Christiana Bevin: An Experienced Project Manager with Diverse, Valuable Skills

Australian Christanna Bevin is an experienced project management specialist. She has worked in the utility and resource sectors and has impressed all with whom she has worked with her capacity building, change management and process improvement skills. A graduate of the Australian Institute of Business, Bevin has a master’s degree in business administration. Flexible, energetic and results oriented, she also has vast knowledge and highly developed skills in project control, contract management, construction, mining, power generation, engineering, procurement, project planning and cost control.

Part of the reason for Bevin’s success is her outstanding oral and written communications skills and her ability to develop great relationships with her staff, stakeholders, upper management and subcontractors. She is also well-respected for her amazing work ethic and problem solving skills. Bevin is also known for her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure her clients goals are met and exceeded. She is passionate about her work and is committed to attaining all of her corporate and personal objectives. That has led to her success in a wide variety of positions and fields.

Bevin has worked on a number of high profile projects for major companies. Currently a project specialist for Consulting Services, she has also worked with Phu Bia Mining, Universal Energy Services, Oakajee Port and Rail, Chelopech Mining EAD, Parsons Brinckerhoff, UGL Limited and Stork in her almost 15 year career. Her positions have included site administrator, project controls, project services manager and contracts administrator. She has been tasked with handling procedures and processes for workplace health and safety, subcontractor and operational coordination and interface,estimate analysis, project review and many others.

Bevin’s work has been exceptional no matter the projects she has been tasked with overseeing. Her handling of gap analysis, forensic claim review, mentoring, training and capacity development as well as critical path analysis have been exemplary. She has also proven to be great when it comes to developing project controls systems, recruitment, testing and development of staff, procurement, logistic, contract administration and providing support for management and executives. Many people consider her the ideal hire for positions requiring multi-tasking.


George Street Photo and Video Atlanta

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Online Reputation News: Businesses and Social Media

In today’s world, if you do not have an online presence or utilize social media as a business, some consumers may never know of you–others may not respect your company or believe it is legitimate, regardless of what you have to offer. When you choose to work with an online reputation management firm or professional, you can ultiamtely ensure that your published content is well-received without the risk of backlash from the past.

Update Frequently and On a Schedule

A big mistake many companies make when going online to share their services and products is their inability to post consistently and on a schedule. The tone of your social media posts should often reflect your brand’s image and the customers you want to target. Create a social media and content-posting schedule to increase engagement on a multitude of available platforms.

Avoid Responding Immediately When You Receive Critical Comments or Reviews

When a business receives a critical response or negative review, some companies return the favor by lashing out or acting unprofessionally. Not only is this unprofessional and rude, but it is also showcased to the hundreds or thousands of followers you have, which may lead to a decrease in sales or brand loyalty altogether.

Admit Social Media Blunders When They are Made

Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. Whether it is a grammatical error or a link to a site that has been debunked, it is important to be upfront and honest with your followers. Honesty and integrity go a long way when building trust and regaining followers to help generate revenue and future success.

Work Together With an Online Reputation Management Firm

Having an online reputation management professional look at your company’s official website and social media pages is essential to gain insight into the overall tone, style, and voice you are using to share your business information with the public. An online reputation management firm is ideal for those who are seeking results but do not know where to begin in terms of formatting, headlines, and fact-checking, making the service useful and beneficial for companies of all sizes.


Keith Mann Teaches Communities Are School Management

Keith Mann founded Dynamic Search Partners when he saw a gap in the financial industry for talent acquisition. He created a business that is large and fruitful, but he does much more than run his business. His activities around the city include aiding charter schools with fundraising as he believes serving the schools helps the city prosper.


#1: Charter Schools Require Private Funding


Keith understands the need for private funding in charter schools, and he brings his business acumen to area schools as they raise money. He offers advice to schools as a member of the community, and he shows the people of the community how they may pitch in to improve the school. Keith Mann frames a policy that changes the school, and he aids the school where needed.


#2: Scholarships Are Critical


Scholarships offered by Keith number $5000 for kids who graduate high school, and he offers one winner a spot every year. The student winning the scholarship has the opportunity to run off to college with part of their tuition paid, and the scholarships are a goal for every family to look to.


#3: Keith Is A Responsible New Yorker


Keith believes in serving the city of New York just as much as his business. He is a part of the city, and he helps everyone in the city who loves it must do their part. New York City is a beautiful place to live, and Keith wishes to send out students who love the city to colleges where they may make a difference.


#4: The City Improves Using Keith’s Methodology


New York City improves using the philanthropic ideals of Keith Mann. He is quite a wise man who believes that his business is only one part of a larger mission. He wishes to show the city that educating kids and supporting their dreams means just as much as building wealth.


He shares his gifts with everyone in the community because believes in helping where he can, and others who follow his example make the city a fine place to live. Keith Mann’s New York helps itself through internal giving.

