Chris Burch Sentiments on the Relationship between Fashion and Technology


Although fashion and technology industries have witnessed significant changes over the years, Chris Burch believes that one thing has remained unchanged – their ability to grow together. Technology has become fashionable overtime, while fashion has become technologically fashionable. The manner in which the two sectors have grown together is fascinating.


At present, the synthesis of fashion and technology is in the open. Fashion designers use technology to deliver incredible products. Technological advancements have given designers endless opportunities as it facilitates increased innovation and functionality. These professionals are achieving what they considered unimaginable a while back. On the other hand, tech professionals are using fashion shows to make the world aware of their products and services.


A look into the future indicates that more is yet to come. For instance, fashion professionals are already designing protective gears such as cyclists’ airbags and frontline gloves (by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon) that firefighters may find very useful. Fabulous fashions have been created out of recycled materials. One designer actually designed jackets and t-shirts from the recycled inner tubes of bicycles. Emma whitesand, on the other hand, used recycled radiator copper to make a large gown.


Besides growing together, technology and fashion industries can help each other to grow.


About Chris Burch

He is the founder and the chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. The philosophy of the company is a reflection of Burch’s entrepreneurial values and the vision that he has for new markets. He believes in the importance of the application of imagination, creativity, incubation, support and scale which leads to the formation and operations of brands that affect the lives of consumers positively.


The renowned entrepreneur has been investing actively in a wide array of industries for almost 40 years. The former member of the board of The Continuum Group has contributed to the establishment of brands such as Jawbone, Faena Hotel + Universe, Poppin, as well as Voss Water.


According to creativity and productivity are critical elements of business success. Unfortunately, the relationship between these two aspects has almost always been met with contention. Stout believers of this school of thought claim that envisioning ideas is a waste of time. Others believe that striving to achieve the set goals and objectives may incapacitate the creativity process. Burch does not share these sentiments, and instead, offers a helpful opinion. Rather than separate these critical components of business success in business, a resourceful union between the two can be created. He says that the biggest secret to successful merging of these elements lies in how time is allocated for both activities.


Waiakea Is Giving Everyone A Taste Of Hawaii

Challenging The Status Quo

The idea of creating a bottled water company is a tough one to execute. The startup costs associated with creating one are simply far too great for most entrepreneurs to even consider. Yet this is exactly what Ryan Emmons did when he decided to found Waiakea. He didn’t have much to start with, but he made masterful use of the resources he did have. Thanks to his hard work and dedication Waiakea has grown by more than 5000 percent since its creation in 2012.

How Did Waiakea Grow So Fast

Understanding the success of Waiakea water begins with understanding exactly what bottled water is. For the most part bottled water is usually tap water filtered and placed into a bottle that gives it an inaccurate label such as “glacier” or “geyser”.

Beyond those marketing schemes all anyone is ever left with is more pollution and a thirst for water from a naturally occurring source. Organic Authority reported that Waiakea water provides its customers with authentic naturally sourced water. There are no gimmicks or deceptions at work. All water is derived from the Waiakea springs.

Why Waiakea Water Is In Demand

The water Emmons extracts from his home state of Hawaii is really distinct from what you might find in any other brand. There is a unique texture to the water that provides it with a smooth but silky texture. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The nutrients, especially the presence of silica, separate this brand from just about anything else you would possibly receive. Silica isn’t considered an essential nutrient, but it is linked to lower levels of cognitive decline and may help prevent disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. The average bottled water consumer is a very health conscious individual. Things like this in particular cater to what the market wants.

The Clean Water Initiative

According to Baby Boomster, Ryan Emmons wants to extend the value of Waiakea water beyond capitalism. In order to do this he has decided to make it essential that just about everyone on Earth has access to clean water. Waiakea Water is an active participant in programs designed to help find ways to provide those living in developing countries with a chance to drink from clean water for a change.

Emmons understands there is more to life than making the most money possible. He wants his company to reflect the values he adheres to and he wants to make the world a better place.

Securus video visitation – a whole lot more than just Skype

Since Securus began to implement its video visitation technology over a decade ago, there have been a few misconceptions about the nature of its design. These misconceptions have been held by inmates but they have also seeped their way into the minds of prisoner’s rights groups and other assorted watchdogs. One of the main misconceptions is that Securus is providing nothing more than a knockoff version of Skype. Therefore, the calls should be free for inmates or so cheap that anyone can spend unlimited time on the system.


The problems with these lines of reasoning are too numerous to completely expose. But the first issue can be immediately addressed. Far from a Skype imitation, Securus video visitation is a full-featured, secure communications platform that relies of technology developed for use in war zones. This is an incredibly capable technology that allows prisons to operate in a safer, more efficient way than ever before.



Stopping criminal activity at the source


One of the largest problems U.S. prisons face is the threat of ongoing organized crime within their walls. Almost all major prisons in the U.S. are infested with gangs. Many of these gangs are extremely powerful and are not limited to intramural activity. Some of them, such as the Mexican Mafia and Black Guerilla Family, direct extensive criminal networks on the outside. These groups pose a serious threat not just to the facilities themselves, but to society as a whole.


Securus offers products such as real-time, automated monitoring that allow any unauthorized party to be identified within milliseconds on any of its phone systems. Officers are then prompted and can listen-in to the call. Securus also has the capability to listen for key words. This can aid in active investigations as well as preventing new crimes from taking place.

Is Makari de Suisse The Best In Skin Brightening?

