The tree of a lifetime can have many branches. They may grow and prosper because of their environment, or simply because, within the trunk is a seed, waiting for its time to sprout. The genetics hardly matters. Brian Bonar started his life’s tree at an early age and was fascinated with the world of economics and investment. The environment was fertile as the economic climate in this country sought new and creative businesses.

The seeds of interest were many as Bonar experienced success and recognition with his ventures and leadership. He formed companies that provided valuable services to new businesses. He helped a business get employers and make them happy with what the business offered them. He still does this through his company, Trucept Inc.

Recently, however, there is a new branch. It comes from the same need. It’s the need to create something new and to make it a financial success. And why not? Tools of finance are the tools that Brian Bonar knows well how to use. The seed sprouting is a gourmet French restaurant on a large lot in the valley of north San Diego County, in a town called Escondido. Brian Bonar loves French food and was able to find a ready-made staff from a favorite eating place that was revamping. Bellamy’s Restaurant has become a new branch on the tree of investments for Brian Bonar.

While he has always been actively involved as mentor and adviser to his company’s clients, perhaps his love of French food supplied added motivation in this venture. According to all reviews, the food at Bellamy’s is some of the very best of the valley. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

He has given his French chef, Patrick Ponsary, the freedom to plan for the future with a dream of his own restaurant on a large plot of land nearby. The land is owned by Bonar, and it is not difficult to envision the master’s financial hand moving with the master chef’s. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Meanwhile, Bellamy’s is moving forward by recognizing that fine food comes in all cultures. The menu, the décor, and the excellent quality of both are sweeping the headlines of fine dining in the area. “Grand Cuisine at Bellamy’s” shouts the San Diego magazine. “Bellamy’s is some of the best food in San Diego Valley, served by a top-notch staff.” (

To become an expert in business financial planning and to develop skills of leadership with companies such as Trucept, Inc., where he is now CEO, is a great accomplishment. Bonar’s doctorate and his awards as Man of the Year, have qualified him as one of the best in the area. To be confident and adventurous with a new branch on his financial tree, is to be commended. His success must reflect enjoyment of his work, but that should not be difficult with French cuisine..

The entrepreneur with a philanthropic heart.

Malini Saba is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Last month on 12th, she opened up about her life and the way she manages to balance between business and her family in an interview. She wakes up at 5 am to take her daughter to school and makes sure she picks her at the evening. Malini loves good food and fine wine. Malini is the chairperson and founder of the Saban Company.
In the interview, Saba says that for anyone to succeed in business; you must keep a close relationship with your workers. She always makes sure to visit any prospective site before anyone else in her company. This way Saba has always been able to assist and advise her staff. She also recounts her worst business endeavors. Once, she took a risk to invest in a corrupt country. Her firm Saban had to close mining fields to face court cases. She comes out successful. To be victorious in the entrepreneurial world; you should believe in oneself and trust your guts.
Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her parents originate from Sri Lanka. Later her parents moved to Australia where she grew up. At the age of 19, she married a Stanford University student. They lived in the neighborhood of the institution next to a railway track. “The whole apartment could shake whenever the train passed,” says Saba. Her marriage to a student of Stanford helped her attend free lectures in the business and investment niche. She could also crash investment professional’s gatherings to gain more knowledge about their field of expertise. Soon, she started investing in real estate, commodities, and telecommunication sectors.
Today, she is among the world’s most successful women. Her company Saban invests in technology firms in the United States of America, owns oil and gas mines in China and also ventures in the real estate sector in both India and Australia.
She also engages in charity works. Malini founded a non-profit firm; Stree: Global Investment in Women back in 2001. The Stree: Global Investment in Women aims to change the manner in which the society perceives minimal wage infants and women and their roles in our communities. With the aid of Queen Noor and Bill Clinton; the former President of the USA, the charity organization, helps women access legal support, healthcare, and grassroots forums in Central America, Africa, India and some parts of Europe. Malini Saba donated $1 million to the 1st Health Center for South Asian people. Saba also visited Tsunami victims in India where she promised to give $10 million.

Andy Wirth Is Finding New Ways to Help People Enjoy Nature

The natural world has an undeniable appeal. Anyone who looks out their window can imagine what it’d be like to hop onto a plane and head off to some beautiful vista.

But at the same time, most people never take that step to actually do so. They know they’d have a great time on the slopes. And the chance to sample refreshing hot chocolate afterwards will always be an appealing dream. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

But it takes an extra push to get people to actually head off to do so. And this is why the news of the new chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board is so important. The position is now held by Andy Wirth, and anyone familiar with his history can attest to the significance.

The position itself is focused on the idea of prompting people to actually get on a plane in order to experience all of the area’s natural wonder. They’ve noticed as much as anyone that while people want to get out to explore the world, they seldom actually take that first step. Their ultimate goal is to get as many people as possible out there and enjoying all the joys which nature has to offer.

The reason why Andy Wirth is such a great match for the job is the simple fact that he’s been doing something similar for years now. Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. And while many people in that position might see it as just another job, to Wirth it’s more like a calling.

He’s someone who’s always loved nature. So getting a chance to help preserve and showcase a natural wonder was right up his alley. He quickly began to talk with people in the surrounding areas to create easier access between them for people.

Obviously Andy Wirth is a businessman. But he’s just as obviously looking at the bigger picture. Creating as much natural beauty as possible in an area will bring more vacationers to all of them. And it’s this ability to see the big picture which will serve him well in this new position as well. He’s someone who’s happiest when he’s enjoying nature and helping others to do so as well.