Securus: Connecting People While Helping To Fight Crime

The holidays should be about bringing people together. That is exactly what a telecommunications company known as Securus Technologies is doing for our prison population. They have recently unveiled a video visitation technology that is changing the game in the criminal justice system. The video visitation technology allows prisoners to virtually visit with their friends and family on the outside of the prison. Essentially, the prisoner can go where ever an electronic device can go. This is great news for the holiday season.


The United States incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than any other country on earth. Yes, this includes China. China has over 1 billion people, three times more than the United States, and China incarcerates less of its population than the US. This means a large portion of our population is torn apart during the holiday season due to our criminal justice system. I am grateful that Securus is doing its part to bring people together.


And before you go moaning about how we should be tough on crime, know that Securus helps law enforcement with its technology. In fact, the company unveiled software not too long ago that allows law enforcement to search all recorded telecommunications. Securus records all video chats and phone calls. All a law enforcement officer needs is a recording of a particular person’s voice. The software picks up on that person’s vocal signature then searches the entire digital database for that voice. Prisoners are unwittingly giving law enforcement another tool in fighting crime when they use this technology.


This video visitation technology disconnecting hundreds of thousands of people a month. In average of 160,000 visits occur per month which adds up to over 2 million visits per year. And that number is only growing. Securus is connecting people while helping to fight crime.


Ricardo Tosto: A Prominent Figure in the Brazilian Legal Community

The Brazilian Constitution provides binding laws that the country uses. Besides the constitution, Brazil uses German, Italian, French and Portuguese civil codes as well as statutes. The country is a Federative Republic that is made up of the union of states, Federal Districts and municipalities. The country has 26 federate states that have the power to create and amend their laws and Constitutions. Their power is however restricted by the principles established in the Federal Constitution.


Municipalities have limited autonomy to make their laws since their legislation must follow the rules of the Constitution of the state to which they belong as well as to those of the Federal Constitution. The Federal Districts use a constitution that is similar to the Organic Law. These Districts combine functions of municipalities as well states and must obey the rules of Federal Constitution.


The Constitution divides the government into three: executive, legislative and judicial. The executive is headed by the president who is directly elected by citizens and is the Head of Government and Chief of State. The legislative branch has the National Congress which constitutes the lower house (Chamber of Deputies) and the upper house (Federal Senate). The two houses have representatives who are elected by the citizens. The judiciary is made up of ordinary courts and special courts. Judicial powers are vested in Federal judges, the Supreme Court and Federal Supreme Courts. The Federal Supreme Court is Brazil’s highest court, and its role is to safeguard the Constitution and act as a court of review.


Ricardo Tosto is a competent Brazilian litigator who has successfully represented clients in high-profile cases. He is a highly-specialized lawyer who is skilled in complex litigation and for this reason, he has gained a positive reputation in the field of law. Additionally, he has successfully executed mass litigation and pioneered in the adoption of legal mechanisms that are being used as common tools in Brazilian legal system.


Mr. Tosto is an alumnus of Mackenzie Presbyterian University from where he studied law and undertook an extension course in Business Administration at FAAP. He is a member of the International Bar Association and the Brazilian Bar Association. Besides this, Mr. Tosto is a published author and has co-authored the book O Processo de Tiradentes. He has also written a couple articles and reviews that have been published in specialized journals.

IAP Worldwide, Inc. Ranked Among the World-Best Employers

IAP Worldwide Services is thrilled to bring you their entire services. The company brings you their unique expertise, skills, and knowledge to form a normal force to foster good. For this reason, this makes them greater than any combined individual knowledge and experiences. The company places great importance on their employees. IAP Worldwide, Inc. has a high level of commitment that is unmatched in any mission at hand. For this reason, they are placed in the ranks among the world-best employers. Therefore, they keep seeking the most talented and passionate workforce to make them achieve their common agenda. For the sake of your future, IAP Worldwide Services helps you nature your career on to help you make a difference in the universe.

IAP Worldwide, Inc. has people that want to solve one another s problems. Their training helps them get to acquire a sense of discipline and solutions to others. Each of the members of IAP Worldwide Services contributes to the unique knowledge, skills, and experiences to form a common cohesive goal. While you work with the company, you will develop a deep sense of cooperation, camaraderie, equality, and a daily basis if recognition for a job done well. At IAP Worldwide, Inc., the company is seeking the most dedicated, experienced, and qualified professionals in areas including Finance, Accounting, Logistics, General Management, Operations, Construction Engineering, and Program Management. There are also many other special areas which offer the employees an opportunity to build a life-long career.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services empowers their employees with the necessary knowledge and resources to work on their jobs on in the most efficient and safe manner. For this reason, the company has a great contribution towards the economy and development of business. Customer engagement and the overall success is determined by the way they handle their activities in business. For tIAP Worldwide Services, they believe in customer-satisfaction, this is the basis of growth and overall success of a company.

The Human Resource Personnel in the enterprise cares much about the career development of each working in the company. For this reason, they provide high-end customer satisfaction levels in the market. The company is committed to implementing and developing processes and support programs that add value to IAP Worldwide Services and its employees. Moreover, the firm does anything in its power to ensure that they make the best working environment for their employees. They make working for IAP Worldwide, Inc. a satisfying and rewarding experience.