There are a number of skincare products on the market that are designed for lightening the skin, but many of these products tend to use dangerous chemicals to make this happen. Another negative is that these chemicals give the skin an unnatural appearance. All product aren’t created equally, but there is a great new brand that’s raising the bar, setting new trends, and changing the status quo.

Makari de Suisse is the name and skin brightening is the game. This is a luxurious line of skincare products for people of color. Makari product stand out from the crowd thanks to it’s brilliant natural effects of the Skin Lightening cream. If you suffer from acne, dark spots, under eye dark circles, age spots, and other blemishes this line is for you. Check out a few of the products below:

  • Caviar Face cream
  • Night Treatment Cream
  • Exclusive Toning Milk
  • Day Treatment Cream
  • Beauty Milk Premium+
  • Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum
  • 24K Gold Night treatment Cream
  • Whitening Exfoliating Soap
  • And many more

Makari effectively reduces discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging which makes it the best in the business. For full product info, go to


Talk Fusion announced winner of WebRTC 2016 Award

Talk Fusion was announced the winner of the WebRTC 2016 award given by TMC. The firm received the prestigious award on March 16th thanks to their video chat marketing solution. The judges of the product year award stated that they were totally impressed by the product. The praised it for its excellence and ingenuity. TMC gives the award every year to companies that have shown innovation as far as communication technology is concerned. The new software provided by the company allows several features. One can conduct a video chat, person-to-person communication, and voice call. The award has been given to companies in the past 20 years for their significant achievements.


Talk Fusion received the award one month after releasing the product. The communication software is available for use and download across all devices. The Video Chat solution allows people to communication through live chat. One can use devices such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The app is available for purchase at any of Google or iTunes stores. The CEO of TMC noted that it was a pleasure to see such innovative technology being implemented. He praised Talk Fusion as a firm that represents the best solutions in the market today.


Talk Fusion makes use of webRTC technology to create a Video Chat. The use of the program allows one to have face-to-face communication with any device. The award was the second one that Talk Fusion has received in the year. Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, stated that the achievement was nothing but the beginning. He stated that his IT team had big plans to create another communication program. Reina praised his team for their dedication and commitment to change the world. He stated that transforming lives through communication is the entire purpose of Talk Fusion.


In a bid to market the product, Talk Fusion released a 30 day free trial for using the application. Interesting enough, the trial period doesn’t require much information as that of a credit card. All that one has to do is to download the software and begin using it. Talk Fusion is behind the success and achievements of the product.


George Soros: A Liberal Contemplates the Trump Era

Many Democrats are rethinking their political strategy these days in light of Donald Trump’s unexpected win in the 2016 presidential election. Among them is George Soros, the Hungarian-born immigrant and self-made billionaire who is famous as one of the most successful stock and security traders in history. Soros is also a staunch liberal activist who ranks among the biggest financial supporters of Democratic political candidates on

Soros is in his eighties, and has not taken a very active role as a participant in progressive projects in recent years. He has continued to write, and George Soros donates large sums to Democratic campaigns. He contributed approximately $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s failed bid to become the first female president of the United States.

However, George Soros may be planning to be more active in the next few years in response to Trump’s victory. In the days immediately following the election at, leading Democratic donors and politicians gathered for a meeting of the Democracy Alliance, which is a donor’s group Soros helped found in 2005. The agenda included an appearance by Soros, who had not originally planned to participate. He led a discussion that drew on his early life living under authoritarian regimes on Forbes in an effort to find insights into ways to resist conservative efforts to undo liberal gains made under Barack Obama’s administration. Soros is clearly on board with an emerging Democratic strategy focused on resisting Donald Trump.

Another theme that emerged from the DA meet up was a perception that Democrats need to focus more effort on state and local political contests. It is likely that Soros will support such efforts. Indeed, he already seems to be leading by example. In 2016, Soros gave large amounts to Democratic candidates at the local level. For example, George Soros spent $2 million to defeat Sheriff Joe Arapio. Arapio is the hard-line anti-immigrant sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. He gained national attention and federal scrutiny for alleged discriminatory practices. Arapio lost his bid for another term, thanks in part to Soros’ funding of his Democratic opponent. Given this success, it is likely Democratic leaders will pay close attention to calls to invest more time and money in down-ballot races in the future.

Stem Cells Improve Lung Disease Patient Quality of Life

Pulmonary fibrosis afflicts lungs of multitudes of Americans, resulting in lung scarring and a low quality of life. One pulmonary fibrosis patient visited the Lung Institute of Tampa to receive stem cell treatment. On a follow up visit, he had a CT scan that revealed the inflammation as a result of the PF was gone. His quality of life improved. PF has long been considered a terminal, incurable disease, and the results of stem cells and the ability to regrow the lung tissue. The Lung Institute’s trial for those suffering with long term lung disease has seen 82% increase in quality of life.

The Food and Drug Administration has begun hearings on stem cell therapies. While they have agreed to trials and it has a high price tag, the regular use of stem cell therapy in treatments is still not accessible to the general public. Many health groups including Supplement Police, hope these testimonials will help the FDA see why it should pass regulation to make stem cell treatments more affordable and accessible.

Legislation to help make stem cells more affordable has already passed the House of Representatives. According to BCM, the Senate is looking at 19 bills that could help stem cell treatments be readily available. Not a stem cell clinics are as efficient and effective, so as they become more available, there are some tips to look for one that works. Do they treat specific diseases with stem cells or just offer stem cells in general? How do they collect data? Do they have any third party supervision?

Lung Institute’s Twitter: