Adam Milstein Has Been Named As One Of The Greatest Philanthropists Of Our Time

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American activist, a philanthropist, and a real estate investor who was recently named on the of the 200 most influential philanthropists in the world. The honor was bestowed upon him by Richtopia who in partnership with Rise, a system that ranks social media influencers, decided that he deserved to be among the others who were selected as a top “Do-Gooder.” Adam Milstein commented that his work in the field of philanthropy is one of the most satisfying parts of his life. He also mentioned his gratefulness for his wife, Gila, and the many other Jewish organizations that he has had the honor to work with.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation works to strengthen the Jewish people and Israel, their home. The basic function of the organization is to provide training and education for Jewish students and business-people to help them feel more connected with the State of Israel, to feel proud about their Jewish heritage, and to pass down knowledge that helps them to become advocates for the Jewish people and the State of Israel wherever they call home. The foundation supports an active philanthropy phase, which means that the staff and Adam and Gila not only offer monetary support, but also direct support as they offer their time and energy to help people. The life path impact phase eludes to the fact that the foundation offers support throughout a person’s life rather than being a one time thing. Last but not least, the philanthropic synergy phase refers to connecting with multiple other philanthropic organizations so they can help each other reach common goals.

In order to fund his philanthropic activity, Adam Milstein is a successful real estate investor. He is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, which is a private commercial real estate investment firm with headquarters in Southern California. Adam Milstein was motivated to become a Real Estate Commercial Broker because he realized that he could make a lot more in the real estate industry when compared to any other job he was being offered at the time. This has proved to be the case, and he continues, to-this-day, to use his own success to fuel his giving to others

How ClassDojo Leads the way in the New Edtech Movement

One of the latest trends in technology is referred to as edtech, which is an abbreviation of the phrase educational technology. This type of technology is most desirable when it helps educators solve the type of problems that actually exist in today’s classrooms. One of the leading forces in this new technology movement is an application known as ClassDojo. The ability this app has to help teachers make better connections with their students, has helped create more positive atmospheres inside classrooms. ClassDojo goes beyond the traditional gaming programs designed to engage a student’s awareness, to where it actually encourages them to become active participants within their classrooms.

The new wave of edtech companies strive to create tools that have practical applications for the classroom. The ClassDojo app not only creates better avenues of communication between students and teachers it also allows parents to connect with their child’s daily classroom activities. The interaction between parents and teachers using this app is instantaneous, which is a feature that helps bridge the gap of time between parent-teacher conferences. As an educational application, ClassDojo is now found in 90 percent of K-8 elementary schools within the United States.

Creating a tool for use in the classroom is not the end of the process involved in edtech. These new applications need to be fully tested under the conditions teachers work in to ensure they provide usable solutions. The ClassDojo app empowers teachers by placing all of their communication tools at their fingertips. It also comes with a feature designed to give students their own voice through the use of photo and video sharing. Teachers also have the ability to share stories and photos of actual classroom events and student participation.

Making sure the needs of students are being met within the classroom has become a community effort. The ClassDojo app aids in creating community connections, which enables everyone to have more input into the entire educational process. This aspect includes the ability teachers have to connect with principals and other key educational personnel at any time to receive the type of assistance needed for activities such as student transfers or parent services.

Business Insights from Company Leader Louis Chenevert

About Louis Chenevert

Canadian entrepreneur Louis Chenevert is also a past CEO at UTC (United Technologies Corporation). UTC is the first global American high-technology manufacture, research, and development agency. Besides UTC, Louis Chenevert also served as the Production General Manager at General Motors and Canada’s Pratt Whitney. At UTC, Chenevert was crucial, and his legacy lives on at the company.

About UTC

Established on Chenevert’s legacy and stewardship, UTC models the most advanced global jet engines for military and commercial use. UTC controls most of the air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating industry. UTC also manufactures Sikorsky helicopter units and has other multiple aerospace system sections that assemble flight controls, sensors, landing gears, actuators and brakes among other pieces of aeronautical equipment. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

At UTC, Chenvert achieved astounding deeds, for instance, he pushed his company to reach significant market gains and acquire Goodrich. After spending several years in discussions, Chenvert arrived at the multi-billion Goodrich acquisition. Goodrich acquisition is considered as one of his trademark arrangement that embodies remarkable persistence and business insight.

GTF is also considered as Chenevert’s favorite scheme and among his high ranking achievements. GTF was selected as the Airbus alternative, setting Pratt Whitney as the most prominent commercial narrow-body jet engine agency.

The dawn of 2011 was Louis Chenevert’s most significant year of accomplishments where he expected the expansion of alternative supplies that would help jet engines to provide more thrust. This concept of fan decoupling had an excellent potential to succeed in newer and more significant engine configurations.

Notably, Chenevert assisted UTC in establishing a duty to spend in high-class technology that continues to inspire the company’s current growth. Below, Chenvert shares some outstanding counsel to help company managers excel at their crafts just like he did.


Investing in the Future Success

Louis Chenevert says, for any business to succeed in the future, companies have to invest in both employee training and the latest technologies. Louis Chenevert believes capable managers to be ones
that realize full business responsibility and embark on a mission to advance the company forward. He says that the best way to show business involvement is by investing in the workforce and innovation.

Chenevert advices company managers to not only embrace short-term performance but also reflect upon the long term success of their businesses. He agrees that future success is a thing worth investing in and that by spending resources on employee training and new technology, company managers would be setting up an agency for future success. Investments not only assist the workforce to manage their time productively but also establish additional job opportunities as well as advance the company’s economy. Besides, a well-trained workforce is more likely to share new concepts, as such, well-poised to reciprocate the resources used in their training.

Chenevert insists that company managers have to realize that its the workforce that originates new ideas, hence without saying it, it is very crucial to invest in employee training. For his former company UTC, the company has established an apprentice academic calendar to help the employees persevere lifelong practice. Fundamentally when an organization educates its workforce and invests in new technology, such a business is poised for significant future success. Read more at

Waiakea Water: Creating a Safe, Clean, and Healthy Environment

Waiakea water, Inc., introduces the alkaline bottled water brand, known as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water. This bottled water will be fully degradable. It is a complete recyclable plastic bottle and does not pose any threat to the environment. This is a groundbreaking initiative in the niche of bottled water brands.

Why Waiakea is Becoming Popular

Waiakea is recognized to be the founding partner of Timeplast which is the primary additive for nano degradation of plastic across the globe. The water bottles of Waiakea degrade up to 97% faster as compared to other traditional plastic bottles. This completely recyclable bottled water company has earned a high reputation for making the sustainable waste management a reality.

Generally, plastics take centuries to biodegrade in a natural manner. Hence, it has a poor reputation for having a large ecological footprint. TimePlast allows the acceleration of the degradation procedure in a significant manner that turns the lifespan of the plastic from 1,500-years to a reasonable 15-years. Waiakea Inc., will be the first one to make use of the nano additive nature of the TimePlast with the bottles. These bottles are 1000 percent RPET already indicating that they are composed of post-recycled bottles completely. Read more about Waiakea Water on

How are Waiakea’s Plastic Bottles Unique

The TimePlast Bottles of Waiakea are unique from the untreated plastic bottles in terms of function and quality. Apart from this, TimePlast also leads to the reduction of the carbon footprint of the plastic by almost 65 percent.

About Waiakea Water

Founded in the year of 2012, Waiakea Inc. happens to be the triple bottled line premium water and the first volcanic water. It has the capability of adopting an unparalleled form of sustainable, healthy, ethical initiatives and attributes. The mission of Waiakea is providing healthy Hawaiian volcanic water in a natural way. The bottles of this company have gained high popularity in accessing clean water. You will be surprised to know that almost three percent of the revenue of Waiakea goes towards different non-profit organizations and local community programs. In addition to this, for a purchase of every single liter, the company donates the supply of clean water of one week to the needy people in Malawi via the clean water projects in a partnership with Pump Aid. This has lead to a successful transformation of the lives of the people since the year of 2012. Visit BevNet to know more.

How Waiakea Water is Beneficial for You

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water offers a healthy dose of hydration. It is considered to be the best option for active lifestyles which need significant hydration in a natural manner. You can get several amazing health benefits from the Waiakea water. It is filtered in a natural way via porous volcanic rock of thousands of feet. It is known to be an excellent choice for athletes and runners. Enriched with electrolytes and minerals, this Hawaiian volcanic water plays a crucial role in boosting energy. You will find a reduction in fatigue with the use of this water. It also helps in shedding those extra kilos and improving the body complexion.

Waiakea Water is helpful in the development of the healthy and safe environment. This makes it stand apart from other bottled water available on the market.


Choosing Your Bank In A New Generation

The new generation opens with NexBank donating $100,000 for sponsorship rights with the Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon. This progress is a great example of how the world is advancing for the cause of unity.

Society changes fast, and with it comes new responsibilities and new ways of operating as a citizen. The work of a new generation will still take into account the financial needs we all have. These needs are based on a principle that NexBank understands and expresses. The result is that clients have brevity and clarity.

Money is what operates the modern society, and its position is one that stands. NexBank helps its clients to enter a larger world of capital managment and by considering the new generation and its culture. What the agency is discovering is an era that must still take into account the financial responsibilities of the past.

The Choice Is Easier Than You Think

You’d likely hide your money under a bed or rug if you were living 300 to 500 years ago. The advances that modern banking has made is often overlooked or misunderstood. This happens because the modern world gives NexBank and many other agencies access to a larger world and with more establishments.

The choice to make a great financial change begins with a step that’s made simple in modern banking. NexBank brings together a team that’s ready to face any of the new hurdles in money that the world presents. The choice is easy now because NexBank accomplishes much of it, so all you do now is join.

Why NexBank Stands In The New Texan Era

NexBank doesn’t just use the leverage it has an influential bank in Dallas, Texas. NexBank uses its past track record to display what it can accomplish. The agency began as an investment firm that works on the international markets. What this means is that the level of financial understanding you get has peaked.

The agency operates with the brightest of Wall Street while bringing this expertise to Dallas, Texas. This is the wealth of resources that you have access to through the NexBank agency. The final outcome is a better understanding of your financial past, present and future.

