Top 3 Reasons To Hire White Shark Media

The fact is that thousands of small to midsize companies have hired White Shark Media to take their marketing strategies to the next level. White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has vast experience with online marketing and offline marketing. The company is equipped with an outstanding staff that work with a formula that guarantees success for their clients. All clients are able to benefit greatly from the combined experience of the staff and founders of White Shark Media.There is more good news about White Shark Media too. They are one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies online. Here are the top 3 reasons to hire White Shark Media.

Valuable Experience

Certainly, the online market is filled with digital marketing agencies that claim to deliver the type of marketing strategies that will drive a company’s profits up. However, the vast majority of those companies are not equipped with the combined experience that White Shark Media presents to their clients. The company has provided remarkable services to their clients since 2011. In fact, the digital marketing agency has worked with thousands of small to mid size companies over those years. The company has a proven success record that is very impressive.

White Shark Media Is An AdWords Champion

It is important to note that White Shark is considered an Adwords Champion. The digital marketing company was one of a select few that were invited by Google to an exclusive event that was held at Google’s Headquarters in California to discuss the state of the Adwords Market. White Shark Media is a Google Premier Partner and has developed powerful Adword Strategies that guarantee their clients success.

White Shark Media Increases PPC PerformancePerhaps, your business is searching for a way to improve their PPC Performance. White Shark Media will evaluate your current performance and develop a strategic plan to improve your PPC.

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Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler Are Ecommerce Leaders

The ecommerce, fashion and technology worlds are on fire at the moment. The retail ecommerce universe is on the rise and seems to be an unstoppable force. Smart companies are constantly searching for ways to appeal to modern consumers. Modern consumers are like nothing companies have ever dealt with in the past. That’s because they’re people who truly understand the large digital realm. Companies rely on a vast range of techniques that help them reach contemporary consumers. They rely on high-quality social media marketing techniques, first of all. They also rely on innovative CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology options. Membership programs are yet another marketing technique. Some companies have done extremely well with these programs. TechStyle Fashion Group is one major example. This is a company that’s run by the team of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. These people serve as the co-CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) of the firm.

Goldenberg has been a part of startup organizations of all varieties for an impressive two decades now. He was merely 13 years old when he started working on startups. That’s precisely when he established an Internet bulletin board of his own. This board turned into Gamer’s Alliance. Gamer’s Alliance, as its name indicates, was a website that focused on gaming. Intermix Media purchased Gamer’s Alliance when Goldenberg was just 17 years in age. Intermix was the parent division of Myspace, a wildly popular social networking platform. Intermix gave Goldenberg an appealing option, too. The company asked him to work as its COO (Chief Operating Officer). Since he took the job, he had the distinction of being the world’s youngest COO representing a public business. He exited his job with Intermix some time later. That’s when he set up an ecommerce website called Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty brought on a number of other businesses as well. Examples are JustFab and DermStore.

Adam Goldenberg has always had a strong zeal for all things that involve technological matters. He’s been interested in the technological universe since he was a child. He employed many technological devices during childhood as well. That’s the reason he had the desire to employ technology to push his ecommerce aims forward.

Don Ressler is also someone who has a strong grasp of the Internet and ecommerce. He’s been involved in all sorts of exciting business projects. He was in charge of a website known as Intermix purchased back in 1997.