr. Hillel Milstein and Eva Temkin. He grew up in Haifa then later Kiryat Yam. In 1971, Mr. Milstein worked for the Israeli Defense Forces. This contributed to him landing a position to serve in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. During that war, he fought under Ariel Sharon. He also participated in the encirclement of the third army of Egypt.


From then on, Adam Milstein joined Technion University for a degree in Bachelor of Science. He also pursued business as well as economics. While in school, he worked with his father in developing a real estate business. Perhaps his passion for real estate can be traced from that moment in his life.

SENS And Jason Hope Work Towards Real-world Anti-Aging Treatments

Entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor, Jason Hope is more than the sum of his titles. The reason is he is fighting a battle you will not see covered anywhere in the news for some time. It is a battle we all struggle very few, if any, have triumphed successful. The struggle that I am eluding to is that against death, and for Hope, he is not letting the odds stand in his way.

Anti-aging has become one of those things we see more often in ads and on sci-fi flic that go beyond our reality. The creams do not work as we expect, and that flic we find ourselves addicted to is merely a combination of makeup and computer-generated imagery, but what if there was some truth to it. That is where Jason Hope comes in alongside the $500,000 donation he made to the SENS Foundation in 2010. This non-profit organization is hellbent on researching new technologies within the biotech industry to fight the curse of aging.

First, donations like Jason Hope help the organization to take fast action towards finding treatments for diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Others diseases would include arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer and high blood pressure (which can lead to diabetes). As they occur the older we get, the idea is to uncover treatments that reverse their effects and stop them in their tracks. These types of medications called AGE-breakers already exist for small animals, the problem comes when taking the concept and applying it to humans. AGE-breakers work by attempting to obliterate advanced glycation end-products which is the reason as we age, out flesh, becomes veiny and less flexible.

Research and continued donations from backers like Jason Hope has led SENS to identify a more significant culprit of this sort of breakdown in our bodies called glucosepane. It promotes the aging process as well as multiple other health-related issues that arise with age. More recently Jason Hope has contributed more than $1 million in SENS to aid in their continued push towards real-world solutions that can break down glucosepane. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Beyond his titles, Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University where he studied finance and business. He currently resides in Scottsdale and continues to contribute time and resources to other organization and efforts outside of SENS like the Andre Agassi Foundation, TZrue COlor Fund, and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. His sense of passion for contributing to the welfare of others goes far beyond what we think is possible. Twitter

Top Investment Advice Is Offered By Jeff Yastine

The Banking and investment worlds are often filled with individuals promising to provide information on how to make money in a fast way with the minimum of effort. Jeff Yastine is a well-known face for the majority of individuals who have followed the financial markets through the Public Broadcasting System network in the U.S. or who follow his work as a writer and editor with Banyan Hill Publishing; not only does Yastine seek out the best investment advice for individuals he is also known for working with respected investors and entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffett and Sir Richard Branson to complete interviews and articles about their work. Read this article at

In recent years, Jeff Yastine hit the headlines himself after completing an investigation into the mythical Kennedy Accounts which have been questioned over the years for their authenticity and status. Also known as Direct Stock Purchase Plans, this program was created by President John F. Kennedy and was designed to allow everyday investors the chance to explore the markets in a safe and low-cost way. After bringing the attention of the public to Direct Stock Purchase Plans, Jeff Yastine faced a financial community unwilling to change the way business is completed with large broker fees charged on a regular basis. Follow Jeff Yastine on Medium.

Through his Facebook and Crunchbase platforms, the University of Florida graduate is seeking to bring investors top advice and create a positive view of the financial markets. As the Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing and a regular contributor to its publications, Jeff Yastine is always looking to give an insight into how the latest news can have a positive effect on the investment portfolio of an individual such as his insights into the problems facing Facebook and how these can be turned to the advantage of the savvy investor. Through his contribution to Total Wealth Insider, Jeff Yastine shows the general public how the Online retail sector is changing through breakthroughs made in computer coding which continue to be made as the rising number of companies in this market begin to create a brighter future for investors of all backgrounds.