NexBank will then help you to use that knowledge.

Sponsor of Dallas Women’s Foundation Luncheon

NexBank Sponsors Dallas Women’s Foundation Luncheon

NexBank was recently the sponsor of the 32nd annual Dallas Women’s Foundation luncheon. The bank provided a $100,000 gift as support for the foundation’s aim to advance women’s economic security. This event was hosted at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, on October 20th. Dr. Hope Jahren, one of the most influential people as chosen by Time Magazine offered a keynote address to the crowd. This event is attended annually by approximately 1,300 individuals in Dallas attending – from the civic and business communities. The organization advocates for causes aimed at the well-being of women and girls.

Long History and Large Regional Bank

NexBank dates back to 1934, with $6.4 Billion in assets. The bank is considered to be a regional bank, and offers a wide range of services to a diverse group of customers. Services include commercial banking, mortgage banking, and investment banking at the core and it also provides institutional services to clients locally and around the world. NexBank is also the 11th largest bank in Texas, and the 161st largest in the nation. The bank is also present in 3 locations, with 87 employees spread out across the 3.

Acquisitions Made to Expand Size of Bank

NexBank has also made a few acquisitions. Recently, the company acquired College Savings Bank which is in Princeton, NJ. College Savings Bank specializes in 529 plans. This bank aims to service the Indiana CollegeChoice CD and the Arizona family savings program.

Competitive Rates on CDs and Savings Accounts

NexBank is also known for offering competitive rates on CDs and high-yield savings accounts. NexBank SSB forms NexBank Capital, which is the financial services arm of the company. The bank also holds a total loan portfolio of $3.9 Million. The company serves everyone from individuals, to large corporations with their financial needs.

Top 3 Reasons To Hire White Shark Media

The fact is that thousands of small to midsize companies have hired White Shark Media to take their marketing strategies to the next level. White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has vast experience with online marketing and offline marketing. The company is equipped with an outstanding staff that work with a formula that guarantees success for their clients. All clients are able to benefit greatly from the combined experience of the staff and founders of White Shark Media.There is more good news about White Shark Media too. They are one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies online. Here are the top 3 reasons to hire White Shark Media.

Valuable Experience

Certainly, the online market is filled with digital marketing agencies that claim to deliver the type of marketing strategies that will drive a company’s profits up. However, the vast majority of those companies are not equipped with the combined experience that White Shark Media presents to their clients. The company has provided remarkable services to their clients since 2011. In fact, the digital marketing agency has worked with thousands of small to mid size companies over those years. The company has a proven success record that is very impressive.

White Shark Media Is An AdWords Champion

It is important to note that White Shark is considered an Adwords Champion. The digital marketing company was one of a select few that were invited by Google to an exclusive event that was held at Google’s Headquarters in California to discuss the state of the Adwords Market. White Shark Media is a Google Premier Partner and has developed powerful Adword Strategies that guarantee their clients success.

White Shark Media Increases PPC PerformancePerhaps, your business is searching for a way to improve their PPC Performance. White Shark Media will evaluate your current performance and develop a strategic plan to improve your PPC.

Contact White Shark Media today, for more information about their services.

Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler Are Ecommerce Leaders

The ecommerce, fashion and technology worlds are on fire at the moment. The retail ecommerce universe is on the rise and seems to be an unstoppable force. Smart companies are constantly searching for ways to appeal to modern consumers. Modern consumers are like nothing companies have ever dealt with in the past. That’s because they’re people who truly understand the large digital realm. Companies rely on a vast range of techniques that help them reach contemporary consumers. They rely on high-quality social media marketing techniques, first of all. They also rely on innovative CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology options. Membership programs are yet another marketing technique. Some companies have done extremely well with these programs. TechStyle Fashion Group is one major example. This is a company that’s run by the team of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. These people serve as the co-CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) of the firm.

Goldenberg has been a part of startup organizations of all varieties for an impressive two decades now. He was merely 13 years old when he started working on startups. That’s precisely when he established an Internet bulletin board of his own. This board turned into Gamer’s Alliance. Gamer’s Alliance, as its name indicates, was a website that focused on gaming. Intermix Media purchased Gamer’s Alliance when Goldenberg was just 17 years in age. Intermix was the parent division of Myspace, a wildly popular social networking platform. Intermix gave Goldenberg an appealing option, too. The company asked him to work as its COO (Chief Operating Officer). Since he took the job, he had the distinction of being the world’s youngest COO representing a public business. He exited his job with Intermix some time later. That’s when he set up an ecommerce website called Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty brought on a number of other businesses as well. Examples are JustFab and DermStore.

Adam Goldenberg has always had a strong zeal for all things that involve technological matters. He’s been interested in the technological universe since he was a child. He employed many technological devices during childhood as well. That’s the reason he had the desire to employ technology to push his ecommerce aims forward.

Don Ressler is also someone who has a strong grasp of the Internet and ecommerce. He’s been involved in all sorts of exciting business projects. He was in charge of a website known as Intermix purchased back in 1997.